What connects The Batman Massacre, The Olympics, The Queen and ‘007’

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An excellent analysis, by Sandra Barr.
Connections: Batman Massacre, The Olympics, The Queen and “007”



If I recollect, Gordon, brought our attention to 9/11 & The Olympics, by a different Route.


The centrepiece of the London opening Ceremony is an 80 foot wizard/sorcerer.The press have speculated that the Wizard is Prospero (John “007” Dee) from the Shakespearian novel “The Tempest”. The pre-show started at 8:12am (8+1+2 = 11). The main show began with the tolling of the bell at 9 am. The numerology is 9/11.

These are Data Sheet Links which didn’t show.inc only to show it was a Health Hazard. & a major incident, that appears to have been played down.

CALCIUM HYPOCHLORITE was the Initial Material

L1 http://www.sciencelab.com/

L2 file:///N:/F-14.08.12/Calcium%20Hypochlorite%20Granules.pdf

L3 file:///N:/F-14.08.12/calcium-hypochlorite-tabs.pdf

The Fire at Hunt’s Recycling Plant 
Was this a Warning to HUNT, “not to spill the beans” having met Murdoch w/r/t Leveson Inquiry. or was it The ILLUMINATI up to their tricks again?


But it could have been:- 


Sackerson – Queen Elizabeth asked Dee to use astrology to choose the most auspicious date for her coronation.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    “The pre-show started at 8:12am (8+1+2 = 11). The main show began with the tolling of the bell at 9 am. The numerology is 9/11.”

    Here are some more numbers for that day, the opening ceremony was on 27/07/2012 which was the anniversary of the very first time Bugs Bunny made his debut in the Warner Bros. animated cartoon “A Wild Hare”

    Not only that but if you disregard all the other numbers apart from the 7 the numerology is 7/7!!!!!!!

    The other mind blowing thing is, if you take all of these numbers and put them in a line, 27072012 you create a relatively large number!


  2. Anonymous says:

    “The centrepiece of the London opening Ceremony is an 80 foot wizard/sorcerer.” – It was part of a theme on childrens book baddies, Voldemort was the 80 foot wizard. There was also Not Prospero i’m afraid, but for the purpose of your theory we’ll call him prospero so it all ties in nicely for you.

    The child catcher from chitty chitty bang bang was also there but i think it symbolised David Icke ensnaring his childlike victims to believe in fairytales for grown ups like black magic and alien reptiles from the 4th dimension.

    In regards to the fire, any fire is a health hazard. Chemical or non chemical. I think it was those pesky illuminati folks up to their dastardly tricks again. With all that money and power boy do they know how to really cause mayhem!

  3. Sean73 says:

    Off message , I know – but am I the only who thinks it strange that Nigel Lawson – surely a typical elite figure – speaks out against AGW and is clearly a sceptic / denier ? Perhaps its not all as joined up and connected as we can easily imagine ?


  4. There clearly some symbolism here, weather it’s being de-coded correctly is an unknown.
    The ringing of the bells at specifically 08.12 AM is very strange and we should be asking why.

    Does anyone have a definite answer – other than the official reason given? (whatever that is)

    The inclusion of the ‘nightmares’ scenes and the large demon and the hoard of smaller demons need some answers, as well. Why? What is this a ‘celebration’ of, exactly?

    I have come across an interesting article – which really is straight from the horse’s mouth. It’s on the wwwsite for TS America -Theosophical Society America; yes the same TS of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (see J K Rowling’s character VABLATSKY) Alice Bailey, Annie Besant, Nicholas Rourick, Lucis Trust (Lucifer Trust), etc, etc. They present themselves in the most wonderful way!
    The article was written in 2002, by John Algeo, here’s the link:


    The Theosophical Society are very deep occult, mystery Babylon, paganism, worship of demon gods, sex, blood, magik etc

    Blavatsky’s most notorious work is called Isis Unveiled, written in 19th century, about how the time is now right for the true power in the world, those who practice the ancient mystery religions, and have done for the last 3,000 years, to reveal themselves, as is happening now.

    Here’s a very good film about the secret occult beginnings of America, well worth a watch. The New Atlantis – The Secret History of America’s Beginnings – Adullam Films


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