Clean your teeth with baking soda

 Hi Tap, I think that The “T’s” are back with us. & are still Spouting Their “Brain Dead” Nonsense. They have shown themselves to be complete Idiots, in the latest Article on Fluorides. Hydrofluoric Acid is very nasty stuff, I have used it on many Occasions, in carrying out various Analyses for Silica, it was necessary to use Pt vessels, which are inert to HF.  it is not a strong acid in the sense that Suphuric & Nitric & Hydrchloric Acids are, as H(+) ions not fully dissociated in aqua, but the F(-) ions are highly reactive, unless you know what you are doing with it, you don’t touch the stuff.  The problem with it is, it has a delayed action, I have inc. a few examples of what it is capable of.

The reason I have mentioned this is to exemplify the reactivity of The F(-) ions, which have a particular Affinity for Ca containing compounds, so it doesn’t do bones a great deal of good. It interferes with the bodies Calcium Metabolism. I have used a lot of ‘nasties’ in my time, including many Carbonyls, which are guaranteed to screw up your Haemoglobin, useful stuff to put in Anti Troll Sprays, you might think.

fancy a drink of Fluoride?
The treatment for HF Burns, is treatment with Calcium Gluconate Gel, Calcium Gluconate Injections
For the less able who would jump to conclusions, I am not suggesting Fluoride Compounds will do this, it is included to exemplify the reactivity of F(-) ions for Ca ++ ions. The fact that Tea as has been pointed out is high in Fluorides is well known, to most Tea Drinkers I would think, as it Selectively Adsorbs them,  A considerable amount of work has been carried out on this phenomena, the results of which come as no great surprise since as would be expected, Diffusion Rates are dependent upon Particle Size, Temperature, &  pH of the water used, thus illustrated via Fick’s Law, & Kinetics,  as well as the conditions of Infusion, but it’s nice to see a well known qualitative fact, to most Tea Drinker though, being Scientifically Proved. It is, however, important to know what you are measuring as Specific Ion Electrodes, don’t determine Precipitated Fluorides.
For the Disbelievers, providing thay  are capable of understanding the concepts, (Which Will Mutually Exclude BRAIN DEAD TROLLS) here are some references. 
As the majority of us are Tea Drinkers, we all get sufficient Fluorides in our Dietsso we don’t need any more added via our Water Supplies & Toothpaste, at which juncture I will mention that the Arm & Hammer Brand of Tooth Paste containing Baking Soda I use, is one that has the Lowest Fluoride Content on the Market, & they actually give a warning, on the packaging related to Fluorides. It appears that there is no Toothpaste Marketed that does not contain Fluorides in some form & certain Brands Contain Multiple Fluorides. Like many other products, trace amounts can be  Beneficial, but an Excess of  Fluoride is not advisable.
Fluoride (F) is a recognized substance used worldwide to control dental caries. However,
ingestion of high levels of fluoride during tooth formation and mineralization is responsible for
dental fluorosis. Prolonged ingestion of high levels of fluoride, leads to corroded, pitted rusty
brown teeth. The upper limit for clinically acceptable dental fluorosis is not well known, but the
value of 0.05-0.07 mg F/kg/day is generally accepted as a reference [27].
Surplus of fluorides in organism can provoke teeth and skeleton fluorose. Fluorides inhibit many
enzymes. Affected enzyme contains metal ion which unites with fluoride and creates metalfluoride
complex. Fluor in organism has its optimal, security-tolerant and toxic dose, which
depends of person’s age, weight and health. In the first year of life the optimal content of fluor is
0.045 mg/kg of body mass, tolerant 0.073 mg/kg, chronically toxic 0.150 mg/kg. Optimal dosage
of fluor for adults is 0.020-0.025 mg/kg of body mass [57]. 
As taking of fluorides, according to World Health Organization recommendation (WHO), is
limited in the range from 2 to 4 mg per day, it is necessary to give the content of fluorides on all
products that are used in human consumption [57]
Here are a few others Links I Found Interesting

This is a very interesting subject, & shows how misguided the people we elect to look after our Interests don’t do,  what they are paid to do. I think many Dentists are somewhat misguided too, when it comes to Fluoridation, as well as the Excess use of X Ray Techniques, for Regular Diagnoses. The analogy here being given,  it no greater risk than a couple of days in a Sunny Climate, I would say there can be no such comparison, as it’s a different type of Radiation!
It’s No Good Having Beautiful Teeth, If It Is Going To Shorten Your Life, Is It?

I find Statistics for The Tap Blog, are somewhat misleading, & would tend to agree with you Tap, the Site Popularity is far higher than is suggested.

I  have been involved with Gardening, cutting back my Leylandii, & persuits like applying Teak Oil to Garden Furniture, plus a dozen & one  things, other than Blogging.  
Having been a  SPECULATIVE FREEMASON, for Many Years it is Interesting to Observe  from both sides of the Fence. There are many Secrets to Freemasonry which I would never divulge,& unless you have been in Masonry probably  wouldn’t understand in any case.  A Society of Secrets Veiled in Allegory, & Illustrated with Symbols.  
Religious Psychology,  Inverse Reality , & MAGIK, interest me greatly, If you also consider Multi-parallel  Universes with this stuff, the whole thing becomes very complicated indeed. one theory of Human Existance, considers we are actually only a Brain, controlled by a SUPER INTELLIGENCE, & we make our own Reality, this is an Extension of  René Descartes, “I THINK THEREFORE I AM”

The Majority of FREEMASONS, are of the opinion the above are not related to Masonry, a fact I have never been able to understand, as from the offset of my being involved in FREEMASONRY,  it was obviously Occult Orientated, but perhaps this was due to the fact I had studied varied aspects of The Occult, prior to being a MASON.    All Organised Religions Have One Purpose ie CONTROL, Many then subvert these RELIGIONS, using The Devout Lemmings to Their Own Ends, you have only to look at recent events to realise this fact. Religions Don’t  necessarily need a Building in Which to Worship, just consider Cults Like The GLOBAL WARMERS, & Their High IPCC Priests of Green Hypocrisy Gore, et.alia now  Billionaires due to Peoples Stupidity.

I would also add that most of the Masons that I know & have been involved with are good upstanding Honorable Men, you don’t apply to be a MASON – You Are Invited, this perhaps is where the Filtering Starts. Many might consider this divisive, a point perhaps worth discussing.

I have found that RELIGION & MAGIK, are closely aligned, in many respects, which would take us onto Jung, Synchronicity & The Occult. The very mention of these subjects to so called God Fearing ‘Christians’ would have sent them rushing for their ‘Bibles’, however, that is another subject. I am, as I have stated not the least bit confused, as many have  suggested, & am happy with the fact I am a Theist, & from the point of view from Day to Day living an Eclectic.  I consider “G” ‘The Grand Geometrician Of The Universe’, I see nothing wrong with that. That does not make me a  Satanist or an  Atheist,  as I do not believe that something can be produced out of nothing.
It has been suggested that there is much time wasted answering The Trolls, I would agree this is correct, it is best to address comments across them not at them, as they are incapable of understanding most of the stuff we Post in any case, a point most will have observed by the fact they never address articles except with ad hominem Arguments.
A Member Nawab Patel,  from  ‘Doctors Against Racism’, contacted you Tap, regarding a Comment I made a while ago you may remember, but he never said what this statement he objected to was, they appear to be back in Focus again.  I was intrigued by his Statement “no way is he a White Anglo Saxon Protestant” what sort of Organisation are they?

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  1. Troll says:

    An ex Mason that can predict future events like bomb attacks at the olympic games with numerology… sounds legit.

    This is a troll comment, no need to point it out, correct, or feed. It’s best for everyone if you just ignore it.

    Who here is looking forward to Christmas?

  2. John says:

    Do chemtrails contain flouride?

  3. Tapestry says:

    Rain and air do, if there are sources like refineries, power stations and so on.

    Fluoride would react with the aluminium in the chemtrails.

  4. Anonymous says:

    “It appears that there is no Toothpaste Marketed that does not contain Fluorides in some form & certain Brands Contain Multiple Fluorides.”

    Amazon is your friend.

    AloeDent Sensitive is fluoride-free as is Auromere Herbal Toothpaste, both of which you can get on Amazon.

    Or, should I say, the blurb claims that they are fluoride-free.

    Tom’s of Maine makes fluoride-free toothpaste and until about last year or so, this was on sale in major supermarkets (certainly Sainsbury’s), but seems to have been “discontinued”. At least that’s the case in the ones around here, YMMV in other parts of the country.

    You can still get Tom’s of Maine toothpaste in supermarkets but not the fluoride-free variety, however this can also be found on Amazon.

    So the company didn’t stop making it, the supermarkets stopped selling it…

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