Independence needs armed forces, energy and food

ROAD HOG sends –

TAP wrote re Helmer post – “What he seems not to get is that the destruction of Britain’s
energy generating industry is not a mistake.
It is deliberate. The destruction of nations is the precursor to One World Government.”

This is spot on, it’s called interdependence and it’s want the OWG want. Because once you’re
 interdependent (the opposite of independent) then you will never be free.

You need three main things to be independent. Energy supply and as discussed, French &
 German companies own most of our energy companies and not just the companies, in the
South East, France supplies the electricity via a cable running across the Channel.

Food, in the mid ’80s we were 95% self sufficient for food in home grown produce. Which we
could feed ourselves, if people accepted things like, you could have an apple but not a banana
 etc. It is currently around the 70% mark.

Armed forces. We have steadily reduced the armed forces and now we are going to share an
 aircraft with the French. And just last week, there was talk of an EU army.

It’s very difficult to be independent when you’re intertwined like this and it’s very deliberate.
The other part is manufacturing and the fact that we don’t have much and this is partly down
 to something called the Lima Declaration 1975. It states that developed countries must shift
a large part of their manufacturing to third world countries. It’s very real and very specific about it.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Regarding food, it is being used as a weapon by the banking oligarchs/globalists (using their front-men/puppets ‘the government’ to sell the crime against humanity to the public).

    An uncaught war criminal and globalist, Henry Kissinger declared in the 1970’s, ‘If you control the oil you control the country; if you control food, you control the population.

    GMO’s are another attempt to kill us off through food. Look at the studies currently coming out about rats and long-term cancer effects and the way Monsanto are desperately trying to put a lid on it.

    Regarding the army, the breaking down of the army is deliberate as the whole agenda is a one world army (Police and armies across the globe coming together as one as a subserviant military unit loyal to the New World Order). Personally, I’m sick to the back teeth of hearing about the charity ‘Help the heroes’. By funding this charity, you are contributing to further deaths of soldiers as the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, for instance, were about profit and control for the banking elite.

    Globalist Henry Kissenger again: ”Military men are “dumb, stupid animals to be used” as pawns for foreign policy.”

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