Auntie ‘Gladys’s’ identity revealed

Skip Cbeebies horror display to see who Auntie Gladys was below.
Cbeebies Christmas ID.  The phallic is a constant part of the show. 
John writes – 

On Cbeebies yesterday (18th October) Andy and Alex made an inkblot which looked exactly like a penis….

BBC children’s channel – Cbeebies.  Presenters – Alex, Sid and Andy.  It’s not the first time they make penis shapes out of things.  See this.
I’ve tried commenting at The Tap but keep being presented with an error message telling me that the characters I’ve typed in the word recognition box have not been recognised.

Cbeebies Spring Ollie.  Funny way to carry a watering can.


Hello Tap,
Brian Gerrish knows me.
I wonder if you could write something on my upcoming trial please?
Cbeebies jigsaw game.   Nothing suggestive here……….
I exposed a sex blackmailer,
and police are prosecuting me under the Public Order Act.
Warned by email BEFORE my arrival,
the solicitor sent no reply,
let alone an injunction.

Cbeebies.  Postman Pat episode.
I personally know victims,
and just like JS,  (Savile)
there is a wall of fear.
Police deride my allegations as “drivel”,
but refused to send plain clothes officers with me,
to hear the response to sign,
such as:-
Even a retired police officer
said “You mean Alan Harris, don’t you!”

That watering can demands Lola’s attention 
My arrest occurred
because, after 35 days with signs,
I went to the limit,
Bear in mind
that I was at times standing RIGHT OUTSIDE Alan Harris’s offices,
and that clients were beginning to leave.

Iggle Piggle. A walking dancing phallic symbol.
One man told me,
that when he asked for legal documents back
( this was long before my campaign ),
as he wanted to change solicitors,
due to hearing of Harris’s blackmail,
Harris said:-
“You can have them back
when you lick my arse!”
And after a delay of a week,
he did.
Get the picture?  The shapes constantly wriggle. 
Harris is notorious –
as if his blatancy is his protection.
Best wishes, Zen
Nothing’s changed since Disney.  Full of subliminal sexual images.
Who can doubt what kind of people control TV and movies?


Website for this image

Anonymous writes about Jimmy Savile:

“I was only 12 but Jimmy Savile came and gave us a talk about himself and his work for charity etc.

“He said it was great cover for his real work as a spy.

“He said spies have to have deep cover and England would be part of a grand plan and it was so exciting to be part of this and all of us children must help to bring England and Israel closer together.

“I later told my Mum and she said its just pop speak and did not mean anything, but i wonder now in the light of recent revelations about high level Jews keeping his dirty secrets.”

The Daily Kos tells us about the Jimmy Savile cover-up

“Increasingly it seems that Savile was a protected man.

“One senses that the real question should be the role of the Intelligence/Security services (MI5 / MI6 in UK) and establishment elites in the cover-up…

Jimmy Savile, Politicians and Royalty

“Savile was for years a regular guest of Margaret Thatcher at her official country house when she was Prime Minister.

“Savile was close to Royalty, as well, and a frequent visitor to Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace and Highgrove (Prince Charles’ estate). Indeed Prince Charles had visited Savile at Savile’s retreat in Glencoe, Scotland… 

TAP – It looks like Savile controlled the Royal family, and various prime ministers for Mossad, the Rothschild Zionist agency.  Providing sex, and child victims for abuse and worse, were just some of the devices at his disposal.  That’s why he was untouchable.

Auntie Kathleen (Garscadden).  She knew what the evil bastards were up to.

Hi Tap, I too, believe that the BBC have been told to Take The Flack, as we all know, the very top of the manure heap, won’t be disturbed, & I would expect a couple of ‘FALSE FLAGS’ to divert attention if the investigation gets ‘TOO HOT’.

Regarding Uncle Dick & Auntie Gladys, as per. Comments, here is the confirmation, if you haven;t already received it.

Wed October 17th

  • Children’s radio presenter referenced by John Simpson
  • ‘Uncle Dick’ thought to be pseudonym for ‘Uncle Mac’
  • Office of Director General accused of cover-up

With today’s Sun front page following up our coverage of BBC child abuse allegations made by world editor John Simpson, Scrapbook can now reveal the name of the individual to which Simpson was thought to be referring in a 2009 book — Children’s Hour presenter Derek McCulloch.
Ringing a former children’s radio presenter ‘Auntie Gladys’ for comment on the death of a colleague, ‘Gladys’ makes allegations of child abuse against ‘Uncle Dick’:
“Week after week, children from all over the country would win competitions to visit the BBC and meet Uncle Dick. He would welcome them, show them round, give them lunch, and then take them to the Gents and interfere with them.”
‘Auntie Gladys’ and ‘Uncle Dick’ are thought to be pseudonyms for Kathleen Garrsgadden andDerek McCulloch, who were known as ‘Auntie Kathleen’ and ‘Uncle Mac’ to millions ofChildren’s Hour listeners. McCulloch’s death in June 1967 also coincides with the relevant tenure in a London newsroom described by John Simpson in his book Strange Places, Questionable People.
“If their parents complained afterwards, she said the Director-General’s office would write and say the nation wouldn’t understand such an accusation against a much loved figure.”
While the apparent McCulloch allegations significantly predate those against Jimmy Savile, the former star is still venerated by the BBC. The corporation list a broadcast by the presenteramongst their “greatest moments” and a radio documentary celebrating his achievements was produced in the last few years.
After enquiries from Scrapbook last week, the BBC are searching archives for references to abuse allegations.

BBC Broadcasting House

With pressure building on the BBC and senior staff working during the 70s and 80s to explain what they knew about Jimmy Savile sex abuse claims, a book by a top journalist revealsdetails of alleged paedophilia involving another children’s broadcasting star at the corporation.

Working as a fledgling hack in the late 1960s, BBC world affairs editor John Simpson was tasked with reporting the death of a former BBC children’s entertainer – given the pseudonym ‘Uncle Dick’ in his book Strange Places Questionable People

Calling a former co-star for reaction to his passing, Simpson was shocked to hear Uncle Dick described as an “evil bastard”:

“Week after week, children from all over the country would win competitions to visit the BBC and meet Uncle Dick. He would welcome them, show them round, give them lunch, and then take them to the Gents and interfere with them.”

Sound familiar?

“If their parents complained afterwards, she said the Director-General’s office would write and say the nation wouldn’t understand such an accusation against a much loved figure.”

Relating this discovery to his editor, Simpson was then admonished for being a “destructive young idiot”  before a full scale newsroom cover up was orchestrated. The copy written up for newsreaders read as follows:

Uncle Dick’s partner for many years — Auntie Gladys — told the BBC that she was deeply saddened by his death. She said “He had a wonderful way with children.”

As with the fawning tribute to Jimmy Savile broadcast after his death in 2011, BBC managers wouldn’t allow serious allegations of child abuse to tarnish the reputation of one of their stars.

Some things never change.

Derek McCulloch, “Uncle Mac” He died at Haywards Heath on 1 June 1967.

So The Date Fit.  Another Link   John Simpson & ‘Uncle Dick’

      I Have included complete article from original  source for Clarity


    Kathleen  Garscadden   = “AUNTIE KATHLEEN ” = “AUNTIE GLADYS”  


COMMENT on Guido Fawkes –

Remember John Lennon said that they prevented the media from reporting on the dark sordid underbelly of showbusiness by giving them a piece of the action themselves.

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3 Responses to “Auntie ‘Gladys’s’ identity revealed”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think it is utterly immoral and disgusting for any person or publication to insinuate someone is guilty of such a serious crime when there is not once single piece of evidence to say it has ever been committed.

    A comment made by one single embittered person almost 50 years ago does not make the alleged person guilty of any crime until proven otherwise. Unlike the case of Savile, not one alleged victim has come forward to make any such claim, yet people immediately jump onto this BBC witch hunt so easily swayed by sensationalised and fabricated accusations.

    I pity anyone with such ignorant narrow mindedness with nothing better to do than speculate and believe such claims published in such low life tabloid papers such as The Sun and Mail. They are renowned for scourging through bins and gutters in any desperate attempt to sell papers by framing innocent people and destroying lives along the way without any truth or fact to back it up.

  2. Stephen says:

    Discernment zero!!

    You need to join the real world

    The BBC, Royal Family, Catholic Church, Government, Police, NHS…

    These are all bastions for this type of Satanic abuse. And they sell a cover story to deceive clowns like you.

    Lord willing you’ll wake up one day

    But you should know that it is written

    For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither [any thing] hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.
    Luke 8:17

    And apparently God has decided now is the time for all of this evil to be exposed.

    So if your agenda is to try and shut people down with your comments, you should know that all that is going to happen is that more & more of these wicked people are going to be brought to light.

    And that includes you!

    • I think you would find Russ Dizdar’s website shatter the very interesting.
      There’s a good interview of him on you tube, it’s about an hour long and has a pic of the pentagon at the start, to help you find it.
      The interview was also a post on this blog, about 6 or 8 months ago.


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