Year round chemtrailing pattern observed

Hi Tap,

Thanks to BRIT for posting concerning “Where have the chemtrails gone?”.

Like others I too had noticed a remarkable drop in chemtrails over the
past fortnight here in the southeast of Scotland though today I saw
one in Dunbar which drew my attention to its behavior. While I was
watching I noticed that as the plane approached a cloud spraying would
commence and once the plane had passed the cloud into blue sky the
spraying stopped and so on and so on until I could no longer see the
plane in the distance. How odd!

I pride myself as being a country boy and by that I mean I’m acutely
aware of my natural surroundings and able to pick up the faintest of
sounds from a field mouse squeak to the squeal of the vixen in the
distance and for many years have recorded the arrival and departure of
our swallows and geese. At any given moment of the day I can tell you
where you can expect to see the moon and what phase she is in and in
like manner the planets and stars. I can tell you precisely that the
first glint of the sun’s ray is seen in my kitchen on February 18th at
16:50 and it’s last is on October 18th at precisely 16:50. From my
point of view in mid summer the sun sets on the horizon at precisely
21:40:38 secs. From this you can conclude I’m either an idiot or
observant. Of the former I care not and of the latter I trust you may
somewhat agree.

So then, with regard to chemtrails in my area it is my conclusion thus
far, though I require another year or two to prove the point to
myself, that light spraying is ongoing from December to February,
heavy spraying commences through March to August and from September
onwards I need to observe. The link strikes me that winter crops are
sprayed lightly while growth is slow and that through the growing
season to harvest (Apr, Aug) chemtrails are at their heaviest. You may
recall from last December to halfway through April our weather was
fine but also that reservoirs were running low and a hose ban in place
in the south. From May to end of July the weather was cold and
extremely wet causing mass flooding and crop damage in several areas.
In-fact it was the coldest and wettest summer since 1912. It would
appear then that our food chain is under attack, livestock included.

Other anomalies include the lack of bees and poor pollination of our
fruit trees, poor quality fruit if any, an increase in moss, algae,
and especially slugs and snails all of which are detrimental to our
food chain. It’ll take at least another year of observation so we’ll
just have to be patient. Yesterday 18th we had a sever hail storm
lasting only a few minutes but the hail was approximately 2cm in
diameter and this morning 19th awoke to frost and feels like it will
be the same tonight.

The swallows in my area are still here though may migrate any day now.
However, my first sighting of geese is some three weeks early
indicating harsh conditions north in the way of cold and a diminishing
food supply.

Right, on with the electric blanket and hot chocolate and I’ll say
na-night to one and all.


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9 Responses to “Year round chemtrailing pattern observed”

  1. David says:

    I’ll never be able to understand why someone with a bit of an I.q can be duped into this nonsense that is chemtrails.

    What a waste of a good mind.

  2. wokenkiwi says:

    Um David, it is openly admitted that the u.s has been trying to control the weather since the 1930s for military implications with all sorts of particulars sprayed into the atmosphere in conjunction with other atmosphere research programs ( h.a.a.r.p) youtube (holes in heaven, angls dont play this harp) why don’t you take off you sleepy sheeple hat and watch both videos on YouTube called 1. What in the world are they spraying and 2. Why in the world are they spraying. Also have you ever heard the term geoengerneering?

  3. I agree with David on this one, all the chemtrail proof is completely anecdotal. There has been never been any actual facts. Just like the 9/11 truthers, chemtrail sheep have a hard time understanding the world we live in.

    To quote David, what a waste of a good mind.

  4. Wake Up Chemtrail Sheep says:

    Another ‘internet expert’ wading in on a completely fabricated idea designed to make an internet marketer more money.

    It’s incredible what people fall for, if the proponents of this theory are not making a small fortune from product they’ll be making a fortune from ads on their websites.

    But wait, that can’t be true, it must be the u.s military secretly poisoning us wanting to control the weather to create false flag attacks for political agendas – thats the real reason.

  5. Tapestry says:

    That’s the point. He’s not writing as an expert, but as an ordinary observer of the depopulation agenda at work. And he writes well.

  6. Anonymous says:

    My comment was aimed at wokenwiki as he’s obviously an expert on chemtrails.

    Even if he did seem fit to start throwing insults, how rude. I hope the other users on this blog are not this ignorant.

    Maybe he should take his sleepysheeple hat off and replace it with a tinfoil hat. Conspiracy nut job.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Noticed last week there were not a lot of Chemtrails over Doncaster. Then two friends came who mentioned ” Barnsley was covered in Chemtrails”.
    Today 22nd Sept, the sky was clear at 8am, then the Chemtrailers began to fly over us. It’s now 2pm and we are well covered.
    Why do the Tinfoil Trolls think the Clouds are all in line.
    Come on Trolls, let’s debunk YOU!
    It’s either 911 or Chemtrails, try not to mix them.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Just to expand on what Gordon was saying about a lull in the Chemtrailing last week.
    Doncaster has just had 4 days of rain after the heavy Chemtrails of Saturday.
    They must be working through the night because we are semi covered at 8am.
    This is why we have this flooding all over the Country.

  9. Anonymous says:

    There are two types of people in this world, those who have no compassion and are intent on harming others and those who are trying to live a good life with respect and compassion for others and the world around them.

    People who are in denial of chemtrails as they are afraid to listen and look at the evidence or that they are still “asleep” should respect other opinions: “if you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at all”. They need to realise that we i.e those who are not part if the elite pulling the strings, are all on the same side.

    I am prepared to swear on my life that chemtrails are real, there is no debating the fact. Local newspapers cannot run a story on chemtrails as they told me it’s due to liable, the airports cannot account for the planes going over my house which are not traceable on planefinder.

    Take a look up at the sky multiple white lines crossing each other, thay are not ordinary plane contrails. If you watch one of these jets and observe that the spray often cuts out and the same jets I see not spraying. You very often can look directly at the sun, when cloud passes infront of the sun a rainbow affect usually appears too. What is that persistant white haze which there never used to be when you look into the distance, I have seen this throughout the world on recent TV programmes. At night take out a fairly powerful torch and look into the light it casts – what are those shiny dust particles, often there are so many it’s like dry rain.

    In addition aluminium oxide reflects radiowaves this is true, aluminium foil does too, I think that is why these antitruthers refer to truthers as tin foil hat wearing we are aware of the fact that there is alot more to the workings of the human (and other species) bodys than they want to believe, infact a whole spectrum of frequencies that we are unable to detect exists, we humans are in reality deaf and blind to what is around us. Those in control want to control our minds and so wearing radiofrequency shielding clothing seems like a sensible idea and it will prevent our cells from damage from mobile/cell phones, wifi, smart meters and such technologies.

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