Deceive your children.

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There’s a game I play with my 3 year old niece. It’s a very simple game but it will eventually teach her about mis-direction, cons, lies, and figuring things out for herself.

I simply stand in one corner of the room with a bag and a coin and pretend to throw the coin around the room. All along I am making sure her eye is off the ball and I’m constantly pointing saying ”look it’s over there now” (this is how the mainstream media works, btw – they try to take your eye off the ball). Because she is young she is in a trance/innocent happily following everything I say. Eventually I drop the coin in the bag without her seeing (which was in my hand all the time) and she claps and believes it’s magic, etc.

The point is, one day she will wake up and won’t fall for it anymore. This is how TPTB treat us: as children of the state, serfs, scum, lowlife, etc. They don’t want us to wake up and realise the magic trick they have pulled; they don’t want the whole deck of cards which is the ‘system’ to collapse.

Figuring out the system is not ‘conspiracy theory’. You have to forget what you were taught as a child through ‘school’ (and even worse doctrination: University) and start over. Some aspects of your early indoctrinated through the ‘education’ system have their uses, but certainly not all.

This is why we are being bombarded with vaccines, chemtrails, fluoride, GMO’s, etc…. so they can dumb us down so we don’t wake up.

They hate exposure and the reality that their game/magic trick is up. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Off topic.

    How much more proof do the apathetic ‘voters’ need before they realise that all ‘laws’/’bills’ have to go through these inbreeding globalists whichever puppet government (CONservatives/NuLieBore/LibDemons) are in power?

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