Forget gold. Here’s how to ensure your future.

Forget Gold: Here’s Where Die Hard Skeptics Are Storing Their Wealth
Monday, October 15, 2012 10:49


“Any thoughts about persistent safe havens (other than perhaps cash under your mattress) are dangerous,” warned Jim O’Neill, Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management.

However, the market skeptics would argue otherwise.
The most popular so-called safe haven — an asset class that doesn’t lose value —is probably gold.
But gold can be heavy and costly to store. Furthermore, with gold trading at historically high levels, the die hard skeptics have turned to everything ranging from art, whiskey, to esoteric currencies.
Many traditional and unorthodox opportunities are available that may offer a positive return and/or protection against inflation. You might be surprised at what cracks this comprehensive (but not exhaustive) list of safe havens.
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Guns and Ammo

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The ability of guns and ammunition to store value makes them an appealing investment option on their own merits. According to, the price of Remington .223 rounds rose 224% from 1999 to 2011 – well above the rate of inflation.
Gun sales spiked after the election of Barack Obama in anticipation of more stringent gun control laws.The Wall Street Journal reports that a similar boost in sales is expected in the event of the President’s re-election, and also notes that the supply of guns has not kept pace with demand.
Earlier in 2012, CEO MIchael O. Fifer of Sturm, Ruger & Co. suspended the acceptance of new ordersafter 1Q sales exceeded expectations.

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