Can you handle the truth?

Democracy?  No.. we are run by ‘experts’.  The big boys own all the wealth, and are determined to take over all the remaining wealth of the world, such as natural resources.

Alan Watt explains what really is reality.  It’s not the reality people think they are living in.  We live in a  planetary society, which was planned a long time ago.  They knew democracy wouldn’t work but they pushed democracy into place to fool the public.  It’s working well.  People still bother to vote despite nothing ever changing.

We live in a feudal system, where the very rich and powerful decide everything.  Behaviourists have been funded by private foundations to differentiate between the mass of the public, and the elites.

They set up China as the manufacturer for the whole planet.  They want to create bio-engineered humans to be the ideal slaves to serve the elites.  They are very excited about bringing the new system into place, where the elites are in total control of us.

They control pharmacy, the drugs industry.  It’s very depressing to know all this initially, but you get used to it.  It is also enlightening, and enable you to make better decisions personally.  Most folk will go down with the system because they don’t understand it.  Cities are entirely artificial and advanced.  These are the easiest places to control, and the easiest to destroy.   Food supply, water and energy comes from outside.

Prof. Caroll Quigley wrote this true history.  The Communist Revolution was not initiated by rebellious peasants.  It was imposed from above by rich bankers.  Ford, Carnegie Foundations decided to merge the socialist system with the West.  It’s happened.  You jump when the government tells you to jump.

You’ve been taught that life is cheap.  The world is run by deception.  Professional marketeers, propagandists control our perceptions.  No implications of any topic are communicated.  All is hidden from view.

People were murdered from lists as the Soviets took over other countries, working from lists.  They were told to turn up at a certain time at a certain place.  The pet for workpeople cooperated and were shot in the back of the head.  Over 100 million people died after the Russian revolution over the world.  No one seems to remember all this, or be outraged by this or anything.  The same bankers who funded the Bolshevik Revolution, are still running the USA and the UK to this day.  The Royal Institute of International Affairs.  The Council of Foreign Relations.

They decided long ago to poison people to dumb them down and kill people with poisons.  Fluoride is a poison, makes your bones brittle and your teeth.  Swedes don’t use fluoride.  They have better teeth than anyone else, which proves it.

The wars they run are always introduced as just wars.  They always lie to you to get you on board.  They’re all wars of plunder, economic campaigns.  The soldiers inside the military have no idea and are resistant to addressing what they have done in wars.  Every war has to appear to be a just war.  The same guys run both sides of the political systems.

Many senior politicians are pro-Israel and have dual citizenship.  The think-tanks, private foundations run the world.  They specialize in agitation, revolutions and so on, heavily funded.  They provoked the South to fire the first shot in the Civil War, which they did at Fort Sumter, when provoked.  All wars are the same.  People always fall for it that their enemy is the bad guy.

More stuff to listen to here.  IDS is finding half the people on benefits are being stripped of their benefits by them being ruled fit for work.   The hardship suffered from ATOS methods is the equivalent  of the hardships we read in Dickins.  The tests that rule people fit for work, despite having a terminal illness, are humiliating to go through.  The world is just as cruel today as it ever was.

There are thousands of organizations across the world, heavily involved in controlling your thoughts.  They can use the internet to measure your inner mind, and know in advance what will hit with people.  Bank crashes are organized so the taxpayers have to bail the bankers out.  They lose nothing.  They then buy the assets back for zilch that they sold out earlier.

We are run by bankers.  They set up the IFIA and the CFR.  They select all Presidents and Prime MInisters.  Most PMs are now actually bankers.  Your whole reality is unaware of what’s going on.  You are trained so you can’t think for yourself.  1 in 7 are put onto anti-depressants.

Climate change from stratospheric aerosols have been going on since 1998.  These metals get into your blood stream.  Skyrocketing bronchitis.  It’s killing people off obviously.  Young and old will die, are dying – people with asthma.  It’s an act of war.  War has been declared on you.

Aluminum Oxide also ends up in the brain and causes alzheimers.  The aerosol spraying is killing millions.  They claim that geo-engineering is ‘ethical’.  Yet they don’t mention what ethics they are dealing with.  Saving the planet from population is their number one ethic.

Clumps of candy floss fell from the sky on a cold die.  The sun came out and melted the stuff leaving a powder, coming down in a massive clump.  They hadn’t changed over to winter sprays in time.

Foam came in on Sunday in Scotland, mixing waves with organic material.  An expert said.  Yet nothing like this has ever happened before.  The whole town was soaked in shaving foam.   They tell you that it’s all your fault – this global warming.  Everything is seen as normaL now, long clouds.

Some chemtrails are used to cause torrential downpours.  You can see these once you watch the chemtrails frequently.  Others turn the sky white and close out blue sky.  You get used to it.  Most people think the weird weather is the result of global warming, not the work of non-stop aerial aerosols.

In the US they sprayed radiation over the people in the 1960s.

Zombie movies – once a zombie, they attack the normal people.  The far-fetched idea could be what the military are planning, to infect people with a virus which sets them off on wild catatonic behavior.  Think mad cow disease let loose in humans.  Specific diseases which attack Middle Easterners, or Chinese have even developed.  A brain-eating virus pandemic has been planned.  The Centre for Disease Control.

They have your voice prints for years already.  There is no privacy any more.  They’ve had that for sixty years.  Several million voices are stored on their system.  They can scan five thousand voices in seconds.  99% success rate.  Speech Pro.

Paper number 913.  What medical evidence of a child not being a human being at the moment of birth? Until a child is born, legally, it is not a human birth.  The moment of complete birth is the moment a human is created.  Problems of definition of complete birth.  A person could be created at age three, so they can kill you off any time they like up to age three.  Life is cheap.  Everything is economics now – cost.

Over a certain age they won’t bother treating you for cancer, or other fatal conditions.

Raw milk is under threat.  It’s too healthy.  When you have a healthy body, you have a healthy mind.  Even the Egyptians knew this and deprived people of nutrition.  Nothing’s changed in the commercial system we live within.

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  1. Toad Hall says:

    New to commenting, but have been reading for a while.

    One of the things I find troubling or rather confusing about the idea of grand plans is the continuity between generations. Particularly on such a global scale with some many different interest groups involved.

    My own experience of life is that egos clash and consensus is difficult. So agreeing to a plan and then having it played out through generations seems at best tricky.

    I guess the only ‘potential’ explanation I have come up with is the use of groups/societies, which have strict initiations and rules. And the rigour of the groups is how the structure manages to stay in tact through time and being handed from generations.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Interesting comment, Toad Hall. Yes. They use secret societies – and religious cults. Also assassination. Amschel Rothschild, the son of Victor Rothschild who controlled Winston Churchill throughout WW2, died in a ‘car accident’, for example. He wanted to have a normal life, which was not permitted for the heir of such a great fortune.

    His daughters are now both married to the Goldsmiths, Zac and Ben – or about to marry – also Rothschilds via the French section of the family. Their sister Diana ‘Spencer’ (in fact daughter of James Goldsmith) was also assassinated – as was Sir James for his role in promoting the Referendum Party. He was ‘cancer’s.

    The current royals are kept in line. They too are illegitimate Rothschilds. The father of Queen Victoria was Natahn Mayer Rothschild.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Ben Goldsmith’s dallying with an underwear model and Annabel wants a divorce, but the money’s secure enough, keeping the kids as the inheritors of the combined fortunes of French and the British Rothschild dynasties.

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