Has your weather got colder? Is it darker earlier than usual?

Horehound writes –

I hear so many people, especially older people speak about how ‘strange’ the weather is now particularly how it goes warm/cold so quickly,and how it gets darker earlier at night,older people where I live(80 year old +) talk about how in late august/early September they would work in the local farms bringing in crops until late at night and it was still light enough to work,now they notice its chilly and dark much earlier.Few people doubt the weather has changed significantly in the last decades but weather has become such a political subject/argument trying to see the truth as to whether it is purely natural or not since every opinion seems to be a front for an agenda. 

TAP – this reminds me of the stories that the earth has tilted.  The warm/cold effect could be chemtrails.  But a dark/light effect cannot be.  I am not sure about this myself.  I was just interested if any other readers believed the nights are drawing in more sharply than in earlier times.  Temperatures are certainly lower where I am currently located than they would have been not many years ago, and I put that down to chemtrailing.  I haven’t seen a clear sky all summer.  Interestingly I was in London and Oxford the last few days, and the sky was completely blue from horizon to horizon, something I hadn’t seen this year previously.  On the way home, The chemtrails started somewhere north of Oxford and were continuous after that.  This could be why Twig didn’t used to believe they existed as that’s where he lives. The Home Counties where the Camerons and the Rothschilds live are no doubt protected from weather modification and the worst elements of the depopulation agenda, 

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  1. Julia says:

    Someone in their 80s said to me yesterday that the weather always used to get nice when the kids went back to school in early September. That reminded me of what we called “the three o clock rain” when I used to pick my kids up from primary school. It was uncanny how often it seemed to start up at that time. Like ordering good weather for the Olympic Torch or the Olympics. The weather hasa HUGE psychological effect on everyone. This can be used to link events to feeling good, or to feeling bad. The Olympic Torch in Bath coincided with the first sun for about 6 weeks. People thought it was the Torch making them feel good until I pointed out it was most likely the weather.
    Looks like the weather control has been going on a long long time to me.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Full matrix over Doncaster, 25 chemtrails by 9.0am.
    Now just one haze. Thurs 6th Sept.

  3. Anonymous says:

    A whole world to choose from and the Illuminati go for Doncaster.

    Hardly the place for a mass depopulation programme, “look t’sky, it’s full of t’poison!” lol

    Obvious Troll and 12:52pm

  4. horehound says:

    In the north of the UK most days now the sky is the same grey static nothingness,it feels more like a roof than a sky.You can access the historical data from UK weather stations some 100+ years on the met office website,including data on the amount of ‘sun hours’, although how accurate / trustworthy this information is people would probably debate, the Met office are hardly known for their forecast accuracy and interestingly up until last year were owned by the MOD.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, The point went right over the head of Anon 1.41pm.
    If you go on Planefinder, you will see Doncaster is not on any route to any airport, they go around.
    So they use the area to lay down trails, without too much trouble with other air traffic.

  6. Twig says:


    I thought I posted this chemtrail link already this week on here, but I can’t see it now.

    Link: Retired USDA Biologist Francis Mangels on Geoengineering

    There is no dramatic background music apart from at the intro and outro.

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