Blood rain forecast

Blood rain is forecast this week. They claim it is red dust from the Sahara! People will believe them. Obviously it is blood put in chemtrails. They will be spraying us with blood. This BBC article even mentions other explanations. An expert in India says it is not dust, but biological. And in ancient history, there are records of blood rain. That is dismissed because people in ancient history were stupid and believed anything they were told, not like nowadays when we all think for ourselves. 

Whose blood will we be sprayed with? The sacrificed children? 


TAP.  It's Halloween, I suppose.  The paedophile classes like a bit of Satanic ritual.

JULIA again

GPS tracking coming...
David Cameron has just announced GPS tracking on burglars, petty criminals. Here we go! This is the beginning of the paedophilia solution. It is also the beginning of tagging the human race, and making sure that those that are tagged are despised by those that are not. If they are going to tag burglars, they will soon be tagging bloggers and anyone else that dares to speak against the system. And they just need us all to condone and support this system as good and fair.  

Paedophiles and Philanthropists...

Paedophile means love of children. It's a misnoma, because paedophiles do not love children. If they loved children, they could not do what they do. It's incompatible with love. How interesting that so many of these top level paedophiles seem to be philanthropists and Knights too. Philanthropist means love of humankind. This too seems to be a misnoma, as those labelled philanthropists seem to use visibly charitable deeds to hide their anti philanthropic activities. 


I have come across several people in the last week or so who are actively planning on downsizing. So they can free themselves up from the slavery of domestics, and have more time with their family, or just being out and about. This seems like a good sign! And of course it reduces people's rent or mortgage which reduces the biggest tax-by-another-name that people pay to the banks.  

MOD sites...

These are emptying out everywhere. Three in Bath. PLus slightly out of Bath, there is lots f space at Colerne airfield. The Brabazon Hangar is empty at Filton and can hold 6 jumbo jets, or, alternatively, a lot of people. These places will all be really handy if an emergency breaks out. We can all be herded there for our own good. Maybe Hurricane Katrina was a test run, to see how they can control people when everyone is herded into a massive enclosed space altogether with nothing to eat or drink. There is another way it could all go, one that I wish for as much as I can. The military bases could all be returned to nature. They are generally in very good places and would be beautiful as wild natural places that everyone could access freely. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    “Obviously it is blood put in chemtrails.” – Obviously!

  2. Tapestry says:

    It could be tomato sauce!

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