New mass spraying of humans with lethal pesticides. West Nile panic.

The next big Pharma ‘pandemic’ scam?

‘West Nile Virus’.!

The angle here is that big Pharma want people to spray themselves with a repellent containing a highly toxic material… a bit like big Pharma wanting people to brush their teeth with a highly toxic material called [sodium] Fluoride.

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Natural News has pretty good coverage of the West Nile propaganda:

“West Nile: they’re lying to you again”

“Dear Dallas: no one ever proved West Nile disease exists!”

“CDC caught in West Nile virus fear mongering campaign; mass chemical spraying WORSE than mosquitoes”

“CDC’s West Nile virus fear mongering launches paranoid Americans into frenzy, calling 911 after mosquito bites”

“Manhattan next urban area to be mass-sprayed with pesticides in West Nile propaganda circus”

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