Another BBC child abuse cover-up. OBEs all round.

JULIA –    OBEs are awarded to people who serve the Agenda of the Queen and the Empire. That’s why Leading paedophile procurers like Savile got an OBE. And why corrupt police chiefs who cover up the elites involvement get one too. 
Most people have no idea what these awards really mean.

Stuart Syvret reports from Jersey –

In  those articles  you can read approximately 94 pages of explosive and damming evidence – direct from THE key, centrally involved source – the actual Police Chief who was illegally suspended by Jersey’s government of shady spivs.

Suspended – for several complimentary  purposes of the Jersey oligarchy – primary amongst which was the local establishment’s wish to prevent the full and proper investigation of decades of concealed child-abuse. Child-abuse including that by Jimmy Savile. 

The illegal suspension of the Jersey Police Chief took place, not in 1978 – but in 2008.

You are worried about child protection?

You wish to comfort yourself with, “well – most of the Savile crimes took place in the 1960s & 70s – it couldn’t happen today.”?


It happens today. It has happened.

A Police Chief who was exposing decades of child-abuse and cover-up was illegally suspended – without due process – on no even faintly credible grounds whatsoever – and was then unlawfully denied legal representation. This  happened in November 2008.

The Police Chief trying to expose the failures that led to decades of child abuse concealment – illegally suspended.

And the two Jersey politicians who led the executive responsible for this crime – were both subsequently awarded OBEs.

And what has been the response of the BBC to this contemporary and on-going scandal involving child-abuse cover-up?

The BBC in Jersey provided copious air-time to the politicians responsible for the corrupt suspension of the Police Chief, and proceeded to peddle – wholly unchallenged – a plainly false, obviously dishonest account of events. This is the BBC – pro-actively engaging in an illegal child-abuse cover-up. In the present day. 

And no – before you ask – the BBC cannot claim to be the victims of some monstrous and manipulative fraud, some cunning exercise in hoodwinking them. The facts and circumstances surrounding the illegal suspension of the Jersey Police Chief were so patently extraordinary – so obviously devoid of due-process – so wholly lacking in any credibility – that the most cursory consideration raises many obvious and immediate questions – gut-instinct questions of the kind David Walsh asked – without even the need to engage in any investigative work.

Consider the situation: Jersey has only one Police Chief; under his leadership, for the first time, decades of child-abuse and failures by the public authorities are being investigated; the local politicians have made no effort to disguise their anger and irritation at the “bad publicity” and the questions raised about their competence and stewardship of public safety; suddenly – a couple of weeks before a Jersey general election, which might have gone badly for the traditionalists – the Police Chief is suspended with an attendant high-level attack by the local establishment upon the entire credibility of the child-abuse investigation, and a lot of spin to the effect that “there was no big problem after-all”.

full story –


Jersey’s first chief minister receives OBE

Frank WalkerMr Walker was chief minister of Jersey between 2005 and 2008
Jersey’s first Chief Minister has received his OBE in a ceremony at Buckingham Palace.
Frank Walker was the only person from Jersey named in the New Year Honours List.
The former senator was elected Jersey’s first chief minister when ministerial government was introduced in 2005.
He stepped down from the role in 2008 after serving 18 years in the States, as a Deputy, and then Senator. He received his OBE from Prince Charles.
During his career Mr Walker was a controversial figure at times.
He was both criticised and praised for his work developing the finance industry in the island.
He gained international media attention during the historic abuse investigation, and a complaint about how he was portrayed on Newsnight was upheld by the BBC Trust.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    People should be boycotting paying their [BBC] TV Licence en-mass for this. Those that are still paying, are supporting a paedophile-affiliated organization that is linked to the UK government.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Switch the bloody nonsense off at the very least. Or do people like to still pretend they believe the crap they are told every day. Be a mug no more. Switch off. And get after the paedophiles. They get away with murder.

  3. Julia says:

    OBEs are awarded to people who serve the Agenda of the Queen and the Empire. That’s why Leading paedophile procurers like Savile got an OBE. And why corrupt police chiefs who cover up the elites involvement get one too.
    Most people have no idea what these awards really mean.

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