MPs swear oath of allegiance to the Queen, not us.

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Olympic Fire Theme...

An Internet search showed there were several fires during the Olympics, one of them a gas explosion. 27th July fire at Weymouth disrupts beach event, 31st July fire on the Tube, 8th August gas explosion Kings Cross, 12th August major fire at recycling plant. There is more to this than meets the eye, I think. How and why are these fires being generated? The flame is an Illuminati symbol. Fire can be made by an enormous focus of energy.  
The Order of the Bath...

Prince Charles is the Great Master of the Order of the Bath. The Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath is the highest award possible for someone outside the Commonwealth. George Bush and Ronald Reagan were both awarded it, and they are both well known to be big players in the global elite ruling bloodlines. The Speaker of the House of Commons has it too. It is so called because Bath Knights have a sort of inauguration bath. Due to our mind programming, we all assume this stuff is about knights of the olden days, jolly little stories we were taught at school, but my guess is that it all carries on today. Now surely a bath as most people know it is not going to help much with carrying out evil deeds? But the energy from the hot springs in Bath would have a big impact. Maybe they come to Bath itself for their ceremonies. Wouldn't be difficult to sneak in undetected. There are plenty of tunnels, caves, and old underground cities. Or maybe they turn up here in full view, with a cover story announced, opening a hospital wing or something. Interesting coincidence is that there is an Estate Agent, a posh one for millionaires, called Knights of Bath, just off Queens Square with the huge obelisk in the middle. 
TAP - my grandfather was a KCB - Knight Commander of The Bath.   I assumed it meant the sea (aged 7 or so).  He was an Admiral in WW2. 
Bath Abbey Development...
What a surprise! A major redevelopment of the Abbey coming up soon, costing £18 million, from their own funds. They will mess around with the vaults and the Hot Springs, amongst other tweaks here and there, which could easily create some secret spaces, and confuse people. While the work is being done, huge areas will be blocked off to the public. It is sited on a major earth energy node, of course. This is the second tampering with the Hot Springs this year, the first being the new borehole. (See No doubt the labourers will be brought in from elsewhere so there is as little communication as possible between the people of Bath and the workers.  
The loyalty of MPs...

British MPs are required to take an oath of loyalty to the Monarch. Not to the State, or to the people. Their first priority is to serve the Queen. That means the global elite and the ruling bloodlines. That explains quite a lot.

Ks and Qs...

I always see these letters as something to do with Kings and Queens. It has always seemed odd that certain words have an unnecessary K at the beginning, such as Knight, or Knife, or Know. And then we have Key and Quay! A King version and a Queen version of the same word! Monk is quite interesting, as it seems to be Moon King. Kill is King ill. The more I go down this path, the more I see that our language is a very interesting code. 
"The Great Human Race"...

It is not just me talking about the Human Race as a race to the finish line. This is a description of the Bath Half Marathon, which has been running (!) only one year less than the London Marathon. The Half marathon is 13.1 miles, and the next one is on 3.3.13, as is explained publicly! This number thing is getting to be a bit of a habit. But still most people don't see it happening unless it is pointed out! As far as I know, there has been no public announcement of the numerology used at the Olympics. 

More on 12.20, 20.12...

We are reminded of this over and over again. I increasingly see it written as two separate two digit numbers. I have also just read that the CCTV cameras were turned off at 12.20 just before Princess Diana entered the fated tunnel of her death. Coincidence? The tunnel is built on the site of the Temple of Diana. The earth energy lines harmonise for the solstice on 21st December 2012, and I have it on good authority that the 20th is an important date for earth energy too. Many of the lines are already in harmony on 20th December, and the 20th is a good day to meditate, pray, whatever feels right for you, preferably on a good earth energy spot. You don't need someone to tell you where one is, you can just feel where there is somewhere you like to go that feels like a good place.  
Is Charles the father of William?...

Ike says he may not be! It seems likely that someone called Pindar is William's father. Pindar is apparently higher up than the Queen in the Pyramid. The likeness between William and Charles is explained because Pindar is probably also Charles' father. So that makes William and Charles half brothers. 
TAP - Mmmm!  I've heard of royal rumours like this before.  To my mind they are put out to provide a smokescreen to the pretty stunning truth about who the royals really are....illegitimate Rothschilds for the most part.  Research topic on The Tap. 
Satanism in the Lords...

The curious title of the maiden speech of Charles Spencer, brother of Diana, to the House of Lords in 1993 was "Satanism on the Spencer's Althorp Estate in Northamptonshire". Extract from the Independent, which was careful not to mention the title or the word Satanism: 'If you let people use the bridleways and pathways to which they are entitled, indeed encourage them to do that, you have them where you want them, where they're legally entitled to be, and not where you don't want them, which is everywhere.' I myself have noticed an increase over the years in fencing off footpaths, so we are restricted to narrow alleyways of land. Obviously many landowners are following Lord Spencer's lead here, including the National Trust. Interestingly, the Olympic Torch visited the Althorp Estate. 

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7 Responses to “MPs swear oath of allegiance to the Queen, not us.”

  1. “British MPs are required to take an oath of loyalty to the Monarch.”

    Same goes for the police, the judiciary, the army and the air force. (But not the navy).

    We, the citizens, (we haven’t been “subjects” since 1983), are just the cash-cows.

    Know your place!


  2. Tapestry says:

    Who do the navy swear allegiance to?

    rum, bum and gramophone records?

  3. Not sure Tap.

    An ex-matelot swung by the blog one day to correct me. He said the navy has never sworn an oath of allegiance.


  4. Anonymous says:

    … forgot to say, there’s a thread on it here too:

  5. Tapestry says:

    I suppose the navy’s royal by definition, with no need for oaths of allegiance. That must be tricky when it’s a case of French aircraft on a British aircraft carrier. Unless of course it pleases Her Majesty for Britain to be carved, and served up as a slither of her One World Empire. Destroy the nations, and world hegemony becomes all the more possible. The navy selling Britain down the river as fast as the RAF and the Army.

  6. wasp says:

    Keep The “Pot Boiling” Under Numerology Julia, it is far more important than many believe it to be.

    The Modifications Works will allow them Access to Ancient DNA, it is well known that they are using such Media to Improve Their Super Bugs.


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