More people are becoming aware of chemtrails

I checked with my new neighbours if they were aware the sky was being chemtrailed yesterday.  I found that one or two of them did know.  That was quite pleasing, as a year ago, no one seemed to have the first idea.  This came in from comments.

Anyone else been battered with chemtrails this morning?

Was out at about 10am to get stuff from the supermarket and there was 4 planes doing parallels/flybys. Sky looked like a game of noughts and crosses gone badly wrong.

Nice hot day expected today. Lots of people will be out enjoying the sun. They’ll be breathing in some nice aluminium and barium rotting their lungs away too… yummy.

Got some pics although couldn’t get home fast enough to get camera so some of the trails have dispersed a bit.

I suspect it’s been particulary heavy today over London due to the Paralympics closing ceremony later today. Chemtrail in the morning, and the chemtrails lie in the air all day for people to breathe in is the usual script.

No doubt the trolls/sheeple will jump on this with something along the lines of ‘Conspiracy theory’, ‘Conspiracy theory’… yawn.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Go to:-

    and search ‘chemtrails’

    you can then sign the e-petition, for what good it will do, worth a try though?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Never Forget Your Cell Phone Again – Implanting Cell Phones Into Human Arms


  3. BRIT says:

    My wife and my son have just been watching the sky, 11am on wednesday, 19 September.Lovely blue sky withwhite broken cloud. We all commented on one strange fact.Eight planes flew over, only one had a con trail, about half mile long. At this time of day, the sky is usually full of chemtrails from horizon to horizon. It realy is wierd.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, More heavy Chemtrailing over Doncaster on Saturday, very heavy rain on Sunday.
    I have noticed more and more people complaining of chest pains, myself included.
    One friend of ours was taken to hospital by the Medic who examined her.
    Without a doubt the Aluminium is cloging up our lungs.
    Yet NATO carries on and our muppet MP,s say and do nothing.

  5. Anonymous says:

    they are at it on the gold coast in australia it makes you feel like a sitting duck when the ski is full of filth and chemicals and knowing that goverments of the world are letting them do this to our planet and to us makes me think that these bastards are biggest terrorists of all

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