Why government loves terrorism, and supports it.

British soldiers die every week from acts of ‘terror’ in Afghanistan. Yet who pays and supports the Taliban? Pakistan and the US. Governments need terror to justify their own existence. They foster and support terrorism, pay all sides to the conflicts they generate, until people stop questioning their power.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    It is my belief, that if you read anything that was prescribed reading for English literature O’ level you would realise this. Maybe that is why I was awarded a “D” grade…

  2. horehound says:

    As Robin Cook wrote in the weeks before his death ( in articles for guardian/independent), Al Qaeda are a ‘entirey western invention’.
    I suspect that in century’s to come ( if humanity gets that far) people will view the current conflict/occupation in the middle east as simply part of the same ‘war/occupation’ that were happening in the 1850’s onwards.We like to believe we as modern people are far removed from those ‘colonial’ times but if you do not know the history/reasoning of the Crimean wars take just a few hours of your time to study it and your understanding of the current conflicts will increase tenfold.

    On a separate point ive never understood why the Chinese have not had not had much to say about the current Afghanistan conflict considering they share a huge border.

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