US Ambassador killing an ‘inside job’

Hi Tap,     
Lots of interesting info. contained in this 34min. video.  Alex Jones is talking to Dr. Steve Pieczenik about the situation in the middle east,      
where the build up of warships continues.  Not only does Pieczenik reveal that the recent Ambassador killing was an inside job, he also    
talks about Netanyahu as the ‘Hitler’ for the 21st Century!  There are also mentions of Saudi Arabia and the UK.  I’m planning on watching   
it again.  There is so much stuff to ‘take-in’.  This programme/video was recorded on the 16/09/2012.  Alex Jones has asked Pieczenik back  
on the (AJ) show on Tuesday, 18/09/2012.  
Here’s the title of the vid.  ‘Insider: US Ambassador Killing an Inside Job’       


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