Chemtrails destroy healthy old age. What you can do.

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We noticed a strange residue on our garden pond and other objects and we have been finding tiny sharp thin bits of metal becoming stuck in the skin of our feet. I can look at the sun with naked eyes where before I needed x-ray paper or a pinhole camera. There is a rainbow affect around the sun when cloud (fake cloud) is on or near it, as if that stuff is refracting the light. The moon also appears to dim and then go brighter when that fake cloud is near. 

The day begins so often with beautiful blue skies then the jets leave lines which spread out and join up producing grey bumpy cloud cover, any big blue gaps are so often filled by the sound of a jet if low enough or just a silent white line which spreads cloud to join the rest.

I regularly have to go out at night to go home from my parents house and I take a fairly powerful torch to see with, I have been doing this for years but just since the start of the year I am seeing “fallout” in the beam of the light. It looks like dust and it seems to all move in the same direction mostly, it’s like nothing I have seen before, but reminiscent of the particles that some ghost researchers pick up when a spirit is manifested, it is like they have a mind of their own. I have to wear a mask at night.  I’ve tried a dust mask once and the particles got through feeling sharp in my throat, with a cotton mask they probably get through but I have no scary sensations just a slightly sore throat and in the back of my nose. I have to wear goggles at night often as this stuff flies into my eyes causing them to sting to the point that I cannot open them.

(TAP – I get stinging eyes too, which I never used to do)

 I have seen these particles in daylight and I want to protect myself then, but I don’t want to look odd as most people don’t know that the air is not safe to breath. If you look into the distance there is a definite white haze all the time so it is not fog. My whole family have cold symptoms and so too do many people I know.

I now take spirulina and chlorella powder which taste bad but remove heavy metals from our body, along with echinacea to boost the immune system, dandelion tea, iodine (for radioactivity detox)and milk thistle to help the liver. I have read that along with aluminium oxide, barium and strontium, that there is mercury in there too, which I suppose isn’t surprising since it is very toxic and is linked with it seems all health problems.

I have observed that theer are many care homes being built in my town, what are they for? are they for people while they are ill before they die? They are installing smart meters too, as if we aren’t already dying from the massive roll out of mobile phones and wifi already. People in nature living as they were meant to years ago were healthy even in old age, all these new diseases were unheard of. 

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  1. Toad Hall says:

    I’ve got asthma but i have had a terrible cough for years now, doctors can’t help. Just live with it. I always put it down to city pollution…

  2. horehound says:

    Last night (early hours of Sunday morning) i was still awake though in bed , couldn’t sleep so i get up open bedroom window, now i live in a semi-rural area about 8 miles south of Edinburgh it’s very quiet no ‘background’ noise at night so if it is a quiet, still night you can hear sound travel from a long way away.
    From 2.50am i could hear a low pitch sound of what sounded like a small aircraft in the air, at first i thought that’s what it must be it wouldn’t be unusual if it was,but the unsettling thing about it is the noise remained almost constant not ‘passing’ overhead like you would expect but a constant , hardly changing in tone , noise.It went on until at least 3.15 when i closed the window.
    Now i wake up this morning , it definitely feels like the coldest morning of the year, and the sky is clear ( you can see blue) or it least it would be if it was not for the thin, uniform ‘film’ of cloud sitting in the sky,it is a very still day. From my bedroom window on a clear day i can just about see Edinburgh castle ,so thats a good 10-12 miles at least of sky and its all the same uniform thin layer of cloud over the south of Edinburgh.
    Now depending on whether you believe in chemtrails or not you might think this is nothing unusual or that I’m a paranoid conspiracy theorist, buts that’s alright because I’m not sure myself anymore.
    I suspect like a lot of people I would need a chemtrailing aircraft to crash in my garden before I could 100% believe.
    If you are skeptical (like me) ask yourself was the UK weather like this 10+ years ago, I don’t think it was, remember when clouds used to move with the wind ,you hardly ever see ‘rolling’ cloud now, remember at school you were taught how to identify different types of cloud (wonder if that’s still taught at school) why do you never see those types of cloud now? Remember being a kid and seeing shapes in the low cloud? Now it seems to be a constant low haze most days.
    Paranoid? , maybe, but just because your paranoid does not mean they’re not out to get you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I bicycle several miles home around 11pm at night, from visiting my parents, I have been doing this now for about 10 years. The other night sunday the 7th of october I began cycling home at around 11pm, there was some chemtrail fallout which looked like some shiny dust in my headlight beam, not too much so I didn’t worry since I wear a cotton mask and a dust mask over it which seems to stop me inhaling it. As I passed through the town and into the neighbouring village the dust was still there but manageable. I then cycled away from the village and residential area continuing down the mainroad that boarders farmland, this stretch of road goes steeply down then steeply up for a good 15 minutes or so. As I decended down the road the dust became very dense, the light from my headlight (which on all occassions including rain and snow illuminates the road ahead and the sides of the road) was being forced in on itself forming a kind of mishaped elongated figure of eight shape. I could hardly see with it and I could barely open my eyes as this stuff was flying into them making them sting, but most of all I couldn’t breath properly I could feel the stuff coming through my mask and irritating my nose and throat as I struggled for air. I thought I was going to die as I was becoming a bit lightheaded, I was ready to fall off my bike, drag it to the side of the road and die. But I reached for a piece of kitchen towel in my pocket which I grabbed and pulled over my dust mask this seemed to increase the amount of oxygen (I am shaking now just reliving this experience). I was screaming but no one could hear me, there are just farmhouses placed way back in the fields, a couple of cars rushed by. I was imagining all the toxic chemicals damaging me, imagining me having to go to a&e and no one believing me. I gave it all my strength and courage and cycled up the road, as I reached the top, still panicing but coming back into a populated area, the chemtrail fallout thinned out quiet a bit, this continued with just the odd time when for a few moments it increased a bit (especially over a beautiful public park with some very old rare trees) but not to the extent as before. I reached home and broke down, I have never faced death before and I am certain that if I was still “asleep” I would not have been able to protect myself and I would have died from suffocation.

    I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, it wasn’t personal, it could have been anyone. Just think if the air in our streets ends up this saturated with these toxic particles then we are going to most probably die.

    This world is turning into ONE BIG CONCENTRATION CAMP!!


  4. Tapestry says:

    If you could get some particles analysed, it would add to the authority of this story. It reads well, but with so many shills around, I hesitate to publish. You are suggesting the less populated areas are being targeted. Cyclists/pedestrians would certainly see what’s going on before anyone else. NATO would dump their thickest loads at night. Keep in touch. Check into the evidence as much as you can. Get samples analysed.

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