UK releases previously banned dangerous vaccine with new name

Pluserix the deadly banned MMR vaccine, rereleased with a new name, Medi-Mumps, without any license.  Vaccine criminals are winding up for a new mass cull of children.

Dangerous Banned Vaccine Repackaged and Given New Name

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Yet again the UK government has allowed a previously banned and dangerous vaccine onto the UK market, by repackaging it and giving it a new name in a bid to deceive parents.
The first time the UK government tried this tactic and succeeded was in 1988 when the JCVI (Joint Committee on Vaccinations and Immunizations) sanctioned the MMR vaccine Pluserix for use in the UK. Pluserix had previously been banned in Canada, causing thousands of children to suffer irreversible side effects as a result. This vaccine went on to cause the same devastation in the UK. [1]


Dr. Lucjia Tomljenovic gave a full description of these devastating side effects, including encephalitis, bilateral deafness and meningitis, in her paper The vaccination policy and the Code of Practice of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI): Are They at Odds? Appalled at the committee’s behavior, she exposed exactly what was being said behind the closed doors of UK’s JCVI. She wrote:
Thus, instead of re-evaluating the vaccination policy, at least until safety concerns were fully evaluated, the JCVI choose to support the existing policy based on incomplete evidence that was available at that time.” [2]
One child who became profoundly deaf in one ear after she received the now banned vaccination, Katie Stephen, is still fighting for compensation to this day. Her mother, Wendy Stephen, is furious at her daughter’s treatment and told The Telegraph in a recent article:
 “She wasn’t born this way. This was done to her by the Department of Health. They distributed pamphlets arguing that this was the right thing to do for your child, and not just that, but the right thing to do for herd immunity in the UK against these three illnesses.” [3]

Parents unknowingly subjected their child to a proven dangerous vaccine.
Second Banned Vaccine Gets Revamp
Obviously not learning from the error of their ways, the UK government has once again potentially put thousands of lives at risk by re-introducing a banned, this time unlicensed vaccine onto the UK market.
In June 2012, the single mumps vaccine Medi-Mumps cultured on dog kidney cells was advertised for use at a number of private clinics as an alternative option to the MMR. It has since been discovered however, that Medi-Mumps is in fact the banned, unlicensed vaccine Pavivac. To cover this up, just like the MMR vaccine Pluserix, the vaccine was repackaged and given a new name. 


Through intensive research, we have learned that on September 13, 2012, the UK’s MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) wrote a press release titled Advertising Investigations. The MHRA wrote:
13 September 2012
The MHRA was made aware of information presented on the Children’s Immunisation Centre (CIC) website about Medi-Mumps and a related press release. The MHRA was concerned that the information provided an unbalanced view of the safety and efficacy of the vaccine because it did not mention the MHRA’s concerns and previous CSM advice or that the product was unlicensed. (emphasis added)
We understood that the Medi-Mumps vaccine is manufactured from the same stock and processed in the same way as Pavivac mumps vaccine. (emphasis added) The MHRA, acting on advice from an independent advisory committee, the Committee on Safety of Medicines (CSM), has for a number of years objected to the importation of the Pavivac product because there is insufficient information available to assure its safety, quality and efficacy. See statement from the committee on safety of medicines (82Kb) for more details.
CIC amended the websites to remove the information about Medi-Mumps.
Date case raised: 3 April 2012 
Date action agreed: 2 May 2012 
Date of publication: 13 September 2012” [4]


Amazingly in May of this year on this very site, I wrote an article titled New Vaccine Made From Dog Cells May Trigger Allergy to Dogs. [5] My article highlighted the fact that a new single mumps vaccine had been slipped into private clinics in the UK through the back door.
I highlighted that the Medi-Mumps vaccine had been advertised as being available from June 2012 in two private clinics, The Children’s Immunization Centre, who have now removed the vaccine in question from their listings [6] and The Early Onset Clinic who, at the time of this writing, are still advertising it as available today. [7]
I queried whether or not that the new vaccine could possibly be the banned vaccine Pavivac repackaged and re introduced as a new product:
“Interestingly Medi-Mumps is extremely similar to the banned vaccine Pavivac. The Pavivac vaccine was also manufactured in the Czech Republic and cultured on canine kidney cells but this vaccine was rejected by the CSM (Committee on the Safety of Medicines) in 2002 because of safety concerns.” [8]
My research was spot on and once again, can be proven to promote child health safety.


I would like to know just how these private clinics managed to get this so wrong. Did they not realize that they were and still are, in some cases, advertising and injecting very young children with an unlicensed, previously banned product? Do they also not realize that it has been illegal to advertise unlicensed products to the public since 2010? [9]
How can we, as healthcare consumers, ever trust our governments if they continue to sanction dangerous, banned and unlicensed products for use on our children? These are only two products that we now know about. How many other banned, unlicensed drugs, vaccines and healthcare products are being recommended for use that are repackaged and renamed?
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10 Responses to “UK releases previously banned dangerous vaccine with new name”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sorry for hijacking the comments but maybe someone could give me some help.

    My country vaccination plan says that I should take a diphtheria and tetanus vaccine every 10 years.
    Last month I escaped taking it, I told them I was going to think and they said ok.

    So this week I have to go there for other reason and they will ask me if I already decided.

    They say that most of the time the vaccine used is DT Vax.

    Should I take it or not?

  2. Tapestry says:

    I would weigh the certainty of damage from a vaccine with the remote possibility that you might contract the disease. Why trust the vaccination system, when we know it causes injury to millions?

  3. Anonymous says:

    That’s my dillema right now.

    If I take it, It’s not the first time and I didn’t had any adverse effects previously.

    If I don’t take it, I need to sign some paper saying that I refused.

  4. Tapestry says:

    never sign anything. what can they do? put you in gaol?

  5. Tapestry says:

    say you need more time to consider.

  6. Anonymous says:

    They said I need to sign a responsability term, basically saying that they gave me the chance to take it but I refused.

    Will tell them that. I think I might get away with this as the vaccine ain’t mandatory…

  7. Anonymous says:

    Go and speak to a qualified doctor/specialist/representative in that area and then make an informed choice.

    I feel It’s wrong of TAP to scaremonger.

  8. Tapestry says:

    Nothing to scaremonger by informing people where doctors fail to do so. If you are not sure whether to get vaccinated, don’t. There are risks of permanent life-destroying effects, which are evidenced by thousands of victims. vaccines are not repeat not risk-free.

    I would add that they are total waste of time as well. That can hardly be called scaremongering except by an industry which must know its game is up.

  9. Anonymous says:

    You just can’t help yourself.

    They’ll be reading this out in court.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Looking back, the vaccines I had given to me did nothing, I still got everything including Polio.
    If the vaccines were so good, how come millions died after getting the Spanish Flu jab.
    Several of my older friends died after having the flu jab last year.
    Even my doctor said, “have this flu jab, I get £40 pounds for every one I give”, I refused.
    Even the Hospitals are full of disease which they cannot get rid of.
    My advice is, keep out of Hospitals, and refuse vaccines.

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