Tap meets Zombies

We headed into Shrewsbury for breakfast at The Lion Hotel this morning, and ended up chatting to Colin Blunstone, Rod Argent and the other members of The Zombies in the lounge.  They’re off on a world tour in a couple of weeks and were warming up their act at the Severn Theatre last night.  As they’ve been going over fifty years (first performed in 1961), warm-up is a relative term!  The Lion Hotel Owner/Manager, Howard Astbury assured me Colin still has an incredible voice.  They invited him along last night.

                                    Colin Blunstone bending his knee to Asian level.

Sean’s got no idea what’s going on, now almost the same height as his mother.  Rod Argent said he’s a big lad for 8 months.

The Zombies are going to perform at CCP Complex in Pasay City, Philippines on the 19th October after Cebu on the 17th, after they’ve done Japan.  Shane asked for a photo.  Colin kindly obliged.

The lounge at The Lion Hotel.  You always meet interesting people there.

At my school in the 1960s, we had one single playing every break time on a 45 rpm machine – She’s Not There.   I remember every note nearly fifty years later.  I must have heard it at least 100 times a year for three years.  Here at last I meet the artists, who eased some of the stresses of public school life for the boys in our ‘social’ at Radley College, which was pretty regimented in those days.

I asked them if they had any stories they can’t get out in the main media for Tap Blog readers.  They said their journalist friends sometimes get frustrated from that point of view and might be able to send me some stuff.  Let’s see!

Here’s a Youtube of the Zombies in the 1960s.  See details of world tour on www.thezombies.net
Colin is also performing as Colin Blunstone in the UK in November.  On the 28th at Huntingdon Hall, Worcester.  Check out www.colinblunstone.co.uk for other venues and dates.  Also here’s the plaque on The Blacksmiths Arms pub where the five original members of The Zombies first met over fifty years ago.  ‘You’ve had a good knock, Colin.’ I commented.

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  1. Tapestry says:

    Kevin Field sends

    The latest warning by the US government of Zombie attacks, is meant to be a warning of masses of starving US citizens roaming round killing people for food and stealing anything they can, these undead people are supposed to tell us of what to avoid, and certainly these daft wars across the Middle east on trumped up charges means the dollar is about to fall and this will bring in the economic domino effect where all other currencies leaning on the dollar will also collapse forcing starvation on the people, and in the US the government has been discouraging people growing their own food and even prosecuting people from collecting rainwater for irrigation, the government is determined to reduce population figures and now calls collecting rainwater theft.
    The creator of the famous vampire books Bram Stoker, wanted initially to epict the undead vampires as Jews, but was prevented from doing so by the publishers, so although people laugh at these depictions of vampires and zombies, the truth is that the Jews behind 9/11 behave in just such a fashion, so instead of warning us the government should do something, thats what we pay them for.
    lets look at some government lies we have been told.
    1 The swine flu hoax, this was one gigantic con trick on the people.
    2 The Apollo moon landings, as more insiders speak out we now know this never happened.
    3 World War 2, the reason for this was simple, Hitler took back the broken economy from the Jewbankers and gave it to the people, so international jewry brought about the war in order to hand back Germany to these parasites and thats what happened.
    4 The 9/11 attacks, this was so obviously a false flag event, this attack on its own people shows how low the US has sunk, world opinion now ranks the once highly thought of USA as just one point from bottom of the international tables and only one above Israel.
    5 The 7/7 attack on Londons underground, so many patriotic whistleblowers have shown this to be another self inflicted stunt, no muslims here just MI5 and Mossad.
    6 The Holocaust, this is the best hoax of the lot, ram it into our subconscious day after day until its part of our very thinking, but there were no 6 million jews killed, and no gas ovens and no human skin hats lampshades chair backs and wallets, all just made up stories.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Controllers don’t like this post. It scored funny numbers as soon as it was posted, and it’s been suppressed all day.

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