Gordon Logan – Have the Rothschilds lost the plot?

  • Gordon Logan

    Hi Henry, I was at the SNP Conference in Perth. The NATO motion squeaked through with a majority of about 30. It is conditional upon the removal of Faslane, which would mean the end of Trident for the UK, since they say that the Trident base cannot be moved south. That would give Cameron 100 billion to play around with! The Scottish voters are for NATO, so the conference decision might well swing the referendum, but it is doubtful whether the Yanks will accept the removal of Trident, in which case an independent Scottish government would not join NATO. Dr. Schachtschneider on Youtube predicts that the bankers will shake every penny out of Europe. Then a muscled up European Union will send out the Eurogendarmerie to club down the street protests and Europe will sink into a new kind of fascism – one without money. Switzerland is beefing up its borders in preparation for the civil disturbances of the penniless masses. Salmond will not bother to apply for membership of the EU.

    • Gordon Logan

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypErWjLlWIs for Dr Schachtschneider’s analysis. Incidentally, Nat Rothschild has pissed away £700 million of other people’s money. Have the Rothschild’s finally lost it? They had to murder Amschel in 1996. They lost Russia in 2003, and China in 2005. Victor was exposed as a KGB spy back in the eighties. They’re desperately pulling the strings of the idiot war criminals Cameron and Obama, but the Russians and the Chinese have beaten them in Syria. The attack on Iran has been held up for nearly a decade and is even opposed by Mossad and the Israeli generals. Have Jacob and Evelyn finally lost the plot?
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    1. Unknown says:

      This sounds like disinformation to me. The Rothschilds do not work alone and they are just a front to Rome and The Jesuit controlled Vatican. The Rothschilds are guardians of The Vatican Treasury.

      Between them (The Rothscilds and The Vatican) they control most of the world’s wealth and I do not believe they have lost Russia & China. If they have I would need proof that their central banks are no longer Rothschild controlled central banks.

      He who controls money rules the world.

    2. Tapestry says:

      Black & white these things are not. once logan and icke see eye to eye, we’ll be getting there!

    3. Unknown says:

      They are when it comes to controlling central banks. Either they control them or they don’t e.g. in Iran they don’t. In Libya they didn’t either, until they disposed of Ghaddafi – now they have control of a central bank there.

      This is why I said I need proof that they don’t control the central banks of Russia & China.

    4. Gordon Logan says:

      The Bank of England secretly controls 80 currencies. That is to say that their exchange rate is decided by Jacob and Evelyn. For some years now, the exchange rate of the Chinese renminbi has been a bone of contention, with Geithner and his predecessors saying that it’s overvalued. This means that the Chinese are not amongst the eighty. Moreover, on 27th April 2005, Shi Jiliang, vice-chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission expressed reservations about the WTO rules and announced measures to restrain western banks. Kissinger was very unhappy and was dispatched to Beijing forthwith, where he didn’t get much if anything. Subsequently, the Chinese were able to escape the 2008 Wall Street debacle. Putin gave Jacob the bum’s rush in 2003, and London has been treating him as a mortal enemy ever since, even going so far as to poison Litvinenko to make Putin look bad. Ergo, the Russians and the Chinese have flown the coop. There’s plenty of other evidence for that. On the other hand, the Jews have been giving America a hiding for years, but the Yanks keep coming back for more, much like the British. Some people never learn. The Russians and the Chinese must laugh at Anglo-Saxon stupidity. They don’t need to do anything. They can just sit back and watch the Jews making fools of us. What is astonishing is how the Rothschilds can keep stabbing their shabaz goyim in the back and getting away with it. 9/11, Hurricane Sandy, Bankrupt America rushing around fighting endless wars and flushing the US Constitution down the toilet, then giving more money to Israel. Americans just love being pissed on by Jews. There should have been tanks in Pennsylvania Avenue long ago.

      • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        Your 9.36 comment and the one above, gives a kind of reason for genuine optimism. Despite the evil in this world that could easily depress, or fear, which I used to feel. For all the complexities of everything going on, what you say above shows, its not all an all powerful Monolith were doomed and can do nothing about. You point out gaps and weaknesses in all this, and a glimpse of things under the surface . Im encouraged. I think for many reasons not just occult, 2015 is a very significant year. And look at the cover of the Economist a few months back, rothschilds giving all sorts of clues their intentions for the year ahead

    5. Gordon Logan says:

      Correction! “with Geithner and his predecessors saying that [the reminbi] is UNDERvalued.”

    6. Unknown says:

      It’s not so much about us and the Yanks learning, it’s more about bringing an end to a system that rewards non-productive parasites 100 times more than those who actually produce and create real wealth. Useless mfrs versus useful productive people.

      These parasites are both directly and indirectly in the Rothschild’s employ and all financed by usury. This is what needs wiping from the face of the earth and nothing will change nor will things improve for productive people until it happens.

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