British mother runs away to Norther Cyprus with her kids

UPDATE  19th October 2012 – anonymous comment.

I am very moved by this story. I have had a very similar experience, it is hard talk about it because it gets used against you. The Courts are not there to protect the children and seem to support pedophilia. I often wish in hindsight that I had left the country, but I did not have the strength at the time. Please remember that you are not crazy, it is the world that we live in that is crazy. The things that are happening to your children and the way they are acting and getting sick is a very sure sign of abuse. You are doing the right thing by responding to your children and putting them first. This is real true mothering, protecting your children as best you can.
We have survived and come out strong from our ordeal, though I am sure blocked memories will come out somewhere down the line which we will need to deal with.
I have trouble recalling a lot of it myself now, so don’t know how to advise. Keeping a diary is helpful for your own sanity, and maybe useful as evidence too. One of my few successful court hearings was when I read an extract from my diary. . Try to keep yourself healthy and strong as much as you can, and take any support that is offered from genuinely useful people around you. There is a lot of goodwill out there, though most people don’t know what to do to help.
You sound like a strong intelligent resourceful person and these things will help you to keep going.


Christopher Booker – Telegraph – October 13th 2012

Scarcely a week goes by without more evidence emerging to indicate that our “child protection” system is so dysfunctional that it should be looked on as a major national scandal. On one hand, we see the number of applications by social workers to take children into care soaring to nearly 1,000 a month, having more than doubled in the four years since the tragedy of Baby P. On the other, we hear of horrific episodes, like those recently reported from Rochdale and Rotherham, where social workers and police turned a blind eye to the systematic mass-rape of underage girls, many themselves in state care.
For three years I have been investigating scores of cases of children seized from their parents for what appear to be quite absurd reasons. This outrage has not yet come to the centre of national attention only because our child protection system hides its workings behind a veil of secrecy. I have been amazed to discover how our family courts routinely turn all the cherished principles of British justice upside down. The most bizarre allegations, based on hearsay, can be levelled against parents who are then denied the right to challenge them.
Although I have reported on several such cases more than once, they drag on through the courts so long that I haven’t been able to explain how they ended. I summarise three of them here to indicate why this is the most disturbing story I have covered in all my years as a journalist.
The fateful fall
My first case centres on a mother who, five months after the birth of her daughter, fell from a first-floor window. Lying in hospital, temporarily paralysed from the neck down, she took a call from a social worker who told her that her baby was being taken into care. Although no one had suggested that her fall was anything other than an accident, the social workers made out that it was a suicide bid and that she was an alcoholic and a drug addict. A psychiatric report and clinical tests found that none of these accusations were true.
The mother had to make a weekly 80-mile round trip to have “supervised contact” with her daughter. The contact supervisor wrote glowing reports on how closely they seemed to be bonded. But when, at a case conference, a social worker was challenged by the supervisor for having excised any references to this from her reports, it was the supervisor the council suspended. After a succession of hearings at which, I gather, the judge became increasingly impatient with the social workers for their sloppy handling of paperwork and repeated requests for adjournments, it seemed the case was going the mother’s way. Her wish for her daughter to be returned to her was supported by the child’s “guardian” (an official appointed by the court to represent the child’s interests).
But then, for no clear reason, fortune swung back the other way. Two years after the case began, the judge ruled that the child should be sent for adoption. As the mother made a final plea to the Appeal Court, a lurid report in the local paper repeated all the original claims of the social workers: that the mother was an alcoholic, a drug addict and had tried to commit suicide. A family friend tells me she witnessed the distraught mother being allowed a “goodbye session” with her daughter, the centre of her life for three years, whom she will never be allowed to see again.
The runaways
My second case centres on a mother who fled to Ireland with her teenage son because social workers had been making enquiries about them, due to the fact that the father, who had been out of their lives for six years, was an alcoholic prone to violence. When they had been happily settled in their new home for six months, with the boy doing well at school, British social workers brought the father to Ireland and persuaded an Irish judge, on evidence that mother and son were not allowed to see, to order the boy’s deportation back to England. He was so depressed that he attempted suicide. (I spoke to the boy in hospital shortly afterwards).
After being taken to England, the boy was placed in foster care, where he managed repeatedly to convey to his mother that he was desperately unhappy. Although bright, he was initially sent to a special needs school, where he was bullied for being so different from the others. He was denied the right to attend court to express his wishes, in contravention of the UN Convention on Children’s Rights. Neither he nor the mother had anyone to speak up for them and, although there is no evidence that she ever harmed her son, it was ruled that he must remain in foster care until he is 18 (normally, children are released from care when they are 16). The mother continues to work in Ireland, denied any further contact with her son until he is old enough to return to her.
Parents who lost their six children
My third case is the strangest and most disturbing of any I have covered. I first came to it shortly after the mother of a large family had given birth to her sixth child. Her new baby had been torn from her arms in a hospital bed by six policemen and three social workers just three hours after the birth. Three months earlier, the social workers had removed five older children from the family home in the belief that the mother was a “sex worker” engaged in child trafficking with her husband, whom they claimed was not the father of any of the children. The social workers also had a letter, allegedly written by one of the children, claiming that her mother had beaten her.
What made all this particularly odd was that, one by one, these claims seemed to crumble. DNA tests showed that the children all came from the husband. The letter was in a different hand from that of the child supposed to have written it, but no graphological tests were allowed and it was eventually admitted that the letter had been “destroyed”.
For a time, the parents were allowed occasional supervised contact with their children, although for this they had to travel for four hours. The oldest child claimed at one meeting that she had been sexually interfered with in her foster home – after which she was never allowed to see her parents again.
But the case against them began to seem so flimsy that the baby was returned to them. However, they subsequently took the baby to a hospital to ask for advice on a puzzling complaint. A junior doctor carried out blood tests which apparently showed nothing amiss, but when the family’s name came up on a computer, the social workers were summoned. More tests were carried out, the parents were accused of giving their child a dangerous drug and the baby was again taken into care.
Events then took a still more serious turn. The couple were arrested, accused of planning to abduct their older children (even though they had no idea where they were) and fly them abroad in a private plane. They were sent to prison on remand, while a long list of further charges was compiled, ranging from physical abuse of their children to a claim that they had sought to kill the baby.
At their trial, 44 prosecution witnesses were called. Only two were allowed for the defence. The children spoke on video link, but their parents were not allowed to question them. The parents were given long prison sentences and a family court then ruled that the children must all be sent for adoption.
However odd all this may seem, I know enough about this family, and a story I have followed since 2010, to believe that it represents a travesty of justice which says much about what our child protection system has become.
Please advise me, I believe that my children have been involved in some sort of ritual abuse, and I believe sexual abuse, possibly cult related in ******* in *****.  I know that there are Illuminati connections in ****** and rumours of Paedophilia but I do not know this for a fact.
I have various information that proves that their Father is into the Tiki Cult, his whole family were, could be multi-generational.  They are from ********** in the ****** where Tiki was a big thing when he was a child.
In October 2010 my daughter (then 8) suddenly lost the use of her legs and was wheelchair bound for some 4.5 months.  After bone scans, MRIs, nerve conduction studies, and numerous blood tests and xrays she was finally diagnosed with a Conversion Disorder.
In November 2010, after finding a disturbing song in her bedroom that my daughter had written in July 2010, she broke down and began to tell me how unhappy she was having contact with her Father.  However, no sexual abuse was disclosed and I had no suspicions of it at that time either.  It was more about his behaviour – Jekyll and Hyde to the extreme, encouraging her little Brother (then 6) to be violent – using lighters, matches, knives, watching explicit films and swearing.  He would also belittle our Son, calling him various names and being generally abusive to him.  When other people were around, their Father would act completely differently and blame any of their behaviour onto me.  The children were too scared of him to say any different and correct him, they just kept quiet.  He also told them if you tell your Mother he would go to Prison.  There was a part of him that they loved, the nice side, and my daughter took all the responsibility onto her shoulders and up until then had kept all of his secrets safe.
I withheld contact on her Consultant and GP’s advice and her legs immediately started to improve until she was fully recovered.
The children have still not disclosed any sexual abuse however the following list makes me believe that it is possible, something traumatic must have happened to them to have had such a devastating effect on her. 
1.  Stories my daughter has written on the computer – all include births, marriages, hearing sudden unexplained noises then story stops suddenly, monster very scary then is friendly.
She has also written a story about a series of flashing lights then being stuck in a nightmare and running for her life with lots of other children.  I have read that flashing lights can be used in mind control but know little on the subject.
Another story writes about a runaway, a boy with no name, who lives in a hole in the ground with other boys.
2.  Nightmares
Both children have had numerous nightmares and again all could be ritually related – being tied to a chair and a witch putting frogs in her knickers, witches killing me – they were hysterical, being in a pit covered in spiders and having to retrieve a ring, seeing the devil, a huge grasshopper sucking their blood.  My son says about waking up from a dream and still being in it and people come in.
My daughter has also had an intense fear of spiders and even asked me if daddy had put her in a pit with spiders!
Both children were also very scared that people would break into our house in the night.
3. Hallucinations – my daughter has had many of these – of men sitting on her bed, one of them reading from a scroll and of brightly coloured boxes floating about with people trapped in them.  She became very distressed when she realised that one of the people trapped was herself.
4.  For a long time my daughter has been ‘phasing’ out.  She is just unaware of what is going on around her.  She also says that she feels like pieces of her jigsaw puzzle are missing and she is struggling to remember something but she doesn’t know what it is.
5.  Her behaviour too would suddenly change.  She is a lovely kind hearted girl but would just suddenly lose her temper and kick off for very little reason.
6.  My son’s drawings always include weapons, loads of knives and also naked women.  Might be normal kids stuff, I don’t know.
7.  When the thought of contact resuming came up she had a panic attack and collapsed at school and was wheelchair bound for another month.  She gained strength as soon as she decided that she would not see her Father again.  Other times they have been in 2 minds because of the Jekyll and Hyde bit – missing the nice side of him.
8. At the thought of a meeting with their Father my son (now 8) wet himself at school and my daughter (now 10) emptied her bowels in her sleep – both completely out of character – is that some sort of subconscious fear?
9.  Their medical records show a number of signs of sexual abuse from toddlers but nothing concrete, particularly noticed lots of faecal related illnesses which raised my suspicions as their Father had a perversion with faeces!!  He used to want me to poop into a pyrex dish above his face so he could see it – needless to say I was unable to oblige.
In addition to this, there are numerous occasions, too many to be coincidental, where the children have been ill with temps, sickness and diarrhoea immediately following contact with their Father.
10.  The children were made to have a meeting with their Father by the Children’s Guardian and a Child Psychiatrist.  They were not at all happy, in fact my daughter only agreed to go in the room if she sat behind a one-way screen so that her Father couldn’t see her.  Following the meeting my daughter’s nightmares resumed and her intense fear of spiders returned, she was totally petrified.  My Son’s behaviour changed and he lost all of his confidence in himself once again.  He was suddenly scared to be separated from me and I struggled to get him to school each day which was totally out of character.  He had real stomach aches upon separation, perhaps somatic too?
I believe that something bad has happened to these children.  A child does not end up wheelchair bound over something minor.  There were signs in my daughter’s behaviour as a toddler too, including night terrors, she also had pains in her leg previously at times when she was scared to stay the night at her Dad’s at the age of 5.  They were also being told to be scared of me and that ‘mummy was mad’.  At the age of 3 my son was being told ‘he was evil’.  When our cat got run over my daughter immediately said ‘I bet Daddy did that’, another one since suddenly died, looked like poisoning. 
Their Father is a serial abuser, mostly psychological and financial.  He will go to any lengths to keep control of you and has seriously abused all 3 of his family units. The 1st Mother eventually committed suicide. In fact he brought in Social Services and Mental Health Professionals against all 3 of us, succeeding in getting Mother No.1 sectioned more than once.  I have proof that he tried exactly the same with me after I left him, using the gas light technique at the same time to try and make me believe that I was mad. All about control.  I am no Psychiatrist but he ticks every single box of a Psychopath.  I have proof of all of this abuse too.
It is all in the court now, however everything being swept under the carpet.  I have numerous evidence to prove what I am saying yet ignored and distorted and against Fact Finding Hearing which I have begged for.  The Child Psychiatrist is now even saying that my daughter doesn’t know the difference between fact and fiction to discredit anything she has said or written.
The Child Psychiatrist has stated that our daughter has mental health problems but is saying that she should NOT have any therapy – how does that make any sense?  Does she not want her to remember something?  The Child Psychiatrist has even stated that if our daughter does ever disclose anything of a sexual nature then it would have come from me.  The children know nothing of my suspicions.  
TAP – this is the same technique they used against Vicky Haigh.
I was initially given a clean bill of health from the Adult Psychiatrist however now the Professionals are all saying that I am mentally ill.  I can prove everything I am saying and have merely reported the facts in an attempt to get to the bottom of what happened to our children.  The more I was able to prove the more the tables turned on me.  I have evidence and can categorically disprove the Child Psychiatrist’s report yet they ignore me.  When I went to the Police they showed me the door and brought in Social Services again, to investigate me!  They now recommend that my son go to live with his Father and my daughter go into care until she is able to.  They are going to split them up.  I cannot allow this to happen as I know that this would be severely detrimental to them and have the evidence to prove it.
As I said, neither children have disclosed sexual abuse, could it be out of fear?  Or could it be that they dissociated and literally don’t remember?   Are their memories seeping out through their stories, pictures and nightmares?  Or is it because it simply hasn’t happened?
This isn’t all of it, just a snippet.  What on earth is going on?  How can so much be ignored?  Why is this being covered up?  It seems that the focus is not about protecting the children, it seems it is about protecting someone else.
Please help me, I am very scared for my children.
Many thanks
Hi **********,

Set up a blog and put the story out in public.

You might need public support.
Or get the same lady in Germany who helped Vicky Haigh to take on your case.
If you can’t find her on the internet, come back to me.
Also try Christopher Booker, of Telegraph blogs.  He publicised Vicky Haigh’s plight.
Good luck,
This seems to be a real case and not a troll effort.  I’ve removed the name.

The Tap Blog
10:25 AM (51 minutes ago)

to *******
Also, contact Brian Gerrish of UK column.

Hi there,
Thank-you for your help.
I have emailed the Daily Telegraph to try and get Christopher Booker 
to contact me, but I have not yet sent them the details.
I have also emailed Brian Gerrish and Dr Ellen Lacter.
However I haven’t yet found the Lady that you mentioned from 
Germany, can you help with this?
Do you mean set up my own blog on my own site or put my story on 
another site?  If so, which one would you recommend?
I should also advise you that I recently left the UK and am currently 
residing in Northern Cyprus.  I am now a ‘criminal’ having abducted 
my own children.  I took this decision after so many things about how 
the case was proceeding did not add up.  I felt that I had no other 
choice to protect these 2 children from their abuser.  As I said, despite 
the evidence to prove what I am saying, someone is definitely being 
protected and it certainly isn’t the children.  I do not believe it is their 
Father either, he is a nobody, it is someone else who he is connected 
with (providing services to?).
I have an incredible amount of evidence and want to blow the whole 
thing open.  I know that we are not the first that this has happened to 
but I seriously doubt that anyone has kept the amount of evidence 
I have.  This just cannot be allowed to continue.  I want to get on 
the rest of my life now but don’t think I can just forget about it with 
knowledge that these kinds of cases will be allowed to be continually 
covered up.  It has to be stopped but will it ever be?
I hope you don’t mind but I would like to forward you what I have 
sent to my Solicitor, mainly regarding the farce of the current 
proceedings.  Since I left the UK in September 2012 the case has 
transferred from Ipswich County Court to the High Court in Holborn 
and is next being heard on 30th October.  I understand they are 
to make the children ‘wards of court’ and I would like to know the 
implications of this with us being in the TRNC.
I chose Northern Cyprus for a reason and as I understand it from 
Joseph we are 100% safe here with regards to UK Law, although I 
remain unsure in regards to making the children ‘wards of court’.  
However, I still do not feel safe from their Father, or from the people 
he is connected with.  As Ian Joseph said to me, Northern Cyprus is a 
small country and it would be easy to find us here.
Kind regards

Rest is too long.  EXTRACT –

I believe that something extremely traumatic has happened to these 
children.  A child does not go into a wheelchair for something minor.  
I can also prove that all conflicts have come from his direction.  
I can prove that this is not a man who cares for his children, they are 
mere objects that he uses to keep control of the Mother.  I can prove 
that he ticks every box of a Psychopath.
The incident that Dr Butler refers to, when I heard someone walking 
along the corridor into ****’s bedroom is 100% true.  ***** convinced 
me that it must have been a ghost.  I remember the night to this day 
because it was so obscure.  I also know that it was around that time, 
actually think early 2004, because I know it was before ***** was born 
and was at around the time **** had her night terrors and her odd 
behaviour began.  When she had her night terrors she was literally like a 
possessed animal.   I haven’t even read through all my diaries as yet to 
get the exact date but the event occurred.  During that summer I even 
contacted the local vicar and had the house exorcised.

From Kevin Field – sent in on same day, maybe relevant.

Sunday October 11 was the date for a highly secret meeting in the cathedral of the 

countries top judiciary and allied people, about a 1000 in all dressed in their finery 
arrived for a religious service.
A Rothschild apparatchik lord Neuberger has been duly appointed as Britians top judge.
Officially called the High Sherrif of Cambridgeshires annual justice event, it is held to 
celebrate the start of the legal year
Rosh Hashanah  marks the beginning of the Jewish new year. The celebration of this 

holiday is marked with solemnity, as it is the day on which the whole world is judged for 
the coming year. Rosh Hashanah is the birthday of the world,  This year, begins on 
Sunday evening, September 16, 2012, and this year 5773 in the Jewish calendar adds 
to a 22, a sacred number to the Jews and one which means the end of a cycle.

Accepting that Jews rule England the legal experts had their service as close to this 
date as they could, in the Cathedral 10 formal processions included civic leaders 3 
Lord justices of appeal and 3 high court judges all in ceremonial gowns and wigs, 
along wth mayors in the counties  largest ever gathering for a justice service.

The service is said to be a thankyou to all those who run the law and order offices and 

administer justice or the lack of it.

Security was tight as the judges etc felt they needed much protection from the public 
they purport to serve,

so coming from a background which understands security i thought i would try it out, 
so walking over to one of a large ring of men in bright yellow waistcoats and waving a 
piece of paper, i asked for directions, the man said “no spek englez”

so to each in turn i asked directions and not one spoke English, but when i went to 
walk through i was continually stopped,

i thought what use is all these security men if none speak English ? what if there was 
some sort of a flap ?

A good way to get close to people like this is to wave a dog lead and walk over whistling 
for a dog, so this i did some minutes later, and gained access to the car park, i heard 
some unintelligable language behind me on a mobile phone

so knew they would intercept a man in a brown coat waving a dog lead, so the dog lead 
went into my pocket

of the coat which i threw behind a gravestone and walked in behind a couple bigwigs 
smiling at the security men on the entrance. Once  was inside i watched the whole 
service and although it has been held in one form or another for 1000 years i wondered 
why were we celebrating a Jew taking charge of English law,  and thought why can’t 
English law be run by an Englishman ?  and i fully expect to see some more crazy 
decisions taken to stop yet more of our hard won freedoms in the near future.

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3 Responses to “British mother runs away to Norther Cyprus with her kids”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am very moved by this story. I have had a very similar experience, it is hard talk about it because it gets used against you. The Courts are not there to protect the children and seem to support pedophilia. I often wish in hindsight that I had left the country, but I did not have the strength at the time. Please remember that you are not crazy, it is the world that we live in that is crazy. The things that are happening to your children and the way they are acting and getting sick is a very sure sign of abuse. You are doing the right thing by responding to your children and putting them first. This is real true mothering, protecting your children as best you can.
    We have survived and come out strong from our ordeal, though I am sure blocked memories will come out somewhere down the line which we will need to deal with.
    I have trouble recalling a lot of it myself now, so don’t know how to advise. Keeping a diary is helpful for your own sanity, and maybe useful as evidence too. One of my few successful court hearings was when I read an extract from my diary. . Try to keep yourself healthy and strong as much as you can, and take any support that is offered from genuinely useful people around you. There is a lot of goodwill out there, though most people don’t know what to do to help.
    You sound like a strong intelligent resourceful person and these things will help you to keep going.

  2. Anonymous says:

    When you say this case is like Vicky Haigh’s, it is in many aspects.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am the Mother from the above story. Thank you so much for your kind words. The children and I are still in Cyprus and they are both happy and well. We have found a home and are all learning the language very well together. We socialise and have made a number of friends.

    I agreed to a visit in Cyrpus from the UK Cafcass Guardian and Children’s Solicitor in Dec 2012. It went very well and they had no concerns, to the extent that they even decided against involving the local social services to keep an ‘eye’ on the children. That says something!

    I also spoke at length to Dr Ellen Lacter in USA who was very helpful and informative. I have written to my MP and the PM and many others but to no avail. Everyone says to come home and then ‘they’ will look at it but the truth is that I will simply be put in prison for child abduction and the children will go into care. It is just a trap, I’m not stupid. I have long since lost all faith in the British justice system.

    It has been hard for all of us but we are getting on well. I keep busy so I dont have to think about what has happened, when I do think about it, it is just all too much to cope with. The hardest thing of all is knowing the injustice of the British Family Court System first hand and knowing that nothing is going to be done. When will this change? When will family abusers be brought to justice alongside the professional abusers (SS, Cafcass, Judges, Solicitors) that run riot within this draconian system that answers only to themselves and consistently fails so many victims of abuse?

    Can anyone help? Please.

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