‘You need a root canal?’ Maybe not.

By Hal A. Huggins, DDS, MS
“You need a root canal!” “Why?” 
Do you really “need” a root canal? What are the conventional reasons for performing root canals over the past century?
  • Pain
  • Deep decay that has invaded the nerve chamber
  • Trauma (as in getting hit in the mouth with a baseball bat), and
  • Discomfort of unknown reason
What, exactly, are you getting for your money?
As recently as 1906, Mayo Clinic in conjunction with Weston Price DDS, MS as head of research for the dental association of that time, announced that root canals were a haven for disease-producing bacteria. Six PhDs working with Dr. Price for decades, and a team of microbiologists from Mayo Clinic identified these bacteria.
Dr. Price implanted root canal fragments under the skin of the belly of 60,000 rabbits. Results unequivocally proved that diseases of the humans, traveling in the root canaled teeth, could produce the same disease in the rabbit in a matter of weeks. Heart attacks could be transferred 100 percent percent of the time – implicating root canals as one of the primary causes of heart disease.

Root Canals are Breeding Grounds for Bacterial Toxins

Does it surprise you that dentistry has been able to keep this secret for over a century?
Consider the liability. Ask your dentist about this, and watch him/her run, hide, and “fire you as a patient.” Fear of license revocation prevents dentists from disclosing what they have been told does not exist. Dr. Price and Mayo identified dozens of diseases related to bacterial toxins created by bacteria in root canals. If one percent of the people with root canals and subsequent diseases sued their dentist, all the money in the world would be in the hands of lawyers.
Dentists are kept in the dark by conflicting reports by their own associations. Most dental associations say root canals are 97 percent successful, while not defining the term ‘successful.’ The American Association of Endodontists (AAE) says only 90 percent are successful. Back in 1925, Coolidge said 95 percent were successful. The Department of Health and Human Services said in 1984 that there is no way to evaluate the success of a root canal. Burket published that only 42 percent of root canaled teeth were “mechanically” correct in filling the canals. That was in the US. European journals on the topic reported about 30 percent.
Haden published that 87 percent of 1,500 teeth he studied microscopically were contaminated with bacteria. And Okabe published that 72.1 percent of the patients with root canals had bacteremia (i.e. bacteria in the blood that were identical to those found in the root canal tooth).
Most dentists will tell you that a front tooth has a single canal. Dr. Price showed that that same front tooth can have as many as 75 auxiliary canals running from the pulp chamber to the outside of the tooth. Clean and fill 75 canals? Yeah, sure. Especially if you’re not even aware they exist.

How Dental Practices Can Alter Your DNA and Promote Disease

So, how can anyone be sure who’s telling the truth?
DNA testing is currently recognized as being one of the most dependable methods of identifying anything that is living. Or dead, for that matter. Dinosaurs have had their DNA tested. That template is there, dead or alive.
Which brings up my primary concern. Toxins from these bacteria together with mercury from dental amalgam have the ability to alter your DNA. Deletions, substitutions, additions – lots of things can happen to your DNA molecules, or your RNA, which is the “carbon copy” of the original DNA. It’s the RNA that actually does the work of creating proteins that make up your body. Mess up the RNA, and you’re setting yourself up for disease. But, if you alter the DNA of a “germ cell,” that is sperm or egg, and your children – and grandchildren, as long as your family line continues to reproduce – will be forever altered. Alterations of this DNA are permanent. They cannot be reversed.
With DNA alterations readily available due to mercury and bacterial toxins, we now have the opportunity to create many new diseases, and/or birth defects. There are many popular diseases today that were not known a thousand years ago – or even 200 years ago. Sickle cell anemia, for example, was not around until 1910. Multiple sclerosis wasn’t known until (circa) 1832. Leukemia came close on its heels. Diabetes got a strong foot hold just after 1900. Heart disease was then becoming more prevalent – up to nearly 10 percent of the deaths in 1900. Today, it is given credit for being the number one killer! Multiple sclerosis went from an average 8,800 cases per year from 1970 through 1975, then suddenly skyrocketed to 123,000 in 1976.
Are there reasons for these dramatic increases?
Yes. Unfortunately, dental procedures can be implicated in all of these increases.
Are all root canals infected with bacteria? Today, non-invasive testing of the fluid around a root canal tooth by DNA can tell if pathological bacteria are growing along its root. After extraction of the tooth, pathological bacteria can be identified 100 percent of the time.
But, wait! There’s more… It was recently discovered that the bacteria are not confined to the tooth. We tested root fragments and found many bacteria, which is not too surprising. Then we tested the periodontal ligament – the attachment between tooth and bone – and found even more bacteria. There is no way to get to this area to sterilize it. An even more surprising discovery was that the blood surrounding the tooth also contained bacteria – as much as half an inch around the tooth is highly contaminated.
more at mercola.com

TAP –  Oh darn it!  I had all my mercury taken out to help my condition, and had five teeth crowned, all having root canals done.  It took six months.  Now it seems that the root canals might have been a mistake.  It’s good to have good teeth to chew with, but you can get by without a full set, especially, as with mine, the affected teeth are molars, out of sight when I smile!  Dentists would be out of a job if all these theories are proved correct.  Dr Mercola says that there is  no doubt root canals are lethal.  I doubt any hospital would back this up, as they’d lose their NHS licence.  I’ll look into it, obviously.  I read this before but put it out of my mind, as I was too busy to dwell on it all at the time.

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6 Responses to “‘You need a root canal?’ Maybe not.”

  1. Woodsy42 says:

    My teeth have always given trouble, partly genetic and partly postwar overagressive dentistry. My recent dentist however on two occasions when I had infections has ‘strongly advised’ that I have teeth removed rather than have root work done to preserve them. It’s not so cosmetic but in his opinion having the work done (and he would if I asked) could cause nothing but long term problems.
    Maybe I found a good dentist.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Is it worth having root canal work and crowns removed once they’re done?
    It sounds like it is.

    • Tap, I worry about my Dad who has them. He recently got another one. My warnings and showing Mercola articles etc, well im viewed as a twat and just ignored

      Its made me think of other strategies to try and fight this
      – Vitamin D3 and K2
      – Vitamin A on hand and a smallish dose taken often. But then a high dose for a few days with any infection in the body
      – Minerals like selenium and zinc and lots of cooked vegetables, and colloidal silver on hand to ingest orsniff.
      – Probiotics/Kefir grains drunk every day
      – Avoidance of sugar, fruit juices as these I think fuel all the yeasts and infections in the gut,
      – Reading Dr Wilsons website for simple common sense and also inexpensive strategies and thinking on basic supplementation principles

      – And heres another idea ive got. Rife machine technology. This could be set to a diagnostic setting to read the pathogen frequencies of trapped bacteria that pump out toxins, in the root canals. It can then be switched to fire those same frequencies. This could be a way to minimise the problems with root canals

      Clearly the immune system needs supporting, lots of rest, good food, supplements, and a mind at peace , letting go of resentments and hating. This allows the parasympathetic nervous system, rest and digest, to take over. Parasympathetic nutrients

      Coffee enemas and near infra red saunas each day could be a helpful cheap home spa strategy to also support the body, help it if its not an option to remove root canals

      Ideally they need to come out though

    • A powerful digestive aid with meals like ox bile, black radish, like bilex, is also important and useful, not only to get more nutrition out of food since eveyones digestion is compromised npwadays,
      but pathogens can be killed in the gut too. And also, theres less undigested protein to putrfy in the intestine, less undigested carbohydrate to ferment, and less undigested fat to go rancid in the gut creating loads of toxic chemicals like skatols cadaverines etc
      With a leaky gut these poison the liver, make the immune system that lines the gut the hub, go haywire.
      And posions the entire system.
      I think its not an exaggeration to say, Autotoxicity, from this kind of situation above, is at the root of many many health problems even arthritis, skin troubles, mental issues and more.
      I think theres more at play too though, like toxic metal accumulation

      but my point is a powerful digestive aid is of great help, im ordering one myself soon

  3. Woodsy42 says:

    Who knows? It’s adding to the overall invasiveness to mess with them again.

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