Was I right to delete this post?


I’m not sure about the source.  It’s all the same story over and over again.
I’ve pulled the post.


WASP replies

Hi Tap, the Saad al -Hilli Assassinations appears to have many Varients, This Report Covers Ground Already Looked at plus a LIBOR/ SNUFF Connection.

United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Mrs. Clegg’s root key, allegedly used for Libor-funded snuff films to the cracked skull suffered by an 8 year old child at multiple-murder crime scenes near Annecy, France.

McConnell invites laconic rebuttals to his claim that Clegg’s clients used her Federal Bridge Certification Authority root key to waive Libor-rated debt owed by Sky News/Reuters snuff-film production teams after delivery of back-hauled images of the 8-year old child being beaten and her 4-year old sister being tasered (pace JonBenet Ramsey!) near Annecy.  ……..

Hilli was an engineer who helped to design the kitchen of the European Airbus aircraft, according to his accountant, Julian Stedman [allegedly helped install Federal Bridge hijack system for Air France Flight 447]. Stedman has also said Hilli worked in a satellite technology firm near the family home…. (Reporting by Catherine Lagrange in Annecy and Alessandra Rizzo in Claygate; Writing by Brian Love; Editing by Kevin Liffey)”


Regards  ……….  WASP

Hi Tap in reply to above. 

This was the original  I gave you Abel Dangers Site but he got it from  FIELD  Mc.CONNEL,Feed aggregator, then REUTERS got hold of it, I sent it to expand on the information, with Link which it has done. The point being that Anon didn’t give sufficient information regarding Background & 747 etc.
which is why I sent it 

You will find in the stuff I sent earlier Saad al-Hiffi  was also involved in work   Sadams Nuclear Project,so as I said he was no ordinary Joe. He must have had some fairly High Security Clearance, I would think

Mc. CONNELS Links  tie in LIBOR Bankster Nadhml Auchi, & several others into more than just LIBOR

It appears there is more than one reason, why The al-Haffis could have been Assassinated. I do, however, like your theory, w/r/t, Applying Leverage to French to make they comply, & not make waves.

U.S. D Marine Field McConnell has linked former DLA Piper partner Mrs. Clegg and her clients in the British Bankers’ Association, to the Libor-funded procurement of automatic pistols apparently used in the recent snuff-film escrow killings in the French Alps and the mass murders of the ‘90s, fraudulently attributed to the Knights Templar and the Ordre du Temple Solaire.

Able Danger Expands in Great Detail viz, Links within.
The article then goes on to mention Mass Murders, Suicides, & Bombings
I won’t Comment any more read it & see what  you think, I was quite surprised when I found it. If any of this is only partially correct it’s going to open a whole new can of worms.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Trouble with McConnel is that he is a Presidental Candidate, so will be after points.
    Where as our Tap blog likes to deal in facts, found by asking questions.
    There are questions like, because the X RAF Officer had been a Director at Chatham House, one of their rules is “you don’t tell anybody anything”, did he keep to rules.
    Looking at the photo of the car, it was going in reverse, did it have Boston drive fitted.
    When the family was under attack, forward would have been best.
    Was a “rapid Eye satellite” going over at the time.
    Has the Gareth Williams link been checked out.

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