Where is Andrea Davison? Has she left the Ecuador Embassy?

WASP reported she was holed up in the Ecuador Embassy and was the real target for William Hague’s threatened invasion.

Today we received this Anonymous comment, the details of which cannot be confirmed –

I have it ON RECORD 5/9/2012, from the Derbyshire Police (Ripley Police HQ) From the Team who, following a combined Met / Derby Organised Crime Operation ran the Raid at 13/1/2010 at MANCHESTER HOUSE 32 BANGOR STREET. Y-FELINHELI. GWYNEDD. LL56 4JD under a Proceeds of Crime Order, that, Following the Mold Crown Court issue of a Bench Warrant for her arrest for failure to attend her own Criminal Trial which started on the 4/7/2012 that Ms ANDREA DAVISON has been now traced to ARGENTINA.
There are efforts via the authorities to return her to serve her 2 1/2 years custodial sentence 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    No one ever had any solid proof she was real or even in the Embassy to start with. You might as well say she’s in the forgotten city of Atlantis controlling the the flightpath of chemtrails over Doncaster whilst messing around with the weather for the Rothschilds and predicting attacks on the Paralympic games.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Thinking about what Anon 11.6am says, there might be some truth in it.
    I believe, and this is only a belief, Gareth Williams was tracking down the chemtrailers, he was supposed seen in Salt Lake City, at a function.
    Could there be something sinister about what he found out, enough to kill him for.
    Andrea was a good friend of Gareths, did he give her any information.

  3. Twig says:

    @Anonymous 11:06 7/9/12

    Atlantis may be lost, but is not “forgotten”.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Leaking confidential Police Information is a real serious crime that’s why Britain had the Levesen Inquiry into misconduct by British Police and the press.

    So this Mr Anonymous comment is either evidence of a serious crime by the UK Derby Police and Mr Anonymous or total crap

  5. Anonymous says:

    “Mr Anonymous comment is either evidence of a serious crime by the Derby Police and Mr Anonymous or total crap”

    You Mullet, I am Gordon Bowden, you “Plonker” I’ve been in the Royal Courts of Justice QBD for over 2 years with that thieving “Honey Trap” Git and her Con artist Partner journalist Pete Sawyer.

    Since 2006. I know more about Davison and her network of mainly German /Jew Directors who ran “Virtual” Ponzi Investments Scams selling worthless Oil and Gas and Mining Company shares linked to Russia & Canada or selling worthless University Degrees from “Virtual” MARYLEBONE & GORDON Universities, or Fake ID’s and PASSPORTS for fraud networks to use in Multi £Million Bank fraud scams.
    In 2006, I gave the Derby Police all the info on the massive International Frauds and Boiler room that has defrauded thousands of innocent investors world-wide, run and administered by Davison since 1982. I am the one who recovered over 400 Docs that are doing the rounds from her now removed website in July 2010. Here, dipstick, get your 2 braincells round this. since the successful Mold Crown Court Criminal Trial prosecution and sentence on 26/7/2012.

    Given she has been prosecuted, the Trial info and Data is PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE, if you know where to look. She is also a CONVICTED CRIMINAL on the run and as such, anyone with info is obligated as a “DUTY OF CARE” to forward such info.

    You should rather stick to watching the drivel on the JEREMY KYLE SHOW

  6. Tapestry says:

    People who abuse are less credible. If you have correct information to report, it’s no more convincing to a reader for being angrily presented. In fact less so. People who come from the inside and whistle-blow bring out a lot of anger in those they implicate. This blog has attracted a lot angry trolls the moment we started discussing Andrea Davidson. If the story against her is so clear cut, make it clear by being calm and measured. Your anger introduces doubts as to your motives, rightly or wrongly.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Yes your right.
    It’s not anger, it’s Frustration.
    The FACTS are:
    She has a massive CIVIL Court History.
    I have it ON RECORD,Her victims start in 1980’s when she arrived in Bangor with her mother.
    She was and is part operator of CLUB ODESSA in Bangor running a Russian Singles dating network, bringing in Russian Girls for “Baiting” senior officials, Police and Government Ministers for BLACKMAIL by those in a higher Crime. One of her visiters, another fine upstanding Rt Hon Gentleman: JONATHAN AITKEN.
    Your readers might recall, BMARC, along with SRC (Space research Corporation) Directors: Assassinated Gerald Bull, Gerald James and Christopher Cowley acquired by ASTRA HOLDINGS LIMITED
    You remember, the 1990 ASTRA HOLDINGS via the DTI UOR Request for “3 CYLINDERS” from ARMSCOR
    perhaps,like me, your blog readers should attempt to contact some of the THOUSANDS of fraud victims of Ms Tara Andrea Davison.
    Mine is a work in progress, updated daily, the latest via a Recorded Political request.
    (1) How did Ms Davison, on Police Bail, with NO Passport, driving Licence, ID and travel Documents manage to leave the UK at the hight of the biggest security clampdown in British History since the Terrorist Bombing (OLYMPICS)
    (2) Where are the 7000 Arms to Iraq / Iran Docs and the other Items on the 4 Page list seized by the Derby Police on the 13/1/2010.
    (3) I have a recorded request for an official Government reply as to what steps have been taken for her return, to serve out her criminal sentence.

    Think a little along the lines of a close friend of JONATHAN AITKEN and major financial sponsor of the Conservative Party.
    Let me be clear.
    My motives, Only TWO:
    I am focused and resolute to achive the following.
    (1) As a “Duty of Care” as an ex prof proud service RAF Engineer and trained Nuclear, Chemical and Bio warfare shelter marshal. a signatory of the OSA and I, more than most understand the horror and full destructive power of a 20kt Battlefield ready Gravity Drop Nuclear Bomb, never mind 2.
    I worked with the lesser WE 117’s
    That. Under the Nuclear Explosions Act
    There is a full open PUBLIC examination, Full disclosure and Inquiry of all available evidence that may be further assisted by Under Oath evidence from Ms Davison to substantiate the printed accusations regarding the possible covert Senior Party Conservative and Labour Party Leaders, who, in a deliberate Political cover-up to Protect their Party Integrity and Criminal Police investigation that, in 1990, a criminal private funded onward sale to ASTRA HOLDINGS (A private Consortium Owned Company)from ARMSCOR PelindabaSouth Africa of 3 X 20 Kt Nuclear Bombs using Public Funds from HM Treasury, purchased for a fixed price delivered OMAN and that Operation was overseen and under the watch of Dr David Kelly.
    To ascertain, as understood by the writer, that evidence provided to him to examine “In the Public Interest” and determine the facts to the truth that those 3 x 20kt ex ARMSCOR Stock Nuclear Weapons were Stolen from their poor secured 20 foot ISO Containers in an OMAN Transport yard, whereby one 20kt Conservative Purchased stolen Nuke was onward sold to North Korea, who detonated it on the 25th May 2009. If these accusations are found to be fact that those responsible are brought to Justice.
    (2)To seek public exposure and criminal JUSTICE for the Thousands of silent little victims all over the World I have legal document evidence of that have been victims of Ms TARA ANDREA DAVISON and those in the Corrupt POLITICAL Circles she works for and has blackmail evidence on.

    My apologies for my previous outburst

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Had Anon 10.37 been in some kind of relationship with Andrea, as he seems realy annoyed.
    What we would like to know, is, or was, Andrea friends with Julian Assange, Gareth Williams and The Hilli family.
    Would Anon say she was a spy as well as a criminal.
    Could we have some information we can use to track her movements in the past.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Relationship with Ms Tara Andrea Davison. You could say: Since October 2010 and to this Day: Royal Courts of Justice. QBD
    Case HQ10D 04366
    Until she did a “runner”
    Her history: Well, I’ve folowed her Criminal “Tour of Duty” since 2006.
    I have it on record.
    She started back in the 1980’s and was a real “Honey Trap”
    I have the Court Trial transcript Documents she posted on the KEAY’S v SAWYER Civil case involving CECIL PARKINSON.
    Sawyer being her Tag along Journalist PETE SAWYER.
    She has been a “Boiler Room” Financial Off-Shore Corporate & Director registration Front for over 20 years.
    These Companies “Thousands” are nothing more than Money laundering fronts.
    From her “Business” Residential Run Down Terraced house she ran an PYRAMID Investment Club, providing worthless Penny Stock Oil and Gas and Mining Company shares on to her flock of part time “Employee’s” who were paid commission if they sold to unsuspecting simple trusting, and old folks.
    In 2002 She registered AFBIO.COM and AFBIO.NET in another known Boiler Room suite in Vancouver Canada and sold on JUNK shares of Toronto TSX-VENTURE Stock Exchange registered Oil and Gas and Mining Companies.
    These Fake Fraud Companies shares were being “Cold Call” sold by a network including Ms Davisons fronts from her exotic address in Bangor North Wales.
    When arrested on the 13/1/2010 a network of her fellow Co Partners, Germans, living in Bangor, who ran a RUSSIAN SINGLES Dating Company and Club with Ms TARA ANDREA DAVISON called CLUB ODESSA.
    Using the same Club to front their Fake money laundering cash shell Companies routed through her MANCHESTER HOUSE. 32 BANGOR STREET. Y-FELINHELI. GWYNEDD. LL56 4JD.
    They all de registered and set up in another interlocked known fraud Company “Boiler Rooms”
    THEY ARE STILL OPERATIONAL, money laundering for a known criminal empire. Today. Untouched by our professional “Thin Blue Line”
    It’s a Joke

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, I would like to thank Anon 11.27 for all the background information on Andrea Davison. Indeed I had some shares in Astra Holdings.
    However our Quest is to find out what Andrea knew about Gareth Williams,Julian Assange and now the Murdered Hilli family.
    Have you any information on if she was a Government agent, and was she involved with nuclear bombs.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Andrea Davison and her Fake ID Factory at Manchester House. 32 Bangor Street.Y-Felinheli. Gwynedd LL564JD supplied fraud material used by Nigerian George Abrue, Paul Slack and their fraud network £20 Million International Boiler Room.
    Abrue and his group were prosecuted in 2011 and are all serving custodial sentences.
    Andrea Davison’s trial started in Caernarfon January 13 2012 and then moved to Mold Crown Court 4/7/2012 to 25/7/2012
    Sentenced to 2 1/2 years

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