9.9.2012 – countdown to terror

UPDATE – WASP says this is a hoax.


Anonymous said…

So i dont think the london olympics will get bombed but sure about the paralympics will get bombed! This is my opinion!


I asked if WASP would apologise if he got this prediction wrong. So far not a word out of him on this subject or TAP. Just shows how much stock he puts in his own opinions.

7:08 AM

Tapestry said…

WASP is unlikely to stop making predictions about terror attacks as he believes that forecasting them makes less likely to occur.

As for me, yes of course I apologise for everything I write and publish. It’s only the best I can do.

8:33 AM

Anonymous said…

Hi Tap, What do you make of the illuminati countdown clock on Utube.
Seems to countdown to Sept 9.
4:21 PM

Helen Highwater said…

The DVD is what Christopher Storey talked and wrote about for years.
10:44 PM

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18 Responses to “9.9.2012 – countdown to terror”

  1. Anonymous says:

    WASP is the kind of person that shouts FIRE! in a cinema because he thought he overheard someone mention the word fire and causes wide-spread panic which in turn causes people to be injured and die.

    People like WASP never ever take reposibility for their actions.

    Signed “Trolls for Truth”

  2. Anonymous says:

    we can trust those in power, so we are safe.





  3. Anonymous says:

    Tap, there’s a video on YouTube that you may/may not of have seen that’s appeared over the last few days:


    It’s a sort of Zeitgeist type of video in that it covers quite a few world subjects such as 7/7 and 9/11, and plenty more.

    For those that don’t know Tony Farrell was an ex-Police intelligence officer of many years who sacked from his job because he questioned the ‘official’ government narrative on 7/7. Tony Farrell was privy to high-level intelligence but the system/government just doesn’t want the general public to know the truth.

  4. Trolls for Truth – Fantastic!

    Completely agree with Anon at 7:15am

    It’s funny you know all the so called truthers, you challenge them to take a little responsibility and they don’t want to know… just come back with personal attacks and troll like behaviour.

    I can’t wait to here the excuses defending the TAP, my personal favourite is ‘Bloggers managed to stop the attack because we spread the word, so they didn’t go ahead with it’ – Ego much, what a great get out of jail free card. Have they tried becoming fake psychics?

    The headline as well ‘Countdown to terror’ talk about cheap scaremongering tactics, it’s like something you’d expect from the sun.

  5. Anonymous says:

    If you put up enough dates then one day at some point your bound to get one which just happens to coincide with a terrorist incident,and then all the internet warriors will shout conspiracy before the day has even ended.I find it amusing that since the very beginning of the internet conspiracy theorists and websites have always droned on about 2012 being so important and usually being the end of the world.Now we’re in 2012 the silence of the same people is deafening.

  6. Tapestry says:

    Please remember that it was the Rockefeller Report that first stated there would be a terror attack at the London Olympics. Whether there is an attack, or there isn’t, the scare-mongering comers from out of the elites. They want to subdue people with fear. On The Tap, we are not afraid to discuss the various terror prompts. Last year there was a major hoax over the Women’s football World CUp Final at Berlin, along with a Simpsons episode as happened pre-911.

    One of the planners’ ploys with 911 was to leave a trail of clues that 911 was coming, so that they only need to leave a clue and they can sow fear of an attack. Many such clues have been sown with regard to the Olympics.

    My take is that you look at the various prompts, and evaluate them, but don’t oblige the perpetrators with the panic they wish to create. Just get used to them, and start to see what kind of people are running the media circus, and feel the contempt for them that they deserve.

  7. I agree with anon at 10:14am, it’s like the challenge a ‘Troll’ has put forward to TAP and WASP to apologise if there is no attack on the olympics. With all the diligent research and obvious facts they’ve done at uncovering this incredible plot, when push comes to shove they wont take any responsibility whatsoever and stand by their words.

    Not one of them has accepted, you would of thought with all that hard proof and evidence they would jump at the chance to prove the ‘Trolls For Truth’ movement wrong once and for all.

    All talk no walk… I expected more out of TAP, we all know WASPS don;t have backbones.

  8. horehound says:

    never mind 2012, I’m still waiting on the millenium bug

  9. Anonymous says:

    If this is a forum to creat open debate.

    please can it be constructive.

    Most here i would say have been through the education system?

    So you replyers are knowingly responsable for your comments.

    So please ask yourselves, does this comment i leave add or remove from the people or content?

    We all know if you just choose to add rubbish that just makes reading more muddy and looks bad on the cretins who just chip away.

    Those who stand head n shoulders above by stating their ideas openly & ususally with their name attached.

    its those i respect NOT the slippery Anons


  10. Tom says:

    its those i respect NOT the slippery Anons – Lol posted by Anonymous!

  11. horehound says:

    It is better for the debate if people use a name , but in the end everyone is anonymous,even tap, suppose you even put your full name you would still be anonymous really ,unless you knew the person its just a name

  12. Anonymous says:

    You are always free to be selective or biased with regard to what you respond to, but that only clarifies to the many, of your agenda or bent.

    The door is open you are invited but will you positively contribute?

    Note:- Tom i always leave “HETT”

    for the aware & accustomed to this blog this is my known & recognised mark ID.

    many other do the same it creates a evolving relationship generally giving many a trusted character over time.

    so your joke should fall on deaf ears.

    have you guys got anything to contribute that may interest the many educated viewers?


  13. Tapestry says:

    The purpose of trolling is to spoil a blog. Don’t expect anything constructive, HETT. Destructiveness is their game. In a way it’s a compliment. Someone’s bothered enough about what’s being revealed by this site to pay a group of ‘writers’ to play around in the comments. It means we’re doing a good job, and upsetting someone rich and powerful, the kind trolls like to arse-lick…

  14. Anonymous says:

    Thankyou for your valued input TAP.

    Was looking how to get out of this “ping 4 pong” distracting trash anyway.

    Thanks for the lifeline & respected comments.

    like they say dont let the Ba5t**s grind you down.

    please keepup your GOOD works

    IN full view-n-sight of ALL for all.


  15. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Congratulations on making the trolls work for their money.
    Somewhere are the items they don’t like.
    For some reason they sprang up when Andrea Davison, Gareth Williams and Johnathan Moyle were mentioned.
    The trolls have nothing to bargain with, and are empty vessels which make a lot of empty noise.
    What is it about the three above mentioned people that causes them to rattle.

  16. HETT says:

    Tim Ullaini Says hi TAP!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Hett, tim gave you the clue about his name.
    Now we know who he is, his cover is blown.
    He is just another empty vessel.
    To ward them off, just mention the three names above.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Hi TAP why is HETT in bold? (Above 7.09am)

    Note:- its NOT me!!

    Anyhow heres some info on the “9-9-2012 coundown clock” website guys. any wiser?



    Email Search:
    is associated with about 3,653 domains
    is associated with about 1,038,565 domains
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    1 other site is hosted on this server.

    Domain ID:D1551885-LRMS
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    Admin ID:C4299950-LRMS
    Admin Name:illuminati Order
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