World government started a long time ago

For many centuries, the bankers and the corporations have been in the business of perception management.  The public is always being trained to obey.  They use repetition.  An untruth repeated a thousand times becomes the truth. Perception management is a big science.  TV parrots the same stuff over and over until we are trained to do what is suggested.

Chemtrails are associated with HAARP technology, as well as weather modification.  We now have whitish skies.  Normal rain has gone.  We get monsoons across the world.  They normalise what you’re seeing.  Contrails is what the media is told to call them.  They started about 1998.

First, when challenged, the military say chemtrails are a hoax, the result of growing aviation traffic.

The Hughes corporation obtained patents for weather modification, adding tiny particles to jetliner fuel.  This was said to be enough to cut 85% of global warming.  The first chemtrail designed to block the sun was patented in 1975.

Your minds are being managed so you don’t think about it.  If it’s not in the news, it can’t be important.

Sickness increased when chemtrails were sprayed low over Canada, on Espanola, Ontario.  Residents complained of joint pain, dizziness, sudden fatigue, acute asthma, feverish flu-like symptoms.  Massive increase in stillbirths in animals and humans.  There were months of spraying by US tanker planes.  High traces of aluminium, leading to respiratory conditions.  The aluminium passes through the lungs and into the bloodstream.  5% increase of death within 24 hours of the spraying. 10 to 100 micron sizes.

Congressman Kucinic asked the use of chemtrails and HAARP be banned.  1999 chemtrails were sprayed over Naples, and they went global.

The chemtrails attracts all available moisture in the atmosphere to form into clouds.  The result is that the atmosphere gets very dry, and droughts can be easily induced.

Money creation makes war seem cheap to the average citizen.  The government can push through more change, and increased control in five years of war than in fifty years of peace.  They create shortages and then say more greater control is needed to override the free economy.

Massachussets was the first colony to print money.  Other colonies followed.  Severe inflation followed.  Price control laws were brought in, leading to shortages.  Central banks came in, lending money to the central government in 1791, the BUS – Bank of the United States, a private bank.  This created the need to start wars to justify the debts, and the maintenance of standing armed forces.

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