The Biggest Secret

I am reading a David Icke book at the moment called The Biggest Secret. It is very long and can be hard going at times as it is packed with research, names and dates throughout history. But it is still fascinating. It is basically the story of how the Brotherhood came to be where they are today. It was written in 1999, and even that far back, David Icke had a huge amount of information. It amazes me how he keeps going all these years without getting depressed at how long it is taking for everyone to see what’s going on.

The ritual murder of Diana is detailed. The Illuminati use a flame or torch as their signature on murders, as they have with JFK and Diana. 


also anonymous comment

Wake up!!

It was ‘just a coincidence’ that alleged ‘truther’ John Bendell opened fire with guns OUTISIDE THE PENTAGON ’48 HOURS PRIOR TO THE CONFERENCE?’
So this incident had nothing to do with trying to discredit the 911 Truth movement,
and invalidate the conferance.
As Dylan Avery says.. the video had been out five years and recieved no coverage, yet when the movement is picking up speed, suddenly ABC are interested in showing that ‘truthers’ are not stable. 
Who is John Bendell? 
Who set him up?
Why do this 48 hours before the conferance? 
Why the Pentagon?

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  1. BRIT says:

    A very good book to read (if you can find it) is”MY AWAKENING” by David Duke.This is full of information that TPTB have virtually removed from our recent (100 yrs) history. He exposes the lies of Russian revolution, ww2, holocaust, etc.. Acompelling read of how we got to where we are today.

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