Human Trafficking is never stopped by the powerful. I think we know why.

Europol Confirms: “Roma” Prominent in Human Trafficking Business

Posted by  on April 22, 2012 // 2 Comments

Interpol confirmed two years ago already that the “Roma” (or as they were always known in the days before political correctness, Gypsies) were prominent in the Human Trafficking business, Andrew Brons MEP has said.
Speaking during an European Parliament debate this past week, Mr Brios said that “whilst trafficking in human beings can be for many purposes, the dominant form is of women girls and little boys for sexual exploitation.
“When this subject was discussed in LIBE about two years ago, I asked the representative from Europol, whether any population groups were prominent among the traffickers and the trafficked.
“He answered, without any qualification: ‘The answer to both questions is the Roma’. We need to examine the significance of that answer,” Mr Brons said.
“Of course, criminal sexual exploitation of children does not always involve the crossing of international frontiers.
“The grooming of underage girls by Asian men in the United Kingdom was first brought to public attention by our Chairman. The authorities responded by prosecuting him for alleged incitement. It was only when he was acquitted that the authorities were forced to start prosecuting those foreigners responsible for the grooming.”
* A 2005 report, Trafficking in Human Beings in South Eastern Europe, written by Barbara Limanowska and published by the United Nations Development Programme
 (UNDP), criticized the Roma community’s attitudes towards trafficking. According to her research in 2003, many practitioners involved in combating trafficking emphasised“…the involvement of some Roma people in trafficking, the lack of critical voices from within Roma communities and of Roma involvement in anti-trafficking work. NGOs working on trafficking issues complained about the lack of access to this group, the lack of interest on the part of the Roma community to address the issue and lack of co-operation between organisations – inside the community and between Roma and non-Roma NGOs.”

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2 Responses to “Human Trafficking is never stopped by the powerful. I think we know why.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, I once met Andrew Brons 40 years ago, what struck me about him was that he was genuine.
    Even today he is one of the most genuine MEP’s, not a blusterer, but a thinker.
    Just as Andrew has worked out about the Elite and little boys.
    The same goes for the DRUG’s that are produced in far away places, guarded by our Soldiers.
    Drug’s produced for the Elite and sold by the Elite.
    The Elite have a lot to answer for.

  2. Julia says:

    The biggest evil doers are surely the global elite! They are doing nearly all the trafficking and sexual abuse. This article seems to divert our attention to more acceptable people to blame, Asian men, and gypsies.

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