Busy godlikeproductions link to Tap Blog severed

Good traffic coming from godlikeproductions.com forum.  I clicked through to see who had said what in the forum to find that the link had been severed.  It’s another way of controlling the internet.  See who wants to come into The Tap (and other blogs) and block them.  This one was the SHILLS post sent in by Julia which has since gone far and wide across the web.

Late at night you often find the counters disconnected if you wake up and check things.  Presumably they keep visible hit numbers down to the blog writers using this technique.  I found them disconnected last night at 2.30 am.


From comments –  godlike productions is a Tavistock operation……Godlike Productions (GLP) Controlled Opposition/Gatekeepers: BANS (SRI) & Tavistock postings
Why can’t you say Tavistock on Godlike Productions?
Is Godlike Productions a Tavistock Operation?
Godlike Productions, Tavistock & Internet Mass Mind Control
The Truth about Godlike Productions… GLP Psy-Ops
GLP is a Mass Psychological Experiment
Who really runs Godlike Productions?

Just a tiny sample… 

Meantime I’m watching a UK Column broadcast which is interesting, once it warmed up a bit!

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  1. GLP is Tavistock Institute Largely a place to see which memes move. The latest David Icke interview is a must listen.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, You might like this.
    Dutchsinse on Deep Eearth Radio.
    Covers Chemtrails and Haarp.

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