Bath Spa runs cold, and other tales

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Still nights...
I have noticed that still nights have become increasingly common over the last 5 years or so. You can hear a pin drop on most nights. The feeling is like being in a film studio, everything is so still. Occasionally there is wind or rain, but usually very very still. I always sleep with the window open and I camp out a lot, so I know what's going on. As dawn approaches, a breeze seems to come with it. It occurred to me that as our human energy gains strength and influence approaching December 2012, our collective energy could be influencing the weather more. As most people are asleep and calm at night, that sort of matches with the stillness of the atmosphere.  

Thrive, not survive...
I keep seeing this terminology used around me. I think it is a good sign.  

Fear of the Lord...
A Church near me has engraved on its wall "COME. YE CHILDREN. HEARKEN UNTO ME. I WILL TEACH YOU THE FEAR OF THE LORD". All in bossy overpowering capitals. I have always been quite troubled by this message, but that's because I read it the way you're supposed to read it, the way we have been trained. Read it again, and ask yourself why the Lord is frightened, and what is he frightened of? It makes much more sense. Of course all the elites are frightened, like the Wizard of Oz. They have so much money and power to protect and they are terrified of losing it because they have no identity without it, maybe no soul, no friends etc etc. They actually must have very very little self esteem.  

I had a day of confirmations, three of my previous observations confirmed by others, separate incidents, all on the same day! A Bath resident told me of her experience at the Bath Spa, when it was COLD! And she wasn't there the same time as me. Another set of parents told me about the school pick up time 3 o clock rain (it rained dramatically at 3 o clock again, which triggered the observation). And someone else said that new development is better than doing up existing empty homes, because it keeps the builders busy ( they must not be allowed to have time to think). 

The Sun is in the North...
Development plans for Bath Spa station show the Sun shining from the North. Maybe they know something we don't. If Icke is right, The Earth will reverse its spin direction. The Sun will then rise from the other side, now known as West. We may have to revise our North South East and West definitions. Don't take anything for granted! Just because it's been happening for centuries doesn't mean it will carry on the same. 
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2 Responses to “Bath Spa runs cold, and other tales”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve noticed how quiet it is in the evenings/night but I think it’s
    the lack of traffic as people are cutting back on journeys
    to save money.

    Completely O/T (sorry Julia!) but thought Tap might like this
    Explosive documentary?

  2. Julia says:

    No need to apologise Anonymous. Getting this child abuse stuff out into the open is probably the most important thing of all. The scale of it is staggering, and it is still largely a taboo subject and goes unbelieved and unreported.

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