Is Boris Johnson likely to be any better?

Cameron’s reshuffle has been criticised by the ‘modernisers’ as a sell-out to the traditionalists.  When people like Owen Paterson and John Hayes get promoted, people who actually want better government, and Ken Clarke, (who wants more elitist power), takes a bath, you need to wonder what is up.

The answer is that Cameron knows he’s in trouble.  The 2009 election was carefully stage managed from behind the scenes so that the Conservatives wouldn’t win their top 100 target seats.  They didn’t.  Postal voting was used to block them.

The plan made by the elites was to manipulate a powerless hung parliament into being, and not have too many Conservative backbenchers around.   The Conservatives lost the top 100 seats, but what shook the manipulators was that the Conservative candidates who fought the next one hundred targets, thought to be out of range, won them in good enough numbers to block Gordon Brown, and bring in the Lib Con Coalition.  There were never meant to be so many off-A List Conservative backbenchers.

Cameron, already party to a secret plan to ensure his own side didn’t win an outright majority, then tried to hamstring the 1922 Committee, demanding that the front bench should be permitted to vote in the committee’s decisions.  This was narrowly blocked just after the election.

Since the election , despite all his words of reassurance, he sold out to the EU, the bankers, and the United Nations faster than Blair ever did.   He badged himself as the next Blair early on.  We now see what was meant by that.  Smash and grab wars on behalf of the corporations.  More EU regulation.  More deliberate environmental pollution, weather manipulation, economic degradation, dumbing down and more cultural control, Common Purpose to the fore.

Why would such an obvious elitist sold out to One World totalitarianism throw a few crumbs to the traditionalists, whose objectives he clearly doesn’t share?  That is the question.

He’s in trouble.  That’s why.  His own backbenchers, who won seats in bigger numbers than intended are flexing their muscles.  They want him gone, and they are getting set to use the traditional vote in the 1922 Committee to unseat their leader.  Zac Goldsmith (Rothschild inheritor via his father James – from the French side) is ready to stand down to make way for Boris Johnson to get back into Parliament.

Tap Blog readers are as sceptical about political shenanigans as they come, as are most of the contributors.  Political parties are manipulated so that no one gets to the top unless they are part of the plan, as Alan Watt tells us.  Yet the Goldsmiths are an interesting part of the elite families.  James Goldsmith formed the Referendum Party, effectively blocking the Euro.  His daughter Princess Diana challenged the power of the Royal family and paid a similar price to her father.  They seem to have some kind of loyalty to democracy and humanitarian views, which are not acceptable to hardline totalitarians like David Cameron, and they are prepared to take risks in pursuit of their beliefs.

That said Zac the environmentalist is connected to the eugenicist viewpoint, and you wonder how democratic Boris Johnson actually is, deep down in is soul.  What do readers think of him?  Is he another elitist disguised as an uncorrupted democrat?  Or is he the real thing – a Conservative who actually wants things to work better?  It is only fear of a surge into Parliament by Boris that is nudging a few more democratic crumbs from Cameron’s closed totalitarian mind.  He’ll be getting his pay-off from the giant corporations who’ve profited from his easy killing tendencies, and the financial mayhem he’s happily presided over.  Like Blair, though, he won’t easily go.  He’ll need to be pushed.  But the pushers are getting ready.

I know Ukippers will all pile in against Boris.  But what do Tap Blog followers think?

I noticed Farage says that Westminster elections are a waste of time.  But if Boris replaces Cameron in time, there might be a little more play in the process than there has been since Cameron was pushed into place by his arms industry/media backers.  Just for a second, you are tempted to hope that the good guys might win for a while, and the Satanists be pushed off their perch.  History suggests that that won’t ever happen, but we should at least be trying whatever angle we can.

Boris Johnson in secret talks to make shock comeback in the Commons and take on Cameron ahead of the election

  • Rebel Tory Zac Goldsmith offers Johnson his safe seat
  • New revelations of ‘stalking horse’ plot against Cameron
PUBLISHED: 22:01, 8 September 2012 UPDATED: 23:14, 8 September 2012
'Sensational': The suggestion was put to Boris Johnson by Zac Goldsmith when they met to discuss how to kill off expansion plans for Heathrow

‘Sensational’: The suggestion was put to Boris Johnson by Zac Goldsmith when they met to discuss ways of killing off expansion plans for Heathrow
The sensational prospect of an early Commons comeback by Boris Johnson loomed last night after a top Tory MP offered to sacrifice his seat for him to take on David Cameron.
Multi-millionaire rebel Zac Goldsmith has told Mr Johnson that if the Prime Minister goes ahead with a third runway at Heathrow he will resign his safe seat in Richmond, South-West London, and let the  London Mayor contest it in a by-election. The bombshell proposal was put to Mr Johnson when the two men met for secret talks last week to plot how to kill off Government moves to expand Heathrow. 
Amid growing Tory backbench discontent, parachuting Mr Johnson into Parliament could trigger a mass revolt against Mr Cameron and pave the way for a leadership challenge  by the Mayor before the next General Election.
Last night Mr Goldsmith confirmed he had met Mr Johnson last week and admitted they discussed ‘all sorts of possibilities’. Official sources confirmed the MP suggested handing his seat to the Mayor in a by-election.
But the sources said Mr Johnson rejected Mr Goldsmith’s idea ‘out of hand’. Tory Whips say they have been tipped off about the move.
In a separate development, maverick Tory MP Colonel Bob Stewart, who is a fan of Mr Johnson, was asked by two Conservative MPs to stand as a ‘stalking horse’ candidate in a bid to topple Mr Cameron.
Colonel Stewart rejected the approach and told the MPs the idea was ‘completely mad’.
Beckenham MP Colonel Stewart, who led British forces in Bosnia, last night confirmed the approach but would not comment. He declined to name the two MPs plotting Mr Cameron’s downfall. They did not tell him the name of the mystery senior Tory on whose behalf they wanted him to run as a ‘stalking horse’.
Earlier this year, Colonel Stewart said: ‘I’d be very happy to see Boris as leader of the Conservative Party but that’s not on the plate at the moment.’ There is no suggestion Colonel Stewart is linked to Mr Goldsmith’s bid to get Mr Johnson to stand in a by-election.
Last night Mr Goldsmith said: ‘I saw Boris this week and we compared notes on Heathrow to see what we could do to kill off the third runway. We covered all sorts of  possibilities. I would do anything I need to deliver to my constituents what I said I would.’
Clash: David Cameron, pictured above with Boris Johnson, is said to have been confronted by the London Mayor on Friday over plans to expand Heathrow
Relations between Mr Johnson and Mr Cameron, rivals since their days at Eton and Oxford, hit a new low last week after Mr Johnson publicly attacked the PM for dismissing Justine Greening, another third runway opponent, as Transport Secretary. Mr Johnson accused Mr Cameron of a ‘fudgerama’ over Heathrow.
No 10 retaliated by threatening to stop giving the Mayor cash for his pet projects in London. 
The Mail on Sunday has learned that Mr Johnson confronted the Prime Minister on Friday at a meeting of the Cabinet’s ‘Cobra’ committee to discuss the Paralympics. 
In a blunt encounter described by witnesses as ‘honest but friendly’, Mr Johnson challenged Mr Cameron on both Heathrow and the threat to cut his London budget.
The Mayor is said to have won a promise from the PM that he would not try to seek revenge by slashing his funding. Mr Johnson insisted his call for a so-called ‘Boris Island’ airport in the Thames estuary was  better than a third runway at Heathrow and complained of the Government’s ‘glacial’ pace of change on airport policy. The Prime Minister rejected the charge. 
Mr Cameron has said he will not make a final decision on extra airport capacity until after the next Election. However, with growing evidence that he and, in particular, Chancellor George Osborne believe a third runway at Heathrow is the only viable option, it is still possible Mr Goldsmith could step down before the General Election to make a political stand.
Allies: Rebel Tory MP Zac Goldsmith has offered Boris Johnson his safe seat in Richmond, South West London

Allies: Rebel Tory MP Zac Goldsmith has offered Boris Johnson his safe seat in Richmond, South West London
Mr Goldsmith was the charismatic environmental ‘poster boy’ who, as editor of The Ecologist, was hand-picked by Mr Cameron in 2005 to be his ‘green guru’ in opposition.
But since becoming an MP at the 2010 Election relations between the two men have dramatically cooled.
Mr Goldsmith joined the huge Tory rebellion last November over demands for an EU referendum, and was an outspoken critic of Mr Osborne’s since-abandoned plans for a £50,000 limit on tax relief for donations to charity.
After Mr Cameron appeared to refuse to rule out changing his policy of objecting to Heathrow expansion in June, Mr Goldsmith warned it would be a ‘terrible betrayal’. With anti-third runway feeling running high in affluent Richmond, which is under the flightpath, charismatic Mr Johnson would be almost certain to romp home to victory.
One Tory MP said: ‘The moment Boris next enters the Commons Chamber the only question will be not whether, but when, he makes a leadership bid.’
If Mr Johnson becomes an MP before the General Election, Mr Cameron could offer him a Cabinet job in the hope of tying him in to the Coalition and curbing his rampant ambition. However, Mr Johnson may prefer to retain his freedom on the backbenches. Or he could demand Mr Cameron pledges not to expand Heathrow as a condition of joining the Cabinet, which Mr Cameron would have to turn down to avoid humiliation.
Publicly, Mr Cameron denies he fears Mr Johnson and showers praise on his record as Mayor.  Privately, it is a different matter. Friends of the Prime Minister say Mr Johnson is a ‘buffoon’ and unfit to be Prime Minister because of his colourful love life.
Similarly, Mr Johnson publicly insists he has no intention of trying to oust Mr Cameron. But away from his public clowning around, he has deadly serious intent.
Buoyed by his role as host of the Olympics, his popularity has soared in recent weeks. It appears to have spurred Mr Johnson into making ever more provocative attacks on Mr Cameron. In recent weeks, he has accused him of ‘pussyfooting around’ on the economy. 
Last week he called Mr Cameron’s decision to sack Ms Greening  ‘simply mad’ and accused him of ‘fudgerama and ditherama’ – particularly wounding after Mr Cameron’s vow in The Mail on Sunday last week to ‘cut through the dither’ holding up the economic revival.
Some Tories say that if Mr Johnson fails to capitalise on his ratings surge he may make the same error as previous Tory and Labour leadership hopefuls, such as Michael Portillo and David Miliband, who blew their chances through indecision.
However, friends of Mr Johnson fear that if he takes up Mr Goldsmith’s offer, it could backfire by making him look too ‘nakedly ambitious’. One said: ‘The Tory Party has no time for traitors. As Michael Heseltine found out when he tried to kill off Maggie, he who wields the dagger rarely wears the crown.’
But there are also dangers if he delays his leadership move too  long. At present, he has few serious rivals. Foreign Secretary William Hague says he does not want the job, the booing of Mr Osborne at the Paralympics sums up his lack of appeal, and Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has been badly damaged by his links to the Murdoch empire. 
If Mr Johnson holds off until after the next Election, a new Conservative star could emerge.
Despite Mr Cameron’s low poll  ratings, it is by no means certain the Tories would do better at the next Election, due in 2015, with Mr Johnson as leader. The evidence from recent opinion polls is inconclusive. Mr Johnson scores massively on popular appeal, but Mr Cameron is seen as more statesmanlike.
Mr Johnson has said he will not return to the Commons until after his second term as Mayor ends in 2016. But he would not be the first to be an MP and Mayor at the same time. Predecessor Ken Livingstone remained MP for Brent East for a year after he was first elected as London Mayor.
Ex-Henley MP Mr Johnson could do likewise. If he became MP for Richmond, which although in Surrey is considered part of Greater London, he could argue that it would give him a powerful new platform to represent Londoners. It is also an ideal base for a high-profile political career, barely ten miles from Westminster – and Downing Street.

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6 Responses to “Is Boris Johnson likely to be any better?”

  1. Sackerson says:

    I think Johnson is sinister.

  2. Tom says:

    Countdown To Terror!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Why does Boris look like he has a mop-head for a toupé?

    Never trust a politician – especially one that wears a mop-head on his head.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Anyone else been battered with chemtrails this morning?

    Was out at about 10am to get stuff from the supermarket and there was 4 planes doing parallels/flybys. Sky looked like a game of noughts and crosses gone badly wrong.

    Nice hot day expected today. Lots of people will be out enjoying the sun. They’ll be breathing in some nice aluminium and barium rotting their lungs away too… yummy.

    Got some pics although couldn’t get home fast enough to get camera so some of the trails have dispersed a bit.

    I suspect it’s been particulary heavy today over London due to the Paralympics closing ceremony later today. Chemtrail in the morning, and the chemtrails lie in the air all day for people to breathe in is the usual script.

    No doubt the trolls/sheeple will jump on this with something along the lines of ‘Conspiracy theory’, ‘Conspiracy theory’… yawn.

  5. Twig says:

    If you remember way back my gut feeling about Cameron was always that he is a fake Tory.

    I believe that Boris is a real conservative.

    If they were to go for the Boris island option, the new airport could be used to take pressure off of Heathrow and Gatwick initially, and any subsequent increase in capacity could be concentrated on the new airport, so the transition could be a gradual thing.

    Let’s face it, if you were going to build London’s main airport today would you put it at Heathrow or Gatwick?

    Sometimes you have to face up to the fact that you can’t just keep patching up the old, and it’s time to build something new, just like they did in Hong Kong, and they’ve never looked back.

  6. Tapestry says:

    Twig, while I agree with you, it does occur to me that the airport thing could just be a big game to provide a narrative for Boris’ takeover. It’s not as if they would let two egocentric politicians decide where the airport will go.

    Stung by a wasp, stop buzzing. One comment is enough, not three hundred. Wasp explains that by playing Illuminati bingo, he hopes to make people aware of the threat which is very real. They do carry out false flag terror attacks with great regularity all over the world, usually on Illuminati significant dates. WASP is defending London as best he can. For that we should be grateful.

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