Andrea Davison confirmed as having been in Ecuador Embassy

Gordon Bowden submits –

Dear Rt Hon Chris Williamson.
It has been over a week now.
As you were informed.  2 Derbyshire residents, myself and Mr Eyre are still currently involved in Civil litigation at the Royal Courts of Justice, Queens Bench Division Case HQ10D 04366 with a convicted Criminal Arrested on the 13/1/2010 by 13 Derbyshire Police headed by dc 1518 stephen Winnardand successfully prosecuted at Mold Crown Court, Court Room 2 on the 26/7/2012. Convicted in absence by Jury of 26 of 27 Criminal Charges.
You will recall our meeting at your surgery in Westfields Centre on the 7th Sept 2012 at 18:28 pm and the 31 pages of references I provided you with specific requests to authenticate the allegations regarding obtaining from Lord Doug Hoyle, Peter Hain MP, ex PM’s Gordon Brown and Tony Blair their personal involvement and the identity of Ms Andrea Davison. To further investigate with your Labour Party leadership the accuracy contained in her accusations regarding her statements of the Conservative Party Corruption regarding covert criminal Arms Trade dealing to Iraq and Iran clearly described in her 2 page affidavit statement I recovered of which formed part of the 31 pages I gave you.
As witness, I requested you investigate through Parliament the supported evidence (4 page seizure list, Copies of which I supplied ) and allegations that:
On the 13 / 1 / 2010 the Derbyshire Police recovered over 7000 Secret and Classified Arms to Iraq Documents illegally held for over 20 years by Ms Tara Andrea Davison and other Political dynamic Treasure Trove of Files, Computer & portable Hard Drive evidence regarding  Paedophile network Investigations in the Police and Government.
You were requested to enquire as to the what steps the Government were taking to recover Ms Andrea Davison to serve out her custodial sentence and given her accusations of Government Corruption exactly how, as a convicted criminal, she had managed, without any Passports or TravelDocumentation and on Police Court Bail she had managed to leave the Country at the hight of the biggest security clamp-down (Olympics) to seek Political Asylum. In Court report published records was initially said to be in Ecuador.
On Wednesday 12th September 2012 it was stated by DC Robinson at Ripley Police HQ that Ms Andrea Davison was in Argentina.
As you were made aware, the writer, as an ex RAF Engineer and “As a Duty of Care” requested you corroborate these serious allegations that theDerbyshire Police may have been acting on behalf of a Political Party in order to remove from the Public Chilcott Inquiry, evidence that names, identifies and implicates Public Service Government Officers in criminal corruption and covert illegal Arms & WMD Trading.
The writer can confirm he has supporting legal and written personal correspondence evidence that has been provided by a Bangor North Wales resident who’s in -depth knowledge of Ms Andrea Davison extends over 30 years , including the statement that a visitor to Ms Davison’s residence was, Conservative MP Jonathan Aitken, who along with Sir Mark Thatcher was a co -Director of BMARC an acquisition along with SRC by ASTRA HOLDINGS  a private consortium Company headed by Stephanus Adolfus Kock. Jonathan Aitkens recorded visit to Ms Tara Andrea Davison’s home was prior to his criminal prosecution and prison sentence.
You may take note: That investigative Journalist Martin Summers has appeared with others in a video production.
Martin Summers – scads – missing nukes.
Recovered from Youtube that the writer requests you expose for authenticity of Political Party dynamic Scandal content in Parliament.
I await your earliest reply.
  Mr Gordon Bowden.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, This is quite interesting, this Andrea can really get up peoples noses.
    Yet what I and others would like to know is, what did she know about Gareth Williams and Johnathan Moyle.
    What was Gareth investigating that required a Cisco router.
    Were the Mediteranian couple, seen leaving Gareths flat, the Al-Hilli couple.
    What was the connection with AF447, Had they been discussing the QRS11 gyro chip.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This guy Gordon Bowden needs to see a doctor he is obsessed with this woman. I read his nastry comments, fabrications and just plain lies all over the net.

    It seems that Andrea Davison had evidence against him about kiddie fiddling and he really wants that back from the Police.

    Well if he is such friends with the Police in Derby perhaps maybe they will give it back to him. Or maybe they will hold it over him so they can tell him what to write.

    Everything to do with Andrea Davison is a mystery.

  3. Anonymous says:

    My My, no helping some people is there.
    See a Doctor, obsessed with Andrea Davison. Nasty Comments, had evidence on me Kiddie Fiddling. Fabrications and Lies all over the net. Everything about Andrea Davison is a mystery.
    Mmmm That’s not exactly true is it. Not exactly the prosecution FACTS that a the Jury of 12 heard from the 4/7/2012 to 26/7/2012.
    Following 2 YEARS of Joint Met / Derby Police Fraud Squad investigations in Operation “Soundwave” including evidence from Cyprus Banks.
    Mind you, your the expert. you must have been there, why not print all you know about her running 2 fake Universities through her address, MARYLEBONE and GORDON University selling worthless degree’s to “Expert” members of the public, or her Singles Russian Dating Club run by her close network of Con -Artist Germans including PETER RAUSCHER and his registered history of delisted 22 fraud companies, or their con artist mates DR BERTRAM MAYER, or their fraud companies running Investment Scams and worthless Gold Shares, Credit Card Scams and Internet Dating Romance Scams involving advanced fee fraud.
    I mean, your the expert.
    Your comments underpin the personal contempt rewards for trying to highlight how simple people like you get conned by sweet talking Historical recorded “Honey Traps” like Ms ANDREA DAVISON.
    Oh, maybe you should get your pile of WONGA, just answer that e-mail you had, you know, from the Bank Manager in Nigeria who want’s you to help him for 20% of $US 15Million he wants you to put in your UK account.

    Oh yes, everything to do with Andrea Davison is a “Smoke and Mirrors” Mystery. Well, not if you do a little simple research.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, How come Anon 2.09pm won’t answer simple questions that I raised at 10.02pm.
    who was Andrea working with, did she work with, Gareth Williams and Johnathan Moyle.
    Had she been a spy or was this smoke and mirrors.
    It’s no good saying she was found guilty by a Freemason Court, we need evidence of her past, so we can be the Judge.
    What would a ” con artist ” join the BNP for.
    Was it her that released all the BNP members names to Julian Assange. And Why?
    You have to give some proper information Anon, so we can build our own picture of her.
    If Andrea never attended Court, how could she have had a fair hearing. Was she told there was a trial to be held.

  5. David Howard says:

    Google “the selective use of polygraphs”

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