Breaking. Times decides to publish Ben Fellows revelations

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Breaking news: Brace, brace, brace! The Times is going to publish the Ben Fellows story complete with names (we hope). We are not sure when but it could be tomorrow or by Saturday at the latest. Thanks to the alternative media this story will now break in the mainstream. Here’s a link to a censored before it’s news story about Ben Fellows.
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Ben Fellows with his Mum aged 15


(Editor’s Note: has received a defamation claim from the Cabinet Office in reference to an individual involved and has removed a photo and comments related to him)

TAP – I think we know which Conservative politician of senior rank is trying to bury what’s already internet wide.  Ken Clarke is my best guess.  I hope you’re right, Ben.  They are all over the place and trying to find alternative news to make this all go away.

The more they try to hide, the worse it will get for Cameron.   If the names don’t come out, the public will see them all as equally guilty of these filthy crimes, by the fact they protect the criminals. 

People are turning away from the media in droves with CNN, SKY and the BBC recording huge drops in viewing numbers.  Is it surprising?  They tell you nothing, other than lies to cover up the crimes of the powerful.  People are sick of being treated like mugs.

I can’t see it, Ben.  They won’t reveal a thing.

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3 Responses to “Breaking. Times decides to publish Ben Fellows revelations”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t Mr Fellows state in the uncensured article that he had the offense commited by the person, who’s name and picture have been removed: NOT’for editorial reasons’on film?

    Oh dear!

  2. Tapestry says:

    I heard a rumour the film had been ‘accidentally’ burned. Who knows?

  3. Anonymous says:

    If you look at this site;read=258781
    you can see the original article posted at:

    Let’s compare the original version with the later one.
    Original paragraph:
    “There is a panic in the corridors of power over in the UK about the truth getting out about Kenneth Clark being a paedophile, he was the justice minister. “

    Latest version:
    “Cabinet office has sent defamation notices to blogs ordering them to remove the name of a high ranking member of the present cabinet who has been named as a paedophile by Ben Fellows, the child actor.”

    I wonder if KENNETH CLARK was the one who demanded that the name of that unknown, mysterious PAEDOPHILE who just happens to be a high ranking member of the cabinet……

    Whaddya think? No, KENNETH CLARK?
    Would KENNETH CLARK rape children? Does KENNETH CLARKE sodomise boys? No, of course not. I just like repeating the name of KENNETH CLARK as I like the ring of it. I am not suggesting that KENNETH CLARK is a PAEDOPHILE. Heavens forbid! No, no, no! KENNETH CLARK is a very respectable member of the government and could not possibly be a PAEDOPHILE. How could anyone associate the name of KENNETH CLARK with PAEDOPHILIA?

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