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Drinking Blood...
A neighbour told me a story of an elderly friend with cancer. She apparently felt much better after two pints of blood! I assume she didn't drink it, and it was intravenous. But you can see where this is going. She was intaking human blood. Soon it will be available on prescription, then next thing over the counter. Maybe even down the pub. And this is normal everyday neighbour conversation. From the same people that think that Dracula is against their religion, or is nonsense. As well as normalising human blood consumption, this is also creating a demand which is creating a rather handy supply for those that need it for their satanic rituals. So it follows there must be a whole global marketplace set up for human blood trading. Can you buy shares in it?  

Primary Care Trust...

This is horribly similar to the phrase "primary carer" which is step by step replacing the word "mother". Before long, the Primary Care Trust will be conceiving, incubating, birthing, feeding and rearing our children. And we won't notice, because it will all be step by step, slowly and stealthily replacing one thing with another, right under our noses. I am sure this is the plan, but I am optimistic they won't achieve it.  

It's a three letter acronym! They have been going a lot longer than I thought they had! Salus Per Aquam means Health Through Water. Spa. Now we know it as "spa". It's a word now, a proper word. No longer a three letter acronym. Old words die, but they live on as part of a new composite word. You might then get Spa of Bath, which later becomes SOB! Then that becomes a proper word etc etc. They try to teach us the Queens English at school, but they can't keep us fixed in position like that. Language naturally changes and evolves.  

Sunset vs Sunrise...
All the best holiday photos have idyllic shots of the Sunset. Why is it that we revere the sunset, when that is the beginning of the darkness? The Sun is our source of energy and light, shouldn't the Sunrise be the cause for celebration? The ancients worshipped the Sunrise, and this is starting to seem like a good thing to me. I just need to get up earlier.  

The chapel of St John's...
This is the Knights of St John's Hospitaller in the centre of Bath, prime position of course, adjacent to the Cross Bath. Not only does it have the "Master's Lodge" in the grounds of the "Hospital", I have now spotted a dome topped with a gold orb and further topped with a gold cross, on the chapel roof! The date of the buildings (1174) coincides with the time of these particular Knights, though the organisation is now known as St John's Hospital, and it's a charity! Great cover.  

Remote Viewing...
I have just been reading about this in a book called The Field by Lynne McTaggart. It is a way of psychically going to anywhere in the world, or even universe, and seeing what is happening there. This can also be extrapolated backwards or forwards in time. Some scientists were experimenting with this to get the usual required "evidence", back in the 70s, and fairly early on, the CIA muscled in on it and have kept a lot of the results secret!
TAP - any evidence, Julia?

What a surprise. So they can use it for their own ends. Supposedly for our own good, but it won't be. I don't know why they need all the spy planes and cameras. Maybe they don't have enough people skilled in remote viewing. Or maybe the spy planes and cameras is just to shift our focus away from remote viewing. If something leaks out, they can just say it was the cameras or spy planes, and we will be cross but accept the explanation. They really don't want us to know about this. It also shows how connected we all are, and how privacy is a complete joke. How did we ever get to believe in privacy?  

Hangman and Bells...
Kids are taught to play Hangman and other games like Monopoly. Great! What are we teaching them? That hanging people, especially yourself, is normal? That global financial takeover is normal and fun? Nursery rhymes are pretty gruesome too. Oranges and Lemons is a true account of how the Bells ring when people's heads are chopped off, and get our kids to sing and dance and laugh to this. London's Burning is about the great fire of London, deliberately caused by the Illuminati. What fun and joyful things we celebrate with our children. It is not just modern pop songs with dodgy subliminal messages. This has been going on for ages, and unwitting parents, particularly mothers, have been the main deliverers of the indoctrination agenda.

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  1. Julia says:

    The evidence for remote viewing is described in the book. Lynne McTaggart is a good author. I first came across her tackling the medical industry and getting the truth out about that in What Doctors Don’t Tell You. The book The Field is written from a scientific perspective, not a conspiracy one, and so makes a big point of citing the evidence available. She writes in a very readable style, despite the high levels of science involved in what she is saying. It is well researched. No evidence is foolproof fact, but it is pretty convincing. Especially if you relate it to your own experiences which fit with what she says. For example, I have experienced shared dreams, and witnessed remote breaking of glass. It all fits!

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