Vicky Haigh comes out of jail

Mother and baby jailed together for three years.  Elder daughter with father by court order.  Head of Family Court ‘Justice’ Wall handled the case personally

Hi Tap

Hope that you are well. I have been catching up on your blog today. It is good to be out of the prison.  I really saw what state run peadophilia was all about in there. The picture became very clear.
Who the hell is Ken? He really hates me. What a prick. Anyway get in touch, it would be good to catch up.
We spoke but once.  I don’t have a record of your number.  Mine has changed since moving.  Just email.  What is ‘state run paedophilia’ in jail all about?  Presumably there were no kids around.

Vicky Haigh and her daughter Sapphire Roisin, born in Limerick

Vicky Haigh and her daughter Sapphire, born in Ireland, who has just been released from prison with her mother Photo: EMMA JERVIS/PRESS 22
7:00PM BST 18 Aug 2012
Last month, I twice reported on the strange case of Vicky Haigh, a former racehorse trainer, who was appealing against her three-year prison sentence for breaching a “non-molestation order”, after she encountered her daughter by chance at a petrol station. This was by far the longest sentence ever given for breaching such an order, and she was given right to appeal by a High Court judge on the grounds that it was “manifestly excessive”.
The appeal court reduced her sentence by nine months, the maximum possible, short of releasing her immediately. Having served nine months as a “model prisoner”, she and her younger daughter, aged 15 months, were due to be released from her open prison last Monday.
Following my reporting on this, however, Miss Haigh was permitted by her prison to give a long interview to another newspaper. This so angered higher authorities that, as a punishment, she was told that she would not be released on licence as arranged. She was returned instead to the high-security jail where she served the first weeks of her sentence.
All this followed the unusual actions taken last year by Lord Justice Wall, head of the family courts, when he took over the case involving Miss Haigh’s older daughter, who had been removed from her in 2010 after she accused her ex-husband of sexually abusing the child. Wall took what he described as the “unprecedented” step of publishing a judgment highly critical of Miss Haigh, based on the findings of a lower court judge that she had coached her daughter to make allegations against the father. After taking a swipe at me for giving a “one-sided” view of the case, Wall also issued a press release, which led to widespread publicity, including a long interview with the father putting his version of the story. Three months later, Miss Haigh was given her record sentence, after a trial in which Wall’s judgment was used in evidence against her.
Wall had based his view of the case entirely on the findings of two lower courts, which he also ordered to be published. At the time I welcomed this because, I suggested, it would give the public a chance to see whether the other judges had made a plausible assessment of the “coaching” claim – for which, as the judgments show, there was no direct evidence. Despite Wall ordering their publication, it has taken nearly a year, and a long succession of emails between me and the courts, for the two judgments finally to be made available on the website of the British and Irish Legal Information Institute.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Well you made a friend with Vicky.
    We tried to give her a fair trial through this blog.
    Now she has had a taste of Freemason Law, she might be useful to us.
    Let her have a rest, and get the story out of her.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Men is this your ideal woman?

    Published on Monday 9 July 2012 16:41

    A FORMER Worksop racehorse trainer who ‘coached’ her daughter to make false sex claims against her ex-husband
    Victoria Haigh, 42, of Denby Avenue,worksop was jailed for three years at Doncaster Crown Court in December after she was found guilty of breaching a non-molestation order.

    The order was imposed after Haigh falsely accused former partner, David Tune, of being a paedophile and ‘coached’ her daughter to make similarly bogus claims against him.

    Three senior judges at London’s Court of Appeal cut it to two years and three months.

    The court heard Haigh sparked a five-year custody battle for the girl after her split from Mr Tune in 2005. As part of those family proceedings she made false allegations against him on the internet, which led to the girl being unnecessarily examined by social services and removed from her father.

    The country’s top family judge, Sir Nicholas Wall, allowed details of the proceedings to be published so Mr Tune could clear his name.

    A court order preventing Haigh from contacting the girl without a social worker was placed on her. But shortly after that order was renewed, Haigh approached the youngster while Mr Tune was buying a newspaper in Bawtry, in March last year.

    Mr Tune left the shop to see his former partner open the door of his car and shout at their daughter. Haigh again made false allegations and shouted that Mr Tune had ‘abducted’ the girl, the court heard.

    Haigh, who had already breached the order by renewing the child’s passport just weeks before, insisted she was not aware of the order and fought a trial.

    Appealing her sentence on Wednesday, Sally Donaldson, for Haigh, argued she was punished too harshly considering no violence was involved and there was no attempt to abduct the youngster.

    Mr Justice Sweeney, sitting with Lord Justice Davis and Mr Justice Supperstone, agreed to cut the jail term to two years and three months,


  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Buzz was quick off the mark, Vicky has hardly had time to repent.
    This is the question to Buzz, for opening a car door for a few seconds, you think 3 years in prison is ok.
    The second question, was the Judge a Freemason.
    Were the Barristers and Soliciters Freemasons.
    There can be no Justice in this Country whilst Freemason Law comes first.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Would you want this witch to partner your son?

    simply opening a door! gosh the understatment of the year. so deluded.

    Repent after nearly a decade 2004/5!!! you joke.

    not considering the under 2 years inside. enjoy your plastic beads & cross.

    what visiting rights will you now have with your now damaged daughter, her safety thats my real concern.

    Freemasons or not you created this hornets nest all by yourself & sadly so many nice people fell under your spell.

    I have read your case history, who will be your next victim, now you’ve successfully ruined your husband and childrens lives also historic business partners. whom all now know the REAL you.

    It seems everything you touch turns acrid black & discusting.

    Too late at last you’ve been banged to rights served your time?, now go back down your hole.

    I cant belive you wern’t given your medications sanctioned & put in a padded cell, FOREVER

    How do you know your current man is not a mason? or even sain he better keep a close eye on his kids against you before the social services come knocking again!!

    Does he really know what hes got himself into?


  5. Anonymous says:

    Don’t normally comment but…..

    “I really saw what state run peadophilia was all about in there”

    A proven liar like this probably does it for kicks but surely realises that lying about her time in prison for encouraging her daughter to lie is not helping people who sometimes put themselves at risk to tell the truth.

    There is no state run peadophilia in prison just the usual drug user, black market and pathetic beurocracy. Granted prisons are not nice places, boring most of the time but in no way as sick as what Vicky was claiming.

    I’m with Buzz on this one.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Anyone who looked after and raced horses, cannot be all bad.
    Even Jesus liked sinners.
    When Courts of every description are run by Freemasons, there is every chance that Freemason Law will prevail.
    Let Vicky put her case forward about what goes off in Prisons, don’t put words into her mouth.

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. Anonymous says:

    “The father is entitled to tell the world, and the world is entitled to know, that he is not a paedophile, that he has not sexually abused his daughter and that the allegations made against him are false,”

    “Allegations of sexual abuse were first made by the mother and not by X,” the judge said. “These were false and the mother knew them to be false.”

    He added: “X was coached by the mother to make allegations of sexual abuse against the father.

    A very sad and very tragic story and a child who has been used as a pawn and will suffer the damage for a long while.

    However the more curious aspect comes through Haigh’s use of a so-called ‘investigator’, Elizabeth Watson who

    proceeded to ignore court orders by making the “scandalous allegations” public, disclosing information which “compromised the well-being” of a child.

    Watson, of Bournemouth, Dorset, was jailed for nine months for contempt of court after the hearing heard she sent council staff involved “aggressive, intimidating” emails which found their way on to websites

    I had the ‘pleasure’ of seeing Watson’s website – I have no idea if it is still up or not – and it is a bile-filled hate-fest against social workers in general of the ilk that isn’t uncommon on the internet if you do a bit of basic digging.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Prick-ally Eh?

    On review it looks like KEN is on to something dont you think?

    goto :

    Certainly caught a nerve here.

    Got Vicky’s attention wouldnt you say?

    There is more here than we are led to believe i reckon.

    come on how many children how many partners is this some one who is honest sincere & loyal?

    Horses Ha putting animals before humans, people, partners, children even their own children & family to me STINKS & speakes volumes.


    PS This type of witch would have been burnt at the stake centuries ago. instead she is free to wreak havock with the support of those under her spell again so watch your back & dont say you wernt warned

    I hope she is tagged monitored & her history never forgotten.

    Damaged goods BEWARE & AVOID.

    Bear in mind it must have cost all us tax payers a small fortune to take her to task.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Even Christoper Booker reported twice on ” The strange case of Vicky Haigh” 18 Aug 2012.
    Vicky was given the longest sentence ever for breaching a “Non molestation order”. ie, for opening a car door for a few seconds.
    The Telegraph, comment 948 42 85.
    Vicky was a “model prisoner”.
    Family Courts create a Travesty of the truth.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Sympathy for the Devil? The Daily Mail and Vicky Haigh

    A real eye opener

  12. Anonymous says:

    The Large Print Giveth…

    … and the small print taketh away

    if you look further you will be enlightened

  13. SarahJane says: scarily similar case currently going on in Maine..By a former lecturer w/ a PhD. Who since losing custody, has been claiming her daughter is in a state run pedophile ring run by Maine elite..Needless to say she has all the loony conspiracy theorists buying her BS.

    She was proven to have coached her child. Yet still spews her drivel on the Internet all day every day portraying her child as abused&groomed alongside info such as her daughters address.

    Crazy is an understatement.

    I really loathe these women who hate their exes nore than they love their children.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Try and meditate over this sentence..

    “When a father consciously hurts a child, nobody wants to believe you and when they realize they were wrong, nobody will want to admit to it.”

    I have encountered countless cases like Vicky Haigh’s. She is innocent. The various people who post on the internet condemning her only confirm that the UK today is a shithole of half-wits, cruel characters, corruption and ignorance. Everybody who knows 2 things about the UK justice and child protection system knows that the system routinely frames people to distract from it’s own misdeeds.

    The recent antics Vicky Haigh had to endure only confirm further that the system turns against her because it fears her, as she is one of the very view who came out with her story and asked for help.

    Sexual abuse of children by their father happens all the time, so why not in Britain? Deal with it. Deal with it that Pedophiles can be father’s too, some of them even rent out their children to other pedophiles, some of them even film their children when they are tortured. Deal with it.

    Oddly, Vicky Haigh’s little daughter is named Sapphire, after the very same useless child abuse investigation team at the police that screwed up her case and that now faces shut down.. due to corruption and incompetence.

    Instead of the judiciary responding to the likelihood that team Sapphire has screwed up unlimited cases of mothers reporting sexual abuse, they typically close ranks and make an example of Vicky Haigh who had the guts to come forward and fight for her child. Honestly, you should be all ashamed to be British when such orchestrated miscarriages of justice like this can just happen in plain sight and you still don’t wonder how that’s possible. Britain rapidly descents into fascism and the way a society treats children and mothers indicates how corrupt it’s soul is. In line with this I have to assess that Britain is at the end.

    • vicky haigh says:

      Vicky Haigh says,
      Thank you for your comment. I agree it is unfortunate that the masses in the UK are ignorant to the corrupt antics in the police and secret family courts. They were invented by paedophiles, to be run by paedophiles, to protect paedophiles. I have listened to the poor abused souls that survived the Welsh care homes, telling of the senior police officers, judges and MP’s who abused them.
      I myself have been completely bewildered at the way my daughter has been ignored by a system supposedly set up to protect children.
      I have many mothers contact me with EXACTLY the same story as mine. They report abuse and have their children taken.
      I believe I am feared but it is easy to silence me, as they throw me behind bars for any reason. It is funny being in prison when one is not a criminal, merely a very protective loving mother.
      Please get in touch with me. I am working with David Gale who has set up “kids for cash”. He wants to out paedos in the family justice and care system.

  15. I posted your remarkable comment on the site I built for Vicky:

    At the time, it got me a gagging order with threat of imprisonment from Doncaster Council.

    I had one from Swansea Council before for publishing another story on

    And later I got one from Haringey Council for what I published on

    On this Dossier of Evidence I put everything I could find on the web:

    THANK YOU for seeing things the way they unfortunately are and not mincing your words about what you see!

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