Sweat out those toxins

The chemtrailing calendar suggested by Gordon who has observed the monthly patterns from his home in the Borders of Scotland puts September as a time when the chemtrails are reduced. As one purpose is to cool the climate and block out the sun, that would make sense.

 But is there a different programme in parts of the country – such as Doncaster where the trails are still heavy. These two comments suggests that that might be the case.

 BRIT said… Tap, My wife and my son have just been watching the sky, 11am on wednesday, 19 September.Lovely blue sky withwhite broken cloud. We all commented on one strange fact.Eight planes flew over, only one had a con trail, about half mile long. At this time of day, the sky is usually full of chemtrails from horizon to horizon. It realy is wierd. 10:23 AM

 Anonymous said… Hi Tap, More heavy Chemtrailing over Doncaster on Saturday, very heavy rain on Sunday. I have noticed more and more people complaining of chest pains, myself included. One friend of ours was taken to hospital by the Medic who examined her. Without a doubt the Aluminium is clogging up our lungs. Yet NATO carries on and our muppet MP,s say and do nothing. 9:26 PM TAP – toxic metals can be removed by a programme of chelation, and sweating. Keep having daily saunas. The pathway for getting most poisons out of the body is through the skin.

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