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David Turnbull sends –

Dear Tap,
Interesting article in today’s DM and proof positive that sharing information via the internet and blogs such as this really does work!
Re-saVILE, and still the webpages of the beeb are near void of any references or information relating to the ever widening cess-pit disclosures…Strange when it’s all over the internet?? The cover up continues and the silence from some quarters is deafening!

Really explosive stuff from Ben Fellows….and the typical but pathetic threats from ken clarke!.
People, this SHOULD be the moment we have been waiting for and the time to strike.
Don’t whisper about these issues but ROAR AS ONE MIGHTY VOICE so as to prevent this quietly being moved from the forefront of attention to oblivion by the very scum who run our country and who are the predatory jackals in every aspect and at EVERY level of our sick rotten society.

Take the articles and comments being published and send them to everyone you know no matter where or what their positions in society. 

“The Tap Blog (oct 17th) received a number of bulletins from ex-spy Gordon Logan over the last year.  None of these were more memorable than his exposure of Tony Blair using a male prostitute at The White House, a prostitute named Jeff Guckert, George Bush’s personal favourite, who he lent to Blair. Guckert bragged about it afterwards online, and the story spilled out. (Search The Tap Blog)

It was Gordon Logan who ensured that the story spilled out further at higher levels.  It was around this time that Blair was riding high, supporting the Iraq war, and full of expectation of becoming the first President of Europe.  In the Murdoch media, the Presidency for Blair was already a done deal.

Then suddenly the deal was off.  Gordon Logan says it was when the Germans realised that Blair was borrowing male prostitutes from George Bush, they didn’t feel too happy allowing him to be the first President of the European Union.  Blair was in effect blocked, thanks to Gordon Logan, as he relates.

This video describes the full horror of the experience of Johnny Gosch, Jeff Gannon, Jeff Guckert (his real name followed  by his pseudonyms), being kidnapped by paedophiles during his paper round at aged twelve, at Des Moines, from the viewpoint of his very brave mother, who somehow is able to speak publicly about her son’s life.”

Any wonder then that the same tony blair using only his middle names to protect his public personna was prosecuted in Uk for “fiddling” in gents toilets!

Full marks to MP Tom Watson for asking questions of d/cam in HP but the questions don’t go far enough or reach the upper echelons of peado power in this country. 

Please check out the link as below detailing the genocide against Canadian Native Indian children and involving the royal family/the crown and the church, all exposed by Kevin Annett.

The story is eerily similar to the emerging horrors relating to the childrens homes in belfast, jersey and many others and continues to this day.  We will never be able to protect and safeguard our children while these depraved monsters control all our lives.  The time for pleasantries and due process is long past and in the name of all victims of abuse i call upon everyone wherever you are to rise up and FORCE these people from their positions of power and privilege.

(extract from the link above)  Meanwhile,

100,000 children go missing in Britain every year (The Children’s Society).

A Jersey senator, Stuart Syvret, talked of cover-up, and the system in Jersey failing.  He suffers continual repercussions for having spilled the story to the media.  His part of the story is covered in the film underneath.

Children being abused sexually at Haut de la Garenne were told they would be put into a mental institution if they repeated allegations.  Many died trying to talk about what was done to them.  Many just disappeared.  The cellars at the children’s home indicated many might have died there, bones with evidence of cuts and fire.  The survivors try to talk still, but are discouraged by  allegations made against them in turn, and ignored by the legal profession.   Lenny Harper, a Police officer tried to deal with the crimes correctly and bring out the evidence.  The Attorney general described him as ”a problem”.  He was accused of breaking the Data Protection Act and other bureaucratic errors to silence him.

After this excellent film was made,  the sister of Bill Maloney, who had made allegations against members of the Royal Family being involved personally in abuse of children at Haut de la Garenne, died mysteriously. (These allegations were repeated at the Rally Against Child Abuse by Bill Maloney)

Bill Maloney, who remembers the screams in the night from his time in ‘care’, sums up – the fight against satanism is essential to the spiritual wellbeing of this planet. 

Sir Philip Bailhache has resigned since the film, and is now in 2012 Assistant Chief Minister of Jersey.

Bill’s sister Dyana, who funded the film, and was in ‘care’ as a child, died of causes unascertained after the film was made.

My friends, the issues are all around us and hidden in plain sight…..and so are the solutions!!!

The Tap Blog is a collective of like-minded researchers and writers who’ve joined forces to distribute information and voice opinions avoided by the world’s media.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Interesting how the American alternative media picked up on this story a few days ago (too little, too late). Alex Jones referred to Jimmy Savile as ‘Savile’ [as in ‘vile’]. Pronunciation.

    Point is, what’s going in the UK takes a couple of days for it to dissipate into the US.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Cliff richard peodo

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