British MP tells the truth

It’s a rare event sadly – not because British MPs are innately liars. It’s just that few of them understand why the wars are ongoing in the Middle East and Africa, and have been since Blair demanded we go into Iraq in 2003.

We like most of them have been duped all along by a compliant and controlled media, and by greedy and powerful corporations, as they smash independent countries.  Blairs and Camerons do their bidding, lying on behalf of the people who then pay them millions for their services once they quit office.  Those who would rally resistance to the wars like John Smith, Robin Cook all meet untimely deaths, while the killers like Cameron and Blair line their pockets.

Galloway is no angel, I am sure of that, but he knows a bit about why his former colleagues in the labour party are wrong to keep killing on behalf of the oil and banking industries.  Here he speaks the truth in a manner which hits home, and wouldn’t ever be released by the British media.  Sent in by T.Stokes.

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  1. horehound says:

    Anyone who manages to get elected outside of the party machines deserves respect whether you agree with their opinions or not,their was a great interview with George in BBC news channel recently ,the BBC newsreader Jane hill asked about human rights abuses in Syria ,George replied – why don’t you ask the same questions about Bahrain or Saudi Arabia, Newsreader – eh,eh we’re not talking about Saudi Arabia right now are we, George – (gives newsreader knowing look) oh i think you know why.
    The look of panic in the newsreaders eyes at the mention of Saudi Arabia was almost worth paying the licence fee for.Almost.

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