The elites want to modify our genes to make us obey them

People are programmed with what to think from birth.  Feudalism never went away.  It just went under cover.  Democracy was created to make people not see the true situation of how power is exercised.  They unite people to fight common enemies.

The end of the family was seen as essential.  People used to stand together as families, but that’s been destroyed by cultural programming over the last hundred years.

Eugenics was known about in Plato’s day.  They believe in their own superiority.  They call it bio-ethics, killing off lower grade genes.  The word eugenics got a bad name, so they changed it.

They made it impossible to spend a life with just one person, programming people’s sexuality to make them more promiscuous.  That knocked out the family unit.

Indoctrination has carried on, upgrading you all your life via the media, using fictional dramas to change your opinion about things.  Monkey see.  Monkey do.

Elitists see the great mass, not as individuals, but as a mass.  They mistrust the mass.  Morality means obeying the leaders at the top.  Children grabbed by the State if the parents indoctrinate old fashioned ideas, which the powerful don’t like.

Superior moral traits is entirely plastic.  Natural morality developed by itself, but the moral trait favored by the elite is obedience, obeying the system.  Read Charles Galton Darwin  – The Next Million Years.

Germans murdered more than 200,000 disabled people.  The Soviets killed 100 million, wiping out the middle class farmer entirely.  They say modern eugenics is a voluntary exercise – crafty bastards.  They in fact make it obligatory with things like putting fluoride in the water, genetic vaccination and foodstuffs,  designed to make people more obedient.

Anyone with anti-government attitudes is classified as immoral.  They claim that people with such attitudes are genetically identifiable.  They think they can select people genetically,  screen out those who have rebellious attitudes.

The elites must remain wild and cruel, and not be genetically altruistic.  While the ordinary people can be altruistic as they are to be controlled.  They propose killing off the unfit, and keeping the fit.  The public is experimented on without them knowing.

Euthanasia is coming in. In Holland, vans can come to your home and end your life. State run service. The program is expanding. They will start pressuring people to end their lives over a certain age – to normalize the murder of the old. They harvest your organs. The categories of the killable never stops growing. Staff are trained into convincing more people and their relatives into agreeing to euthanasia. Relatives are forced to make the decision. PR works to make people think killing off unwanted humans is a good thing.

Fuel costs are to skyrocket.  Carbon taxes will add 20% to fuel next year and double them by 2030.  Carbon/energy affects everything.  They want authoritarianism and an end to free choice.  It’s war against you.

Central banks are coming together to dominate the global economy, and rule the world.

Anti-terror bureaucracies grow and grow, and consume endless taxes.  The programs don’t stop terrorists.  They are set up to watch and monitor all of us.  They used 911 to rush through the laws to permit the informational systems to control everybody.

The elites consider themselves high intellectuals way above the level of us peasants.  Media writing long memorials for Eric Hobsbawn, a Marxist who escaped the NAZIs, who approved of Stalin’s mass murders and Mao’s.  They are all murderers.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Loosely connected to the subject of the thread of TPTB wanting us to obey them and us watched all the time:

    British politicians Droning on

    The USA was the test-bed for drones and now they are slowly being rolled over to other parts of the globe. The beauty of drones is that they are un-manned and therefore unaccountable to prosecution… and don’t forget there are now drones which are armed.

    Welcome to SkyNet from The Terminator film series. Worth noting too that TPTB do like to ‘break us in’ to the technology which they have had for years via films, music, and other ‘entertainment’. Alan Watt has touched on this many times in his broadcasts.

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