Cancer, sterilisation, bio-engineered humans. Vaccines. GM foods. Water.

Not always the most cheerful part of the day, listening to Alan Watt’s broadcast!  But he never wastes the listener’s time, and cuts through to the core of his subject.  Tonight we hear that the world sterilisation programme is well advanced.  Plans to adapt humans to the environment rather than the planet’s weather are also coming along.  Reducing height and weight, along with reducing fertility is all planned for our futures, or rather the futures of our children.   Sterilisation is already here, and proving highly effective.   Next up, those that are born will be reduced in size.  People would be programmed to be intolerant to protein from red meat.

None of this would apply to the elite families, who would remain ‘wild’ and uncontaminated.  Let’s hope lots of their poisons drift across and make their offspring deformed and dumb.  Let’s face it.  Karma would demand that they also collect what they send.  What goes around, comes around, as they say.

That’s the main reason people give for not believing all this stuff.  They can’t see how the elite families are able to avoid the effects of geo-engineering, bio-engineering and dumbing down.  Let’s face it.  They must be pretty dumb to begin with, to imagine all these stunts, and think they won’t impact on their own lives too.  How do you stop your kids falling in love across the wealth divide, for example?

They say, love is blind.  Greed is blinder.

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