The future’s all planned. august 39th 2012…..

I’m glad I’m not the only one who cocks things up.  Alan Watt sees today through the prism of history.  Control by the bankers goes back many centuries.  The Royal Institute of International Affairs controls the world’s media.  Heard of them?  That’s because they keep changing their name.  The Council for Foreign Relations.  Bilderberg.  It’s all one system, where money controls all, and plans all.

Those who manage money and commerce always plan the longterm future.  Better than that, they realised the way to stay on top is to control the future, and always be on the winning side.  They’ve been at this a long time.  In the 1800s they became more public.  In the 1900s they set up schools to recruit people of their own kind.  They decided to create the culture they wanted, based on the Frankfurt school.

They groom people, often from childhood, to become future leaders.  Common Purpose is doing exactly that.  The think tanks are steering the world in the direction they want it to go.

Jacques Attali was groomed and had a high ministerial office in the French government at age 27.  He has written lots of books.  He has access to thousands of think tanks, that study us, and make plans how to manipulate our future.

Their next games are to use genetic modification.  They always say the changes are being introduced to be good for health.  They are inserting human genes into animals, producing new species to cope with extreme environments.  They are giving human qualities to animals.  Man is getting rid of God.  That is a longterm goal of the elites, to take over the role of God.

They own the world via cash and commerce.  The reality is never revealed to the public.  Transhumanism was mentioned in Plato.  Science has been working on such projects for  long time.  Scientists are directed by cash.  They own the militaries and use them to build their domination.

People are aware something is odd.  The world is racing ahead and changing so fast, all approved by all media.  The media presents it all as good fun, keeping people off balance so they don’t complain.

Vitali mentions in his books that there are world masters.  The EU is there to give more and more power to the ECB, crashing the individual nations of the EU.  The public services like education/health will become mass produced commercial operations.  This is already happening.

People will have a chip inserted into them, micro-sensors.  Robots will be developed.  He says insurance companies will end up running the world.  Self-steering cars.  2040, the essential changes will come in.  States will be reduced to zero.  The watchers will respond to the financial imperatives, reducing leadtimes to produce objects, enhance use of time and transform desires.  Human desires will be to acquire products.

They present these things as far off in the future, but these things are coming in much quicker than they say.  Whole sections of government are being sold off to businesses…police, health, education on behalf of insurance companies, who will want to know everything about their competitors, and control all risks to make profits.

Private service will manage social rights.  People will win advantages by paying more.  Sovereignty will be handed over to private corporations.  They will dictate to you how to live – to make profits.  Benefit the wealthiest and penalise the poorest.  In UK, NHS is cutting back on everything.   Things like cataracts are being cut back.  Only if services are profitable will you get a service.

Insurance companies will demand premiums, but also demand clients conform to normals.  What is normal is decided at the top.  The new normals will be defined – planetary normals.  what to eat.  what to know.

Drinkers will be penalised.  The obese.  The unemployable.  The aggressive.  The careless. The absent-minded and the spendthrift.  They will prompt people in to what they must do.  And if they ignore the prompt, they then enforce the demands.  The odd-one-out will not be tolerated.

Ignorance will be considered a disease.  Political correctness.  Poverty genes have been discovered.  Good reason to abort babies.   Business will have to conform with normals.

Terrorism is here from now on.  It’s a great technique to accelerate all these agendas.  Monitoring health.  Bering thrifty.  Training and protecting oneself will become socially necessary behaviours.  They will make profit by keeping you in shape.  You will have to agree to be monitored.  The era of big brother will become the norm.  Surveillance will be the way of the time ahead.  Mini cameras in all public and private places, and in  nomadic objects, IDing from facial features and finger prints.  The system will want to log all the information about you.

Specialist businesses and private and public police will have acces to all information on you.  Prison will be replaced by long distance surveillance of you in your own house.  Curiosity will disappear, as will celebrity culture.  Everything you purchase will be monitored to check your compliance with the new norms.  You will be responsible for complying and measuring your own conformity to the new norms.  Computers are integrated into clothing by nano-fibers.  Subcutaneous devices under your skin will monitor your heartbeat, cholestorol and blood pressure.  If you don’t comply, you will be penalised by insurance companies.

The nomadic ubiquity of knowledge.  Your associations will be monitored.  If you pal up with someone they don’t like, you’ll get a warning.  This is total control.  A lot of this is already here.  Surveillance will become ubiquitous and nomadic through connected mini-devices.  People will be driven by fear to comply with all of it.  The family to be destroyed by sexual interference of children.  Everyone is to be a prison guard.

Culture is already managed on a micro level, as is commerce and industry.  All the countries in the EU are to be destroyed as entities until the solution to the apparent dislocation becomes global government.

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  1. Stung By A Wasp says:

    August 39th?
    the bastard illuminati are trying to change the calender again, let the people know tap let the people know!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Beat me to it…. August 39?

    Right… time to go into numerology mode.

    Was actually listening to his broadcast from yesterday just 20 mins ago:

    He doesn’t normally specify dates and times and I’ve been listening to him for a while. :puzzled:

  3. Anonymous says:

    Truth About illuminati Documentary-Luciferian Conspiracy


  4. Helen Highwater says:

    I believe this is all true, unfortunately.

    So, what is the solution?

    Is there one?

    Was mankind created for this?

    Was all of creation, created for this?

    For us, the most intelligent life forms (we know of) to end up in chains and completely enslaved by a Luciferian / Satanist criminal cult, who will stop at nothing to destroy everything in creation – the natural world – and everyone, leaving only a few mindless & totally controlled slaves to service their every need?

    What would be the point of that? What kind of God would bother to create the entire universe – only for us to meet with such a crappy end?

    I believe the universe was created and that the creator had something better and more noble in mind for His creation.

    Of course, if you’ve fallen for the lie of Darwinism / evolution / ‘progress’, then our current predicament is the natural conclusion to that process, and to our existence.

    Everyone crushes all and anyone beneath them, in the name of survival of the fittest; there is NO morality – only survival, which justifies all actions.

    Is not everything else in the universe perfect? Yes! Apart from humanity. Why is that?
    Are we being interfered with, in some way? Yes! We are being tested, as described in The Bible. If you think about it, it’s the only logical conclusion.

    Here’s some text from this post / article:

    “Their next games are to use genetic modification. They always say the changes are being introduced to be good for health. They are inserting human genes into animals, producing new species to cope with extreme environments. They are giving human qualities to animals. Man is getting rid of God. That is a longterm goal of the elites, to take over the role of God.”

    Correct. All this is DETAILED in The Holy Bible. Don’t believe me? Ask me whereabouts and I’ll point you to the passages.

    It’s the only sensible, rational answer – and just about the only hope you’ve got.

    What or who else is gonna save humanity from these f**kers? They own and run everything, they can do whatever they like. The world was given to Satan, by God and he can give to whomsoever he chooses.

    Our individual behaviour and the MORAL choices we make are being observed. We are in a bad situation because we are being tested. You only know how people will really, truly behave, when push comes to shove – because words are cheap.

    God will intervene and rescue His people from this shitty situation.

    In one passage of the Bible it says, about the time of the judgement:

    ‘the Kings and the generals ask to be killed’.

    Further on it says:

    ‘the Kings and the generals are killed.’


  5. My Left Egg says:

    Theres more evidence for Darwinism (tons) than there is for god (approx none)

  6. Tapestry says:

    There is no evidence at all that we evolved from apes, just a theory created to hide our true origins by a mason living in my home town.

  7. Mon Oeuf Gauche says:

    My point still stands re Darwinism no thing can beat it for sheer proof31 nsksud of evidence.Tons of evidence out there. Certainly not an ark 6000 years ago

  8. Tapestry says:

    Darwin was an Illuminati fraud.

  9. horehound says:

    The fact that Darwin’s theory’s have not only stood the test of time but been confirmed through modern scientific discovery show what a truly great mind he was.

  10. Tapestry says:

    Please shower us with a few choice examples of this evidence so-called.

  11. horehound says:

    Ancestral gene pool – (the common ancestor theory) – Darwin said (the origin of the species) that ALL living animals can be traced back to a common ancestor (have evolved from, rather than been created),at the time most of Darwin’s peers were publicly skeptical and often outright critical of this.Darwin used his observations and collected specimens he made on his voyages on HMS Beagle to make his case.

    DNA – the discovery and study of DNA made almost a century after the publication of The origin of the Species has only served to confirm and further Darwin’s research.It has shown just how closely related animals many of which may seem very different physically which to each other are.
    Bear in mind modern arguments over Darwinism are bogged down in a proxy war between creationist’ and evolutionists,ie Man or Ape,god or no god, but Darwin wasn’t interested in these arguments,remember Darwin had never even seen a great ape, it wasn’t until 1861/62 until a Frenchmen brought a dead specimen of an animal called a ‘gorilla’ to London,( it was publicly denounced as a fake!).

    Darwins observations of ‘large extinct mammals’.Darwin theory’s on the huge bones he came across while traveling were controversial at the time,extinction and mass extinction are central the theory of evolution, in the modern world we know these creatures Darwin wrote about very well, you might have heard of them, their called dinosaurs.

  12. Tapestry says:

    Dinosaurs. Gorillas. Humans. Easy. But bullshit. Where is the fossil record link between humans and other animals? There isn’t one. Evolution has been found lacking as a theory. Animals don’t gradually evolve. New species appear suddenly at times of crisis. Darwin knew his theory was not correct but it was decided to release it for reasons of cultural control.

    Humans did not evolve from apes or any other identifiable species.

  13. horehound says:

    Everything I wrote above can be sourced via multiple sources.Your opinion that it is wrong/flawed I respect,but bullshit its not.

  14. horehound says:

    Humans decended from apes-a common argument- Darwin did NOT claim humans were descended from apes,now you might want to read that twice ( or better still read Darwin)because if your knowledge of Darwin comes from t’internet the stock phrase ‘ humans from apes’ or ( humans from chimpanzees) will be in your mind.
    Its not true.
    Darwin said apes/chimpanzees share a common ancestor.Modern research shows this ancestor to be 7-9 million years ago.It is true their are gaps in the fossil record but their are gaps in every fossil record due to the enormous timeframes involved.

    Rottweiller to Border Collie to Poodle, all of the above have been created by man using a process of natural selection(sped up evolution) over the past 20,000 – 30,000, years.
    All of the above share a common ancestor, wild dog.
    It is by the same process modern man ( supposedly intelligent) and modern ape (supposedly less intelligent though I’m not so sure) evolved from a common ancestor albeit over millions rather than thousands of year.
    Humans simply exploited the process of natural selection to their own end to create dogs for their own purpose and (up until modern times) to try to ensure their own survival.
    Now you can say ‘poodle, dogs bullshit’ if you want, but next time you feed your cute little terrier/mongral whatever, clap it,take it to be groomed,take it for a nice walk,pick up it’s sewerage, feed it sone nice meat while 1/3 of the world goes hungry at night,remember that your day has through natural selection/ evolution, learned to manipulate humans into that situation often by learning to act in a ‘loving’ way.
    And if you believe god created the poodle then I give up.

  15. They are all dogs.

    Darwinism states that one species develop can into another, like a bear deveolping into a whale – which has never been observed and of which no fossil record, or any evidence exists.

    Teilhard de Chardin and other Jesuit conspiritors attempted a FRAUD and got caught out – look into Piltdown Man. Others tried the same thing with Peking Men fossils, which all went missing – they only had dedgy photo’s as ‘evidence’.

    Bears don’t turn into whales. The species barrier cannot be broken.

  16. wasp says:

    Darwinism is on a Par with Global Warming. SO WE EVOLVED FROM APE DID WE? BOLLOCKS!

    Why is it that less than 5% of DNA is Important The rest has no known Biological Function & is known as “JUNK DNA”,this has been shown to be the case by Experiment, also there is only a small difference in DNA between The Species, & life forms have an abundance of water contained within. This would suggest that THE GRAND GEOMETRICIAN “G” had something to do with it, don’t you think?

    Water is one of the most remarkable solvents known, because of its unique Physical & Chemical Properties, so it is not surprising “G” chose it when conducting THE EXPERIMENT.

    At this juncture I will introduce you to another part of their Plan.

    U.N – TransHumanism Man will be Obsolete




  17. Tapestry says:

    Gaps in the fossil record?

    There are no gaps. There is simply no record suggesting development from a common ancestor with apes.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Genetic mutation is very doubtful motor for evolution, since very few mutations are useful. Jack Vitali is in fact Jacques Attali, economist and author of numerous books. Like so many Jews, he has made it his business to study us all very carefully, in order to make our lives hell.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I have seen a missing link. It has scales and three-pointed toes like a dinosaur, lays eggs like a reptile but is warm-blooded. Walks on it’s back legs like a velociraptor, but is harmless. Crack the recently-fertilised egg and see an embryo indistinguishable from that of a crocodile. If it isn’t related to reptiles I will eat one of it’s very eggs for breakfast. Oh, I do that anyway.

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