Big sporting events are rigged

Darren Williams sent –

Ahead of the curve again (presumably The Tap as we’ve had a couple of pieces on sports events being rigged)

This Man interviewed by Alex Jones delivers some worrying facts about American Sports.

The media and the clubs are in cahoots together.  There’s big money in rigging events.

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  1. Woodsy42 says:

    Gosh. Next you will be telling us that the World Wrestling Federation matches are stage managed and choreographed.
    Of course much sport is fixed, there is too much money involved for it to have avoided the criminal classes.

  2. Anonymous says:

    not confined to the US…the premier league in england and the european champions league have most certainly been fixed by the rich and powerful on occasions…

    does anyone seriously believe that the super rich arabs who bought up man city and the super rich abramovich who bought up chelsea would invest so much if they werent guaranteed success on the field in return?….

    this years’ champions league was bought and paid for by abramovich….all those missed pens by opposing teams..including one in the final from ex abramovich player robben…how ‘lucky’……not!

    and its no good loking to uefa or fifa to deal with they are completely in the pocket of the world’s rich and powerful….indeed its interesting how the corrupt rule of world football by the super rich like abramovich, murdoch and billionaire arabs…has not come under any serious examination by anyone……yet!

  3. They can not be or can be rigged. I mean yes there are rivals to major sporting events. Off course there are political, social factors that effect game.

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