Andrea Davison seeks political asylum in Argentina

LATEST ON MS TARA ANDREA DAVISON. As was told to me AGAIN on Monday 10th September 2012 by: DC 2056 ROBINSON Ms Andrea Davison is reported to be in ARGENTINA seeking Political Asylum. The Debyshire Police are actively seeking her return to serve her custodial sentence on Andrea Davison was exposing paedophilia and arms smuggling amongst Britain’s elites

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  1. Anonymous says:

    If true then who is going to arrest PC Robinson for Misconduct in Public Office? Oh forgot they do not arrest corrupt police officers who persecute whistleblowers.

    Ecuador and Argentina are the most vocal in protecting International Law and the rights of South American Nations to offer Asylum to whom they will. They worked closely together to protect Julian Assange with the Argentinean Ambassador sending Assange cookies and having long chats with him. Assange of course is accused of Rape which is a serious crime unlike Andrea Davison who has been accused of stealing her own passport and using different names. Wow an intelligence agent used a different name bet the world is shocked at that 

    Argentina has granted Asylum to people wanted for murder for sure they will grant Asylum to an intelligence agent and whistleblower who brought down the last corrupt Tory Government.

    Whether she is in Ecuador, Venezuela, Argentina, Iran, China, North Korea, Russia she will be an asset and well protected. Whatever country offers her asylum she will get a new name and a passport.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is classic disinformation by the Police trying to make everyone believe she is not in the Ecuador Embassy and lay a false trail. The police don’t give out classified info to just anybody. Mr Anon mouse would jhave to be a police insider who they use to spread disinformation or something even more sinister is going on.

    Tap phone the Derby Police and ask!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ecuador Embassy confirmed earlier today that Andrea Davison is in Ecuador and has been granted Political Asylum.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It’s not classified info.
    Ms ANDREA DAVISON’s failure to attend her 4th July to 26th July Mold Crown Court(Court Room 2) Case T20110578 resulted in a Bench Warrant for her ARREST on sight.
    Now, as I was informed by DC Robinson, That Ms Davison was in Argentina, I have no idea why they would lie to me. I was told the Derbyshire Police involvement with the Case of Ms Davison ended following the successful prosecution that concluded on the 26th July 2012.
    As Ms Davison is “On the Run” being a CONVICTED CRIMINAL, the Derby Police will have made their normal authority request via Government for their assistance to seek her return.
    How can I verify the above: Ask TAP to print off the e-mail I will send him following this Post.
    It’s to Derby Labour MP Chris Williamson.

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