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New PM in waiting?...The Green Party has a new leader, Natalie Bennet. Watch out! Like Clegg, Cameron, 
and Blair, she has come from nowhere, and may well be positioned as a hot contender 
to leap into any void created by the collapse of the coalition. Presumably Caroline 
Lucas is not the right bloodline for the job. Will the Green Party be supporting 
geoengineering I wonder? The global elite need to get chemtrails out into the 
public domain, and make it acceptable to the population. That's how everything 
gets installed in our society, by making it acceptable. 

Praise Points...Lots of changes at school, whoops I mean academy. One of them is Praise Points.
My son calls it bribery, which is a good sign, the kids know what is going on! 
I think they are a bit like Nectar Points for kids. Start with the adults, then 
roll it down the ages til you reach the babies. Then it is completely installed 
in society. You get Praise Points for good behaviour. When you get a certain 
amount, you can go online and shop at places like JJBs and New Look. The sort 
of shops that I would say exploit children in other countries. Good way to train 
kids to go shopping, as well as train how they behave. Children MUST NOT REACT 
to anything that is happening to them. They must be controlled. Any child that 
shows any spirit or individuality must be reined (rained, reigned) in.

Surnames...These became necessary in the 1300's when a poll tax was introduced! Names are
for the benefit of the global elite, so that they can control us, and label us. 

The Internet...is still alive and kicking! It is September, and we still have it. I think this
is a good sign. 

Water Meter saga...I have just found a little clause that says I can reverse my water meter billing
back to rateable billing! Because it has been there less than a year. Two people 
I phoned did not mention this, despite my obvious horror at my bills rising 
substantially in a smaller home with fewer people. Watch this space! It could 
change my bill from about £600 to about £300 p.a. As far as I can see, the only 
people that benefit from water meters are people that live alone in very big 
houses and are away a lot.
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