Mugged by Apple iTunes. Can’t cancel. But can order more. These are serious internet crooks at work.

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Our four year old copied our password and then set up a password of his own.  He told us what he’d done, but not before he’d spent hundreds of pounds in the iTunes app store.  When we try to report a problem, Apple cunningly don’t allow us through to stop the payments.  No problem with ordering more stuff, of course.  These are professional criminals at work.

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Hello Tap,

About the Chris Everard quote in the main article: it’s nothing to do with the passing of St. Steve IMO. It’s a nice story though. That cartel has existed for ages.

Apple has always been about control, just like M$ and Google. Where Apple surpassed them was in its early creation of a walled garden that people actually want to be imprisoned in. It’s the old “love their servitude” motif. MS and Google have been building equivalents for some time.

The new version of Windows includes a kill-switch, deprecated functionality (unless you have a Microsoft account), tracking and backdoors (both not unknown to Windoze), all sorts of rubbish. Even if you use made-up information there will still be a trail unless obfuscation is employed.

It’s the problem with proprietary software. You can never be sure what it is doing. In any case, with Windows and Apple you only purchase a licence to use the OS. You do not purchase the software itself. It’s all in the EULAs, those long boring things people skip past because they can’t be bothered to read them.

These corporations are parts of the global control system. Just look into the history of MS and alphabet-soup agencies, and you then see why it purchased Skype. They seek to control the entire “experience”. They push the dumbed-down phones/tablets/hybrids as devices for mass content consumption, where you are always on, always connected – and always controlled. The “cloud” – marketing term par excellence – is a vital part of this, sold as “ease” and “convenience”.

“Relax,” said the night man,
“We are programmed to receive.
You can check-out any time you like,
But you can never leave.”

Add that to communications monitoring and data retention, and you realise that Richard Stallman was right all along:

“The crux of the matter here is that unlike the days of yore, where repressive regimes needed elaborate networks of secret police and informants to monitor communication, all they need now is control over the software and hardware we use. Our desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and all manner of devices play a role in virtually all of our communication. Think you’re in the clear when communicating face-to-face? Think again. How did you arrange the meet-up? Over the phone? The web? And what do you have in your pocket or bag, always connected to the network?

“This is what Stallman has been warning us about all these years – and most of us, including myself, never really took him seriously. However, as the world changes, the importance of the ability to check what the code in your devices is doing – by someone else in case you lack the skills – becomes increasingly apparent. If we lose the ability to check what our own computers are doing, we’re boned.

“That’s the very core of the Free Software Foundation’s and Stallman’s beliefs: that proprietary software takes control away from the user, which can lead to disastrous consequences, especially now that we rely on computers for virtually everything we do. The fact that Stallman foresaw this almost three decades ago is remarkable, and vindicates his activism. It justifies 30 years of Free Software Foundation.”



TAP – It’s embarrassing when a four year old understands all this stuff while I don’t have a clue aged 57.  Apple haven’t a leg to stand on.  They say, click through to cancel, but won’t allow entry to their site from the email.  If anyone clicks an update on an App, that of course gets through straightaway.  It’s just the same as the trading system we tried using last year with Citibank.  They had automatic stop loss facility, which worked beautifully, so we put trades on thinking we were protected.  Then one day when the market took a dive, none of the stop losses worked.  Interactive Brokers is the system we tried using.  We cancelled instantly and withdrew our money.  This is the same thing.  Click here if you want to cancel, except the button to get out doesn’t work.  These bandits all know what they’re doing.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The backdoors in the various incarnations of Windows have been known for a long time. The NSA/CIA have access to your computer if need be through Windows.

    One OS they can’t touch is Linux. Whether you like it or not, Linux (and it’s various incarnations such as Ubuntu) are far more secure than Windows. You can even run a lot of Windows software under Linux via WINE. I personally have a dual-boot of Ubuntu 10.04 and Windows 7… best of both worlds. I recommend the search engine IXQUICK rather than the highly intrusive Google too (Google: another NSA/CIA intrusion into privacy).

    One thing that caught my eye was this:

    Notice it says ‘Security-Enhanced Linux’. That’s double-speak for the fact that the NSA want to try to push for versions of Linux they can hack into. Classic governmental rhetoric such as ‘for your security’ and ‘for your safety’ is BS… it just means Big Brother government doesn’t like it if they can’t keep an eye on you.

  2. Steve says:

    Mugged by Apple, you were mugged the moment you walked into the Apple store… 🙂

    Unfortunately Apple are right, it’s your own fault i’m afraid.

    Think yourself lucky it’s not more.

  3. Anonymous says:

    G. Edward Griffin interview discussing how the political system works today.

    He’s discussing America, but more or less the same is happening here in the UK.

    Both the Bank Of England and the Federal Reserve are private companies owned by the elite families. Both the UK and America have the same system of politics in that whoever you vote in they are still following the same globalist agenda… and people are suckered into thinking there is a difference between political parties:

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