Child ‘care’ profiteering.

JULIA's Daily Ramble - extract

VAT reduction...
If the recession is officially over, shouldn't VAT go back down again? And since income tax was introduced temporarily to recover from WW2, shouldn't that be abolished too? In fact, surely we don't need any taxes at all. There are so many charities set up to do everything these days, we can just donate our money directly to the things we want to support. If you want to continue support paedophilia or war, there will probably be a charity for it. But at least we would not then be forced to support things we don't like through taxes. And think of all the time and money saved by not having a tax collecting system. 

Obelisk alignment...
I was pleased to find a postcard of Bath today with an aerial view. It shows the three obelisks beautifully aligned, as I suspected they might be. The triangle obelisk, the square obelisk and the round obelisk. 

Electoral Register...
I have received two polling cards at my new address for myself and my daughter, first time she is eligible to vote. That's very odd because I am pretty sure I did not send off the form. We don't want to be on the register, and I don't want to vote. So what information did they use to collect the data, including a new address which I have not given out to very many places? And why did they put us on the register? Would their statistics not look good if they left people off? 

TAP  -  If you are a known non-voter, they will use
your vote for postal voting.  They know from the records who doesn't vote and need you on the register.  That's how they get so many. 

Childcare profiteering...
A friend's daughter is doing an apprenticeship at a nursery, a chain store style nursery. She gets paid £10 per week by the nursery and £100 per week for the government for a 46 hour week. She is in charge of a room of pre school kids, and usually there is another girl working with her in the room. Not too many kids at the moment, start of the school year, but from January, she will have 27 kids in her room. (They are all age segregated, it is going increasingly that way). The parents pay £50 per day per child. The nursery will get £1350 per day for that one room of little kids. They pay the staff for that room a total of £4 for the day. Not only that, the Ofsted requirements mean that the girls spend most of their time monitoring, observing and recording what the kids are doing, and they can't possibly give the kids the attention they need, even though they want to and like being with kids.

TAP  -   They don't want contended and happy kids.  They want as many candidates for paedophile attention as they can get.  Hence the monitoring and recording.
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