Who or what are the non-aligned movement? A replacement for the broken United Nations?

Tap , 

The NAM is a huge story – pretty much untold by MSM.

I’ve found it difficult to obtain further details on the grouping. I did see a couple of biased Guardian articles on the summit :



Its not clear to me if these articles ran in the newspaper or are just on the net for those who choose to look them out . At the very least , the story is that such a huge event is totally ignored by the MSM .

I did find the following of interest :


Any further details on this grouping would be welcomed – particularly as the group dont seem to have an updated website which seems odd ? I did find the official website specific to last months conference :



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4 Responses to “Who or what are the non-aligned movement? A replacement for the broken United Nations?”

  1. The NAM were formed by Chemtrails over Doncaster

  2. Anonymous says:

    Looks like the trolls are in full force today… teacher must have let them loose on the internet at nursery.

    Obviously high on smoking those chemtrails that don’t exist too.

    Oh dear.

  3. Julia says:

    It is a bit of a coincidence that Nam is the common abbreviation used for the US war in Vietnam.

  4. tal says:

    There is actually quite a bit of info on them if you google the name. I found articles from aljazeera, globalresearch and a history for NAM here:


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