Brain dead rule enforcers take away your freedoms

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Zombified government workers and regulation enforcers use these ‘obedience phrases’ to demand your compliance

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor 

(NaturalNews) Tyranny is upon us. But tyranny isn’t put in place by some all-powerful evil force that suddenly assaults our freedoms; it’s ratcheted up one day at a time by the People themselves — the government workers who are willing to do anything as long as they’re told “it’s the rules.”

You’ll encounter these brain-dead government workers everywhere: At the airport security line, your local city council meetings, and even at the local DMV. These are the people who blindly follow rules and regulations that often make no sense whatsoever, such as the TSA now shoving testing sticks into your drinks at the airport, presumable to test your beverage for explosives. (

Fortunately, there are some code phrases these people use which indicates their status as a brain-dead government worker — a zombie drone — who will do anything for a paycheck and the promise of power. I call these “obedience phrases.”

For your amusement and safety, I hereby present these obedience phrases so you can instantly spot these wussified, zombified government enforcers in a future encounter:

“I’m just doing my job”

This phrase is usually uttered by some pot-bellied government tyrant who knows he or she is doing something highly immoral and possibly illegal.

Example: “I’m just doing my job” says the TSA security goon as he’s reaching down the pants of your six-year-old under the ridiculous presumption that terrorists might be hiding in there.

If instructed by DHS to molest senior citizens at security checkpoints, TSA employees will gleefully obey, saying “I’m just doing my job” as they strip search your grandma and destroy her colostomy bag.

“It’s required by regulations”

This obedient, brain-dead phrase is often uttered by private-sector workers who are quoting government regulations. More often than not, they’re quoting the Patriot Act.

Example: You’re at a bank trying to open a new account, and you say to the bankster, “So why do you need the physical address where I live, plus my social security number, plus all my financial records and numerous ID cards?”

The bankster replies, “It’s required by regulations.”

Oh, gee, then I guess that makes being info-jacked perfectly fine then!

The phrase, “It’s required by regulations” is NOT a reason… it’s a linguistic evasion of a reason!

“I have to, or I’ll lose my job”

This is a favorite phrase of police officers who beat the crap out of some innocent woman and then fudge together a false report in order to place the blame on the victim. This just happened recently, by the way. Here’s the video:

And this second video shows police body-slamming an elderly woman in the Wal-Mart parking lot:

By the way, when East German soldiers shot people trying to escape East Germany by scaling the Berlin Wall, they said exactly the same thing: “I have to, or I’ll lose my job!”

Because their job, you see, is far more important than your life.

“It’s the law”

This phrase is usually uttered by some brain-dead collectivist rule-follower who can’t think for themselves so they have to quote “the law” without thinking about what the law was really written for.

For example, when officials in Oregon recently arrested and jailed a man for collecting rainwater on his own land (…), they no doubt said during his arrest, “It’s the law!”

So apparently, if some state writes a law that says, for example, all black people are sub-humans, then that makes it true, eh? I use this example because it’s a part of U.S. history. The infamous “Dred Scott” decision, handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1857, declared that blacks brought to America as slaves were “sub-humans” and not accorded any protections under the U.S. Constitution. (

So does that make it right, then? Because it was the law? People who follow “the law” without thinking are not merely morons; they’re dangerous to society as a whole. “The law” should never replace cognitive function.

Just because the Supreme Court declares something to be “the law” doesn’t really make it so. Supreme Court decisions, remember, are nothing more than mental constructs which are agreed upon by certain members of society. If the Supreme Court declares all wage earners to be the property of the King, would you line up and obediently follow “the law?”

“If that were true, I would have already heard about it”

This is a favorite quote of a mind-numbed egomaniac who somehow thinks they already know everything. When you tell them something they have difficulty believing — such as the fact that fluoride is a chemical pesticide that harms the brain — they resort to this pathetic, wussified word collection: “If that were true, I would have already heard about it!”

This is a favorite phrase of doctors, by the way. Doctors are taught in medical school that they know everything and that nothing true exists outside whatever they are taught (brainwashed) in medical school. So when you tell a doctor something really simple like, “Oh, by the way, sodium nitrite causes cancer and it’s found in hot dogs and bacon,” the doctor will usually scowl and say, “If that were true, I would have already heard about it!”

Or maybe you’re just an arrogant fool, doc. It takes a truly delusional person to think they know so much that they can’t learn something new from time to time.

Watch out for these red flag “obedience phrases” of code enforcers and brain-dead rule followers

Rules are necessary, of course, in any civilized society. Speed limits make reasonable sense in neighborhoods, as do rules such as, “You can’t burn down your neighbor’s house.”

But rules, laws, regulations and Supreme Court decisions should never be followed blindly. The gift of being human is the gift of having a conscience, a soul, a mind and the ability to discern right from wrong. If a law sounds wrong and feels wrong, it’s probably a bad law and should be abandoned. If a regulation encroaches upon your Constitutionally-protected rights, that regulation should be aggressively rejected and reformed.

Rules, laws and regulations have no magical powers. They are fictional constructs of society.

They do not exist in the real world. They only exist in the minds of those who share in the delusion of their existence. As you are a being with free will and a soul, you can choose to reject delusional thinking and operate according to the fundamental principles of honesty, ethics and civility.

If you practice this, what you’ll find is that most people in society today are technically insane. They have an almost fanatical belief in fictional constructs called “laws.” They believe laws have magical powers and that regulations bind their thoughts and actions. In an effort to comply with all these laws, rules and regulations, they enslave themselves in a matrix of control. They are the desperate rule followers who ultimately drive every nation to ruin.

These are the people who always do what they’re told: They line up for flu shots, they vote on voting day, they have their children vaccinated and they agree to undergo chemotherapy if their doctor tells them to. They are the great mindless massesthat George Carlin called “Obedient workers!”

I miss Carlin. He would have drilled into the TSA with a vengeance. In just three minutes, George Carlin delivered a stunning narrative that was years ahead of its time. It’s full of profanity, but it’s completely accurate about systems of control and why society’s controllers don’t want you to be smart enough to think for yourself. Watch it at:

YouTube – Videos from this email
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3 Responses to “Brain dead rule enforcers take away your freedoms”

  1. horehound says:

    It’s frightening how giving a seemingly ordinary person can change simply by being given an official ‘uniform’, it’s if the uniform changes their normal moral thinking, but I suppose you only have to look at Nazi Germany to see how easily it happens.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Alan Watt covers the origins of ‘uniform’, ‘suit’ and ‘tie’ and how we are indoctrinated to ‘respect’ people who where them in this broadcast (about 16:00ish minutes for those who are too lazy to listen to the whole thing):

  3. Julia says:

    More and more people are in uniform. Or costume, as I prefer to call it. It encourages them to be something they are not, to act how the company want them to act. Schools are reverting to black suits and ties across the country, to look like funeral directors or politicians. It is also about branding people, they become owned. Owned by the owners of the inform for the duration of their working hours. Teenagers often use this expression “Get owned” or “You are owned”, especially the non academic ones. This is encouraging, and shows they can see through it.
    Do not be too harsh on the rule enforcers. We were probably all once in this boat in some way,and in some areas of my life, I still am. I am still required to use chemicals at work where I work in a kitchen, for example. And for many people, they believe that their lives will become impossible without their job, as indeed it may well be. Not only are things set up this way, but there is heavy indoctrination to make people believe that they and their family will die without the job.
    The homeless are essential to our society to demonstrate what will happen to you if you don’t fit in how you are told. That’s one reason why they get lots of publicity, and why the homeless situation is not “solved”.

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