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More on Postcodes...
I checked out the postcodes in Bath, and mysteriously it seems that the last two letters are never C,I,M,O, or V. The I and O is possibly because they are similar to 1 and 0. The Qs looked interesting, so I checked out the QQ one, the double Queen, and the first property on the list is The Royal Hotel!!!! This is the one opposite the station with the Monopoly Top Hat depicted on the windows, along with the date 1846, and the Ram's Horns. Very Illuminati. I then found that the MOD sites mysteriously have identical postcodes of BA1 5AB. Even though they are not in BA1, and they are North, South and East of the city, a few miles apart. It's as if they have their own district! When you look at the postcode map, you can see how it is convenient for computers to control and analyse us as if we are machines. A postcode pinpoints you to a few houses, and this is why everyone must have a postcode. The real boundaries and districts are the postcode ones, not counties, or parishes, and this is obviously one of the real reasons for having the Postal system. 

Royal Appointment...
I have finally twigged what this word "Royal" means. British Gas, Kelloggs etc etc are all by Royal Appointment. We have this idea that it means the Queen eats Cornflakes and has gas central heating, just like us! NO. It means that these companies, like MPs, serve the Queen's Agenda. Kellogg's contribution to the Agenda has been to get us to eat rubbish when we wake up every morning. The British Gas contribution to the Agenda is to install gas in everyone's home. Everyone's home has a gas supply pumping right into it! How have we allowed this to happen? I am assuming that the RSPCA is similarly carrying out the Agenda, perhaps by not intervening in the cruelty to animals inflicted by the elites.  

ZE Postcode....
Where is this? A place called Lerwick in the Shetlands. Er, what was wrong with using L? According to Wikipedia, Zetland is an archaic spelling of Shetland. If its archaic, I am not sure how it got into the postcode system which is relatively recent. 
Zetland pony...
Another meaning of Zetland is a cross between a Zebra and a Shetland pony. There is also a Zony and a Zonkey and a Zorse. Sounds quite funny until you look into the cruelty involved. This inter equine cross breeding does not happen in nature, and only happens in genetic experiments. The Zebra cross breeds often lead to dwarfism, and infertility. Does human dwarfism come from the same kind of experiments on humans? No doubt there are these kind of experiments going on, and they didn't stop at the end of WW2. 

I am increasingly interested in horses. Da Vinci drew them a lot. The beautiful and magnificent horse is horribly mistreated in our society, especially in race horsing, where they are used purely for gambling. Something the RSPCA would turn a blind eye to. I wonder if humans have a special relationship with horses, and the Illuminati have enjoyed destroying this. The Royals certainly own a lot of them. I also notice that "equine" and "equinox",( all things being equal) are similar. 
The Order of the British Empire is awarded for "valuable service". That means valuable service to the Queens Agenda. Those who have an OBE are a member of the Order, and the motto is "For God and the Empire". The Empire still lives, it's just got a bit more hidden. Every 4 years, about 2000 members gather to celebrate the Order.
Knights Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath...
Here are 3 who had the award revoked. Nicolae Ceausescu, Mugabe, Mussolini. Nice bunch. I am sure they did lots of good service before they were stripped of their award.

I am noticing lots of people around me making changes in their lives, often big ones like moving house, going abroad, leaving a partner, or finding a new one, changing job. They all seem to be positive ones opening up the lives of the people concerned. It seems like people are becoming more fluid, less fixed, maybe being more true to themselves, and I think this is a very good sign.

Healthy Sun....
Apparently just 20 mins in the sun without a hat can ease or counteract the effects of any flouride clogging of the brain. I am sure the Sun has many more health benefits too. I think that almost any damage that is done to us can be healed or counteracted with something good and healthy. You just have to seek out the solution, and believe that it is possible.

TAP - the book about fluoride we recommend 'The Devil's Poison' makes it clear that fluoride cannot be got out once it's ingested.  I was treated with chelation to get mercury, lead and PCBs out of me.  The doctors don't even mention fluoride.  Once it's been absorbed you can't get it out again, and its effects are longterm.  Hence the name The Devil's Poison.  Sunlight is hugely beneficial, which is why everyone is told to use Factor 20 as soon it appears from behind a chemtrail. 

I saw a G4S van in Bath, and the logo is carefully designed to look exactly like GAS. Their website claims this is one of their interests. Nothing they do is good, including the Olympic security. They are obviously a big part of the big plan against humanity. So the fact that they are interested in Gas tells me that GAS is indeed part of the big plan against humanity.
A's and compasses...
More and more capital A's are morphing to Masonic compasses, by removing the horizontal line. EASY JET BAGGAGE check in has three of them. THERMAE BATH SPA has three. And a road sign labelled ATKINS has one too. 

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    Welcome to the party & your invited its “MANDITORY”

    666 IS REAL

    EVERYONE TO HAVE AN IMPLANT 2012 NWO Digital Television and The Mark of The Beast

    RFID Chip for all Americans in 2013

    RFID chips inserted into newborns NWO CFR alive and well at Adventist Health

    Mass chipping in U.K. has begun


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    Hope you all had a good laugh at these videos.

    I know i did!


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