schoolboy shouts ‘hey give us a bite of yer burger’, is arrested and appeared in court. Police waste their own time.


Professor Rod Morgan former chairman of the Youth justice board,
has criticized the British police for going for easy targets,
e.g.. motorists, motorcyclists and youngsters, he said
 “teenagers could be better dealt with
Informally, without involving the
court structure”
In one recent case a schoolboy appeared in court for shouting at a
passing lad,

hey give us a bite of your burger”

The Professors report also went on to say that real criminal networks
in Britain were being ignored.

The recent news that foreign mafia gangs took approx  400 million pounds out of Britain last
year, in the form of gambling prostitution internet crime and supplying illegal
cheap labour, would have been known to him.

In his report to the Centre of Crime and Justice studies at Kings
College London, 
he blamed in part New Labour’s misguided approach for creating a bad
situation, Tony and Cherie Blair’s Matrix Chambers brought in approx one
anti-democratic law change per day they were in office, this resulted in Professor
Morgan saying that;

the Home Office was now unfit for

Jaqui Smith Home office minister, was a school teacher with an
economics degree, so that ensures she is competent to run the Home Office ? I
doubt it.

Cambridge-shire police officers were last year paid 850,000 pounds in
bonuses, that is 620 pounds each, this was for “frontline” staff with specially
demanding work conditions,

The Special Priority Payments section, ( S P P )  has a fund of up to 5000 pounds per
annum for extra demanding police duties, critics and community officers, known
( plastic policemen ) the semi trained officers claim the extra funding
is unfair and divisive.

Insider information also says that Cheshire clamed 396 pounds per
and 1206 pounds for those in Staffordshire.

The total paid out last year was 156 million pounds, this when the

police no longer come out for burglaries or muggings, and youngsters have to
protect themselves with knives and they wonder why they have lost the support
of the public.?

Cambridge-shire Chief Constable Julie Spence set an example by not claiming her bonus, the recent success of OPERATION RADIUM, the closure of 119
mafia run brothels in Cambridge-shire and surrounding areas, and the release of
almost 60 captive women and rent boys was said to be largely due to her
insistence and initiative.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree that the police should concentrate on serious crimes.

    But demanding a bite of someone’s burger at the least requires an ASBO.

    It’s mugging.

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